Coach Poppy Patent Leather Small Wallet (Style #42864)

I bidded for a Coach Poppy Patent Leather Small Wallet in eBay Malaysia and the auction ended Tuesday evening. My highest bid was at RM100 on Sunday night and I was the highest bidder until someone outbid me on Tuesday. I thought of letting the auction end but out of the blue I remembered about this auction just 30 minutes before it ended. I check out the auction and the bidding was at RM109. I told mum about it and she didn’t object me buying it so I placed my bid at RM110 and I was auto-outbidded and I re-bid at RM111 and waited excitedly for the auction to end!

This was taken when the auction was 14 minutes before ended. So excited and anxious. I kept thinking some bidder will suddenly pop up and bid for it.

And yeap. I was the winning bidder alright. Almost immediately after the auction ended the seller sent me her banking details and I transfered the payment to seller soon after receiving the email and seller responded with confirmation on payment received. Everything happened in just less than half an hour. Aren’t both of us efficient?

The parcel was sent out the next day (yesterday) and I received it today.
Parcel was sent using bubble foam padded envelope.

A plastic was used to wrap the wallet.

Upon removing the plastic, the wallet was stored in Coach dust bag.

And I didn’t expect Coach tissue was also used to wrapped the wallet. Nicely wrapped too.

And here’s the wallet. I only realize the hangtag was missing until I read the item description when the auction ended LOL. Blur me. Hangtag or not doesn’t bother me. Initially the wallet was selling at actual price until seller put it on sales price of RM200 a few months back. I nearly bought it at RM200 but thankfully I didn’t =). My guess is it wasn’t moving so seller put this for bidding which starts at RM9.90.

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  • Hi I’m a coach lovers too but haven’t own any of it yet due to budget.. But after read ur reviews, I might gonna get one for myself soon..

    Mind to share ur experience n reputable salersas well with me..

    My email add:

    Hope to get ur reply asap ya..

    Best regards,

  • Hi Ivy,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I’ve emailed you on Coach as I’m selling off some of my collection which consists of new and gently used 1-3X.

  • Hi – I was wondering is it normal for authentic coach merchandise to come in a dust bag of a the same material in the picture. I have only known of the big satin ones for purses. Could you help?

    • Hi Anonymous, Yes it’s normal. I do have satin one for larger bag. If you’re bought from the boutique then it should be alright. Boutique won’t give you a fake one.

    • Hi StreetLove – Appreciate your reply. Just to clarify this one is not a satin one – right? It looks like a net like cotton material, because that is the one I have.

  • This is netted cotton.

  • thanks a ton

    • No worries. It’s very comment to get this type of dust bag. And most items bought online doesn’t come with a dust bag or Coach tissue


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