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It was just a random search in eBay on Burberry not knowing a seller is selling a miniature Burberry Lip Cover #03 Cameo Pink for RM30. I think at that time I was searching for some bags and I ended up buying cosmetics. I don’t usually mention or list where I buy my stuff online but this will be exceptional. The seller is so efficient, nice and generous and I can’t think of any other way to thank her. jjj*2008 is the seller whom I purchased from in eBay Malaysia. Her name is Jenny. Just search for her if you want really affordable goodies 🙂

The parcel was nicely and neatly wrapped in layers of brown paper. Too bad I forgotten to take a picture. She is very similar to me when I send out parcel in a box, I too would wrap in such way. No wonder it looked somehow familiar hehe. I kid you not.

After removing the brown papers, I was surprised to see a Sephora starry box. Love the box!

I thought my present opening ends after the brown papers and Sephora box and boy I was so wrong. Look at the surprise that she prepared inside. A Christmas red pouch in shredded silver paper! Awww. I melted right there and then.

Yes. My Christmas came early this year. I didn’t feel that I bought and paid for the stuff. I felt as if I was gifted with a present from a dear friend. Like a small kid I ran out to show my mum lol. The first thing she asked is “what did you buy this time”. I just smiled.

Not only loving the blue Sephora box. I love this pouch too!

Everything inside was nicely wrapped (which I had removed for pics below) and it’s clear from eye sight that it’s brand new and unopened. It’s also very clear to me that Jenny had put a lot of effort into this.

And here’s my purchases! Burberry Lip Cover #03 Cameo Pink (0.8gm) for RM30 and Benefit Posie Tint (2.5ml) for RM20. With the purchase of 2 items I was entitled for free PosLaju!

Burberry Lip Cover #03 Cameo Pink & Benefit Posie Tint


Isn’t it cute?

Jenny was so kind that she included a few extra samples for me. She gave me Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Eye Creme, Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin-Salve and Kiehl’s Abyssine Eye Cream.

Extra free gifts.

Thank you Jenny!

Head over to her store in eBay for more goodies. It’s at jjj*2008.

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