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Review: Clarins Cleansing Milk With Gentian

I have been using Clarins Cleansing Milk With Gentian since May 2011 as daily makeup remover and I’ve been liking it since then. I finished a 400ml jumbo bottle last month and I’m now using the 200ml bottle which I think is going to finish soon :). Time for a review!

I own Clarins Cleansing Milk With Gentian in 3 different sizes; 50ml, 200ml and 400ml. Still searching for the 100ml to complete my collection LOL!!!

Deluxe sample size 50ml | Retail size 200ml RM95 | Limited Edition Jumbo size 400ml

Beauty Benefits
A velvety light textured emulsion in cool white, with a fresh natural fragrance and a similar pH to the skin. It leaves skin thoroughly cleansed and calmed.

Gently cleanses and removes all makeup and impurities, to leave skin looking clear, pure and luminous while preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Active Ingredients
-Bioecolia: preserves the skin’s balance.
-Hydrophilic oils: cleanse.
-Vitamins A and E: improve skin quality.
-Gentian: tone, healing properties.
-Iris, Hawthorn: decongest, astringent, normalize, bacteriostatic.

The question is how to use this cleansing milk? As you might aware from most of my Clarins review, Clarins do not recommend swiping method which could pull you skin elasticity away! The correct way to use this is as simple as ABC. It is called Clarins gentle cleansing method. To increase effectiveness and prevent over-stimulation, Clarins recommends the following technique: Place hands flat, without pressing, over the entire face and then lift briskly away to create a suction effect. This literally draws out and lifts make-up and grime as gently as possible. Repeat this movement five or six times, then rinse skin thoroughly with tepid water.

Still a bit blurry? Here’s a simple pictorial.

I smudge some BB cream on the back of my hand. I applied more so that you can see clearly when the cleansing milk breaks down the BB cream.
As it’s just a small portion on the back of my hand, I use reasonable amount of cleansing milk. For the whole face, you need at least a 1cm height of a 50cent amount.
  First, place hands flat, without pressing, over the entire face. This is when all the cleansing milk is on your face.
  Then lift briskly away to create a suction effect starting from the middle of your face to the outer corner of your face. Don’t forget your forehead and chin. For the whole face do at least 5 to 6 times until the cleansing milk emulsify the makeup! When the cleansing milk disappear a bit and the color changes, that means you’ve cleaned your makeup off. Rinse with water. For me I’d wash my face again with a cleansing foam and scrub once every 2 days.

The result? Soft, bright and clean face from makeup! I find this cleansing milk very effective in removing all my makeup as I don’t see any traces on the cotton pad when I tone my face with toner.

All clean!

1) Clean all makeup and leave no traces.
2) Face is more soft and bright after using.
3) Doesn’t leave the skin tight after using.
4) Love the scent.
5) One bottle last quite long too.

1) Need to wash face with cleansing foam after using as this could be a bit oily even after removing. Perhaps this is cream-based. I have no problem with washing face after that as that is the correct way to go.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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  • I got this last week. Now only I know how to use it, haha.

    • The BA didn’t teach you? This is a Clarins “suction” technique which BA must explain to their customers

  • The regular BAs are on leave due to CNY. Part timers blur blur. Then I remember you blogged about it before. I am going through your posts on Clarins products. I’m at page 20 now. Haha. So much to read, and so interesting.

    • But still it’s a mistake they shouldn’t make even for part timers. Certain Clarins product like this cleansing milk need a specific application method. The rest is the same patting method.

      Ooo someone is venturing more and more to Clarins now haha

  • That’s why I didn’t use it until now. I think I understand this suction method after looking at the pics. It makes sense to me.

    Yes, getting interested in some of their products.

    • Oh I see. Have to start using all the goodies hidden otherwise the stash will keep growing. I’ve been digging out everything and start using. Quite happy to throw away empty bottles and tubes haha

  • I threw quite a number of empty bottles and tubes. Still have some in the drawer. To throw when I have the time again. I keep those small size ones though.

    • I kept allllll Clarins bottles, jars in various sizes hoping for a recycle program. But it was a bit blah and it’s only at skin spa. What we get is only a recycle bag and points on next purchase I think. I need to ask again.

  • I don’t want the recycle bag as I have too many at home. Points, yes if we can use it to redeem something. I am running out of space to keep products and empty bottles/tubs.

    • Then you have to keep buying! Not into the concept of it.

  • Yeah. So far, I am happy with the Clarins products that I’ve bought recently. I think it’s a matter of hit or miss, like I experienced with other brands. Fennie is based at Metrojaya?

    • Now you know why I like Clarins. Yes Fennie is now at Metrojaya MV

  • So far, I am ok with all the scents. PMD is omg, I can’t take it at all.

    • LOL. Some PMD is okay.

  • I went to try PMD products again today. Still cannot accept the scent 🙁

    • Some are okay for me.

  • fiona, you only use this cleansing milk for face right? you are not using this for eye and lips make up right~?
    cause i am using the 50ml one. i find it quite hard to clean the liquid eye liner *_*
    haha , i am planning for my bday month purchase la~ :DD

    • Only for face Aby. Not strong enough for eye makeup. You always need a separate remover for eye. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

  • okok, understand now 😀 thank you~~ ^_^

    • I actually thought you’ve started on Cleansing Milk already long time ago lol

  • yaya, but is from other brand~
    this clarins one, i cherish it very much cause it is not very cheap also xD i use it on and off, hhahaha

    • Haha! I can understand how that feels. I used to be like you :). I’m on 400ml jumbo bottle. Half gone already 🙂


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