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Review: Burberry Lip Cover #03 Cameo Pink

Just two weeks ago, I ordered a miniature Burberry Lip Cover #03 Cameo Pink from eBay Malaysia and I fall in love with it immediately even before using it.

Besides the cute looking lippie, one could never get enough of the signature Burberry print on the cover and on the lipstick itself!

#03 Cameo Pink has this micro-sparkle which is very subtle. Once applied on you wouldn’t see any sparkles on your lip. It just turns into a pretty opaque creamy colour.

Swatch done in 5 swipes.

The sun is blazing hot and turns my room in warm pink on the day I wore this lippie.

But in fact this lippie is not as “hot” pink as it look on above picture. The colour appears as soft pink on my lip. It’s MLBB (my lips but better).

But when I applied lip balm before this lipstick, I get a lil hint of peach. So weird. Maybe it’s the sunlight.

I love Burberry Lip Cover to death! The price is pretty reasonable among all the brands. It’s just RM93 to own a Burberry lipstick. Not a huge gap if I were to compare with Paul & Joe; another lippie which I’m also hooked on lately.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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