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My Not-So-New Hair Style

If you’ve notice, my hair style is no longer straight but rather curly. That’s because at the beginning of March I went to do a digital perm at Miko Kajang. I have no idea what had gone into me. I went home after a Saturday shopping at KLCC and I said to my mum “I have decided”. My cluessless mum was curious on what is it that I have decided. That’s when I told her I’ve decided to perm my hair! So random I know.

Instead of wasting time asking around friends which is the best hair salon to go, I waste no time thinking or asking and I checked in Miko which is located at Kajang Prima. Apparently they’re running a promo for digital perm for all hair length for RM199 but because my hair was too straight the stylist don’t recommend that. But instead she recommend me using L’Oreal products for my perm which cost me RM350! I actually thought (can’t blame me, never been to that salon before mah!) that she just wanna cheat me off but since there’s a warranty for the perm that I wanted if I use L’Oreal, I agreed. She couldn’t agree on a discount however but later on ended up giving me a 10% discount which sums up to RM315. I wanted to shorten my hair a little bit and it’s free of charge too. I took this perming opportunity to part my hair line from left to center as well 🙂

The hair cut process was very slow. The stylist really took her time cutting my hair which I appreciate rather than cutting is hurriedly. Then she apply the curling cream (smells nice too) and left it for 45 minutes I think.


After washing off the cream, she and her colleague start to curl my hair with the plastic curler (heavy one too) and hooked all the curler to a machine. Yeap. I do felt like I’m in Men In Black. I wanted a big curl but she said big curl doesn’t last long so she did a medium curl instead. After some time the curl will be something like big curl.

When they’re hooking the curler to the machine, I was praying that they won’t miss a curl. I wouldn’t want a head full with curl except for a small portion! I was left alone with the machine and they told me to yell if it’s too hot. After 5 minutes of being left alone it started to get too hot that my scalp was burning hot. The steam coming out from my hair makes it even more dramatic and I was panicking. Three stylist came over to check on me and put more sponge in between my scalp and the curler but it’s still very hot. So one of the stylist started to hook on a hair dryer, put it on cold blow and aim it to my head. That’s when my scalp cool off slowly. I was being electrocuted for near to 1 hour.


I was so relieved when I heard the alarm. I’ve been carrying the heavy load on my head for an hour and my neck was getting really tired. A stylist (not my stylist) came over to check on me and that’s when my worse nightmare happens. She forgot to hook one of the curler to the machine!!! So she hooked the only curler to the magazine and put me on the wait again. I was in doubt as my hair is completely dry and I couldn’t make any sense on how the electrocuting gonna curl that particular curler. You see the curl will only work if the hair is wet. Sigh.

To cut the story short. After a wash my stylist blow dry my hair and style my hair with some styling products and off I go.

This is how I looked like after reaching home. Please ignore the blurry picture as I put my camera on timer mode. I asked for curl till the top of my head. It looked very curly at first as the stylist over-teased it but after a few wash it should looked like what I wanted.


After a wash the next day, the curl is much more toned down. I’m loving the slight curl on top of my head.


Well, now after one and a half month my hair is not as curly as before. The top curl is slightly gone. It’s getting more and more straight. I might go back for a follow up curl cause I’m loving my hair with slight curl nowadays.


My money was well spent. Everyone at Miko was nice to me. They took time to do my hair and not in hurry like other salon. I was there from 1.30pm and I reached home around 5.30pm lol.

Have a good Sunday everyone!


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  • Nice perm Fiona 🙂 I love it! Like you, I have very straight hair and I also considered perming my hair to give it a try. I went to Peekaboo at The Curve a few months ago and the stylist actually set my hair with temporary large curls after my haircut. He wanted to simulate the wavy hairstyle look and see if I would like it.

    And yes, I loved it 🙂 I was very tempted to perm my hair for months, whatmore with the recent deals on group discount sites. But, but…my regular hair stylist gave me a very frank advise – if I am not the sort that have the time and patience to use hair products to blow dry, style and maintain my hair, then I am better not perming. Or else it will turn out disastrous, lol.

    So I have decided not to because I only have more time on the weekends to properly spend effort on my hair. On weekdays, I’ll wash in the morning and air dry quickly before rushing to work and I don’t come home until the birds go home 😛

  • Hi Jen,

    Thanks! I love it too. Never regretted.

    Actually I had the same thinking as your stylist too; the taking care is not easy but I soon learnt that it’s not as bad as I think. Think of this, I don’t have to comb my hair, I don’t need to blow dry my hair, all I need to do is just use some styling product after towel wrap and that’s it. It’s as easy as that. Don’t worry too much k?

  • Oh ya. I’ll update a new picture tonight. Taken this morning.

  • Way nice, I need do something with my hair,I keep tied up, must change style

  • I like it too. It’s the best RM315 I spent haha. At least hair looked nicer in picture :). Taking care is easier than I thought.

  • Just got hair cut today thought of getting hairstyle like the gal at 6pm channel 8 show the Taiwan drama, the gal hair that I like is the one who have taken the baby away for second time. Hmm…don’t know her name and not sure if u watch this drama..hehe.. Anyway end up not that style as hairstylist no see this drama

  • 6pm I’m still at work hehehe. Aiyoh you didn’t bring an example pic for the stylist to see before cut? Dangerous!

  • Yalor if I know I will snap pic with hp to show.. I thought she see as I got SMS her to see. Sad she no fan of drama series which is hokkien. My hair style now not the one I wanted but it’s new hairstyle hehe..

    Oh ya I got ask friend request at fb me is sherry go

  • Last time my hair long like u but now shorter hehe,l Think getting shorter.. Want try let long again…. Need time.grow..l

  • It’s okay. Sometimes need to change the hairstyle a bit.


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