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Review: Clarins Aqua Essence Morning Energy

Somewhere in July a kind reader sent me a Clarins Aqua Essence Morning Energy 10ml after reading about my love for Clarins products. Thank you! It’s good to try out a deluxe sample before buying the full size product 🙂 I’ve been using the sample for near to 2 weeks before purchasing a full size product.

What Clarins said in their website are that the mist is the first step to a fresh, healthy glow in the morning. It contains Green Coffee which revives skin while Red Current hydrates and softens. An invigorating lotion based on plant extracts that revives skin’s radiance. Applied before daily skin care, it restores the fresh radiance of toned skin which glows with youthful vitality.

So, I’d assume this is a “pre-serum” and since it said use before daily skin care. . . I’m using this mist after cleansing and toner. It’s kinda waste if I follow the instruction from Clarins website which is before cleansing and daily moisturiser.

The ingredients:
Green Coffee: stimulating Ginseng: when combined with Green Coffee, re-energises skin which appears more supple and toned. Red Current: moisturises and softens skin making it appear smoother. White Tea: protects against free radicals to preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

The essence comes in a frosty glass container which makes me very happy holding it. It feels heavy on hand and looks huge too 🙂

The nozzle spray is a stylish, sturdy gold make. The essence sprayed out perfectly onto my face. It’s a bliss every morning.

The colour of the essence is in orange colour but don’t worry this will make you look orangey. Once the essence is dispensed out it appears clear.

After using it for a few weeks every morning, I couldn’t see any major changes. Of course. This is just a pre-serum to prepare the skin for skin cares and makeups. But it did freshen my skin and my face look more “waken up”. At least I don’t look dull every morning 😛

Retail Price: RM155 for 100ml

1) Prep the skin for skin cares and makeups.
2) Freshen and wake up the skin.
3) Lightweight and smells nice.
4) One bottle last quite long.

1) A bit costly for a facial mist.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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