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Simple Tip to Prevent Accessories Crystal Fall-Out

How many of you love those earrings, hair clips, rings or bracelets that have lots of crystal diamante on it? I do! And how many of you just toss them away when one or two crystal on it is missing?

I have a simple and easy solution that I’ve been using since a few years ago which I discovered when I was shopping for some hair accessories. I fell in love with a hair clip but decided not to buy it as the tiny crystal on it will fall out after one or two wearing. That’s when the sales person told me the secret. God bless her.


So. Recent I bought a few pairs of earrings and one significant pair is full with tiny crystal and pearls. When I was still deciding to buy the earring, I already saw 2 pairs with fallen crystal. As it was the last 2 pairs available and I wanted it badly, I just take 1 side each which is still in good condition from the 2 pairs and voilà! The pair that I bought is actually a combination of the 2 pairs (hope I don’t confuse you).

What is the lil secret that I was taught a few years ago? The answer lies in the below picture.


You got it. It’s clear nail polish! If you have a bottle a home, great. If you don’t just grab something which is preferably not too cheap from any shopping centre. In my case I opted for The Face Shop Clear Nail Polish WH001.

Just swipe off any excess from the applicator and start applying generously but not too generous or else you’d ended up with a thick coat which could look fake and takes longer time to dry. The best part of this process is that the nail polish is clear and the crystal is clear so you don’t have to be worries about making a mess. It’s not noticeable ;). I also would lightly run the applicator on the side of the earrings to get the nail polish in the edges.


Give it a day to completely dry before wearing. Have fun and remember the tips is to swipe off access from the applicator first. Don’t soak the crystal aight.


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  • Thanks for sharing this great tip, Fiona!
    It breaks my heart that I sometimes have to throw away favourite accessories because of the missing crystals…

    • Exactly. I’m sick and tired of missing crystals. I used to avoid buying accessories with crystals until the sales girl told me about this trick. It has work well for me so far. Just make sure the nail polish is not the type that turns yellow after some time 🙂


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