Eye Twitching? What does it mean?

My upper left eye has been twitching since Sunday morning and from what I know left eye is a bad sign for me. I haven’t been sitting quietly since my left eye twitch so I did some research online and found some interesting facts.

Left Eye Twitching – What Does It Mean

Left Eye Twitching Superstition – China: An old Chinese saying about twitching eyelids says that “the twitching of the left eyelid indicates the coming of good fortune; while the right one is a warning about the coming bad luck.” So while a twitch in the left eye indicates good luck or even a major gold rush, a twitching right eye is considered a bad omen which foretells of ill luck headed your way! In women the tables are turned as a twitching right eye signifies good luck while a twitching left one is considered a bad prognostic. Similarly, there are many assumptions of eyelid twitching causes and superstitions where a twitch in the lower left eyelid means you can expect to cry soon or someone is gossiping about you.

Left Eye Twitching Superstition – India: The Indian left eye twitching superstition is the reverse of the Chinese version. So in India a twitching right eye is definitely a good sign while the left eye twitching is considered inauspicious. At times, eye twitching can also be based on the gender as well, so while left eye twitching is considered good for women it might be a bad sign for men.

Left Eye Twitching Superstition – Parts of Africa: In certain parts of Africa, twitching in your lower eyelid signals that you will soon be shedding tears or when the upper eyelid twitches, it’s a sign you will meet someone unexpectedly. The Nigerians also follow the Chinese version of the left eye twitching being considered as bad.

Left Eye Twitching Superstition – Hawaii: In Hawaii twitching eyes can signal the arrival of a stranger, or a mourning in the offing.

In addition to these faith and beliefs, there are some other versions of the left eye twitching superstition where a constant twinging of your left eye might signal a demise in the family or the twitching of the right may signal an impending birth. Read more on bad luck superstitions.

Left Eye Twitching Causes

Although the left eye twitching bad luck or good luck superstitions might make for a good reading, there is a scientific reason behind left eye twitching. Involuntary eye twitching also referred to as eye muscle spasm can be attributed to a eye problem known as blepharospasm. The condition is actually caused by uncontrollable contractions of the muscles around the eyelids. This chronic, uncontrollable blinking of the eyes is the result of dry eyes, conjunctivitis or light sensitivity. In addition to this there are many brain or neurological disorders like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette syndrome or certain eye allergies and injuries. Read on to know more about eye twitching – What does it mean.

Eye twitches can also be caused by certain conditions such as stress, air pollution, strained eyes or fatigue. If it is an extreme condition you need to consult a doctor who might prescribe oral medications or certain eye drops. In an extreme case, myectomy or surgery for treating blinking eyes may have to be performed to cure the excessive twitching of the eyes. However, general twitching in the eyes can be cured with plenty of rest and cutting down on certain things like smoking, caffeine or alcohol. To know more about how to cure eye twitches read more on eye twitch remedies. So the next time your left eye twitches and you worry about a catastrophe befalling you, just stay calm and hope for the best.

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