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Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Limited NY Fashion Edition #Protecting Berry

Right after Maybelline Malaysia Facebook page posted the latest Baby Lips flavors; Cherry Velvet, Mango Pie and Mixed Berry. . . I dropped by Watsons KLCC to purchase one. I choose Mixed Berry but weird enough my tube said Protecting Berry. It’s NY Fashion Limited Edition. I’m always tempted with the word “limited edition” phew.

What makes me choose Maybelline Baby Lips #Protecting Berry? To be honest it’s the packaging! Second is the flavor and third is the affordable price which is RM10.90. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging lol.

The tube is just like any other lip balm tube available in the market. Did I mention that I love love loveee the packaging? The lip balm color of Protecting Berry is in light peach. Something which I’m looking forward to see rather than plain white.

Simple! Just twist the balm up and apply onto lips! For me I like to apply a layer before applying lipstick. I also will apply this lip balm onto bare lips in between and as well as before sleep. I like waking up in soft lips!

Here is how Baby Lips color on the back of my hand. It’s transparent.

In terms of moisturizing, yes it does work for me. I find this more moisturizing than Hada Labo Lip Moisturizer. And the berry scent is not too overpowering for me.

1) Affordable for everyone, event students and teenagers.
2) Striking color packaging.
3) Very moisturizing.
4) Scent is acceptable and not too overpowering.
5) Wonderful for dry chapped lips.

Are you kidding me? Definitely yes!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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