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Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream #02 Natural

Last week I spotted a new BB cream by Maybelline and I bought it. Read here!

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream #02 Natural – RM16.90

Back of the lil tube. Look familiar? Read more below for the comparison with Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream #Fresh.

What is does and description. Also similar huh.

The nozzle. I like that it’s small as the BB cream is kinda watery. I wouldn’t want to squeeze more than I need 😉

BB cream at the back of my hand. I was disappointed as it’s dark for my skin 🙁

This is how the colour is after spreading the BB cream. The colour just dissolve and became transparent.

Now. What is the different between Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream with Clear Smooth BB Cream?
Obviously one is with the word “Mineral” and one is without kekeke. Just kidding. *Ehem* In fact it’s true. Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream is with micro-minerals while the new Clear Smooth BB Cream is just a normal version. Read my previous post here!

Price wise. . .is nearly the same. Mineral version is about RM2-RM3 more expensive than the one without mineral. Well, comparison from retail price of course. When both BB cream is on sale, the price is still RM2-RM3 different. That is normal as mineral makeup is always a lil pricier than others.

Packaging. . .is the same. Both is in the same tube shape. Both is in blue but different shade of blue though.

Content. . .is the same. Both is in 18ml tube.

Shade option. . .is the same. Just one shade available. Mineral BB cream is in the shade called “Fresh” which the normal is in “02 Natural”.

Shade. . .is not the same. Mineral is whiter while the normal is darker which will turn to slightly transparent/natural after spreading.

SPF. . .is the same. Both is with SPF26/PA+++.

Effect. . .just the same! Both claims on the 8-In-1 Benefits. However there’s a slight changes with the description. But it’s the same to me.

Here’s the picture comparison.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream & Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream.

Same o’ description at the front. Font size is slight different la lol.

Description at the back is identical.

Design also the same.

And yes. You might have guessed it. Nozzle is also the same.

The famous 8-In-1 Benefits against the new 8-In-1 Transformer. Still the same!

Something which is not the same. This is how both BB cream shade looks like before spreading. Both BB cream shade is different. I think it’s good as previously many people complaint that they have no shade to choose from. For me the Mineral BB cream shade is perfect for me as my 2-way foundation is darker so I prefer a ghastly ghostly BB cream. I think the shade 02 Natural is too dark for me 🙁

Comparison after spreading the BB cream!

I’ve tried the new Clear Smooth BB Cream. I like how it is invisible after application but my skin look dull the whole day. It definitely doesn’t brighten the skin like it claimed. I still like the Mineral BB cream on my skin. Oil control wise is worse than Mineral BB cream. The new one just doesn’t work for me. I wouldn’t repurchase this BUT I’d still repurchase Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream. I’m on my 2nd tube now and I doubt that I’d change anytime soon as the price is very affordable and good too. But I guess many people would be happy with the new BB cream from Maybelline as the shade would mostly suit Asian skin tone. Although I don’t like it for my skin, I still think this is a good product with great price.

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  • where to buy this new version?

  • I bought mine at Watsons.

  • my skin is a bit dark, I really dont know which b.b cream should I buy

  • Hi Mizah,

    I would suggest Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream for darker skin. The “mineral” one is very fair though. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream would look more natural on you 🙂



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