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Vanity Trove February 2012 Review

I subscribed for a beauty box which was located in our neighboring country; Singapore. My first subscription is February trove from Vanity Trove. According to Vanity Trove the beauty boxes is posted out on the 15th every month and it will take about 7 – 10 days to reach Malaysia. Due to the weekend and my parcel is considered oversea parcel, I only received the beauty box on 24th February. However my thrill and excitement only lasted for 5 minutes. I’ve been guessing for the past weeks on what’s my OPI minis Nicki Minaj color and I found none in my trove. Imagine the bummer moment that time. However the problem was soon rectified when Vanity Trove sent out the missing item plus a few extras the next Monday morning. I also made my redemption from Rinsie Rose and the parcel arrived a day later after Vanity Trove’s (the missing item parcel) this week.

I’m glad to say here’s the rundown review! FINALLY!

Vanity Trove beauty box subscription cost S$25 or RM50 monthly. As I made my payment thru Paypal, I was charged RM50.99 due to the currency rate at that time. What I love about Vanity Trove is the beautiful sturdy pull-out drawer box. Imagine stacking all the trove boxes to store all the make ups, skin cares and accessories. The box was shrink wrapped and posted to me as it is. There’s no outer box to protect the trove unlike BellaBox or GlossyBox. When I received the trove, the shrink wrap is torn and the box is slightly damaged.

When I pull out the drawer, I was amazed by the wonderful scent and purple paper wrapping. As it’s Valentine month, there’s generous potpourri on the nesting inside. So far Vanity Trove has the best presentation of beauty box.

A welcome card is included in the trove.

On the inside of the card, there’s a summary of beauty surprises included in the trove. This gives me a better understanding of the product included. Excellent.

And, here’s my complete trove! I love every single thing in it.

Here goes the rundown of what’s included in the February trove.

First up is of course OPI Minis Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 collection. I received Pink Friday which is a bubblegum pink creme and Fly which is teal creme. Each bottle is only 3.75ml.

Just released in 2012, OPI brings to you yet another exciting collaboration. This time, get loud and funky with Nicki Minaj! Instead of playing it safe, catch the eyes of everyone around you with the mini selections from the range.

The collection has been widely reviewed around the blogosphere with good feedback. Solid shades “Did It On ‘Em” (Yellow-Green Chartreuse), “Fly” (Teal), “Pink Friday” (Bubblegum Pink) slide on easily on the nails and look fantastic in just two coats. “Metallic 4 Life” is a special silver glitter with holographic bar glitter that glams up any nail look!

Second is Mekhala Living Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner travel set. Each bottle is 30ml and the set comes in a pretty sheer bag. I think this set won’t last long on me since my hair is thick and long lol!

Think about how rice energizes and nourishes you. Now, think about how wholesome it will be for your tresses. Using the time-tested beauty secret of black rice, Mekhala Living offers to you the ultimate luxury in haircare products.

Mekhala Living produces 100% natural top quality spa products that are used in 5-star hotels like the Mandarin Oriental and The Chedi, free of artificial flavours, colours, chemicals, fragrances and preservatives that can harm your body’s delicate balance.

Third item is Filthy Farmgirl Handmade Soap. I’m a bit confuse with the name of the soap. Is it Cardamom Rose or Love Cake? I did some google search with my Blackberry and found Cardamom Rose Love Cake but now when I’m online with my notebook I search again and the name is Filthy Valentine! Too late to edit the picture as picture editing is on another notebook. Sorry Filthy Farmgirl!

My soap (big portion on the back) melted onto some of the potpourri and Vanity Trove team immediately replaced it for me. Thanks VT.

Filthy Farmgirl enlivens the otherwise ritualistic task of washing up with handmade and handcut soaps soaked in the happiness fragrances and cheekiest taglines ever.

All Filthy Farmgirl soaps are 100 percent natural and vegan friendly soaps without detergents, surfactants, sulfates, artificial scents, colorizers, petroleum products or yucky stuff of any kind.

I also received two tea bag from Allerines Premium Tea. I was given Sweet Dream and Strawberry Shortcake. Smells nice. Can’t wait to brew a cup tomorrow 🙂

Forget the boring classics that we’ve been drinking all these while, the blends of tea in the world exceed far beyond the regular English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Chamomile mix. At Allerines, they’ve dreamed up charming concoctions of the world’s second favourite drink to match with your desserts or so good you can have it on its own.

Sourcing only the most premium blends around the world, Allerines Premium Tea expounds the benefits of a comforting cup of tea with their unique blends.

Next is Rinsie Rose’s Lia Sophia-xin necklace. I’m glad I was asked to choose from Rinsie Rose website although a bit troublesome but it’s totally worth the wait. I love the necklace so so much! So cute!

RinsieRose is all about accessories and what makes you happy wearing them. Using only quality materials, each RinsieRose piece is carefully put together with much thought and effort, making it the best finishing touch to your look!

RinsieRose also loves making friends, spreading the joy of her love for accessories with the people who love her work. Hence, wearing a RinsieRose piece will naturally make you happy, and the cheeriness will spread to the people around you. Who’d know, one little thing is all is takes for big change.

Lastly, SKIN INC Pure Repair+Whitening Eye Masks. I missed their Dec’11 trove which include a SkinC serum but now I get to try something from SkinC!

Our eyes are one of the most important organs with the most delicate skin around it yet they often receive the least tender loving care.

From SKIN INC, enjoy the multi-action hydrogel Collagen Brightening Eye Mask for the ultimate spa treatment for your peekers. This mask can brighten, replenish AND repair with all its goodness fully absorbed into the skin in just 20 minutes!

Besides that I also received 2 discount vouchers. 1) SkinC S$20 discount for S$150 purchases, 2) 30% discount at Nature Skin online store.

And a leaflet from Allerines Premium Tea. I think I’ve fallen in love with the tea even before drinking it.

Despite the small mishaps, I’m satisfied with my first subscription of beauty box from Vanity Trove. I’ve even subscribed for March trove. Hope there’s no missing item this time.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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  • That’s awesome!! Just the Opi was worth the money!

  • Hehe, yes. I love small cute stuff 🙂

  • Glad you found the trove worth it despite some mishaps on our end. 😛

    March’s is going to be more awesome with more beauty stories to discover! We can’t wait to hold an event right in Malaysia. 🙂

  • Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂
    The mishaps is just a small matter. Nothing can’t be fixed.

    I can’t wait for March trove. Keep up the good work!


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