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High Tea at The Lounge, G Tower

A few weeks ago I treated my friends to a high tea session at G Tower. I wanted to thank them for helping me with my Clarins We Care 2011 charity fund-raising. Who knew that inside G Tower there’s a small lil cafe named The Lounge. How do I found out about this place? I found out from a blog review on the 3-tier high tea set for just RM45. Before I headed over to the place, I googled for more info and called up to make my reservation.

I was first to reach and waited for my friends who’s not far away. As soon as they arrived, I needed to go down to the parking basement as I couldn’t remember if I locked my car or not. LOL! When I returned to The Lounge, they’re cam-whoring.

Caught in action

The Lounge is located at the lobby of G Tower. You wouldn’t miss it as there’s an easy to remember center piece not to be missed. Otherwise just look for the “island” cafe with their name on it 🙂

I like that the place is quiet and relaxing on weekend. I went on Sunday and it’s not crowded at all. Just two or three table occupied. The sofa are huge and roomy, very comfy to sit on. It feel luxurious enough. The center piece is two huge chilies. It’s really huge and you won’t miss it. We sit just next to the chilies haha.

Here’s the girls. They are my friends, my ex-colleague as well.

Joanne | Samantha | Melissa

Me | Samantha | Melissa

Me | Joanne

We opted for their famous Afternoon Meeting Tea Set for 3 person. My friends wanted to order 2 sets as there’s 4 of us. I suggested that we just order one set not because I’m stingy but because I’ve seen how huge this is from other blogs. So we ended up with one set of this and added a cup of ice coffee.

The coffee included is tad small. I read that there’s free refill but when I asked for our refill I was told that free refill is not applicable. WTF.

The coffee included.

Mel and Sam is trying to be artistic and wanted to create some motive with the milk and foam! Then they tried using a spoon to scoop the foam here and there 🙂

Our 3 tier set arrived! Looks nice too. We are suppose to start from bottom to top which is salty to sweet. Some like the other way round. We agreed to eat from bottom to top lol.

Top tier. The sweet stuff!

Middle tier. The danish stuff.
I found a hair on top of the donut and I ask for the waitress to come over. She examine the hair to confirm it’s REALLY hair and replaced another danish for us. I’m not sure why she need to examine if it’s hair or not. Really weird.

Bottom tier is the salty stuff. It’s sandwiches of course.

Samantha secretly (cause I didn’t realize) took my picture and did this!

Although the place is really a good relaxing, quiet place but the food is nothing to shout about. The tea set was so so only. It’s indeed a good place to get together with your friends, family and girlfriends. But I’d still go back for more high tea session as I love the ambiance a lot.

Next up – Dinner at The Apartment KLCC

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  • Food, glorious food. Too bad I didn’t get to try it because my best friend aeroplane me the last minute.

    • I’ve heard a lot about high tea at G Tower hence the try with friends 🙂

  • I want to try it T_T bf isn’t keen about it. My sister is lazy to go with me.

    • Guys normally doesn’t fancy high tea. It’s a girlie stuff? Go on Sunday. There’s no jam, ample parking and lesser people.


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