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Review: Clarins Mono Couleur #16 Pink Frost, #23 Silver Green & Clarins Blush Prodige #05 Rose Wood

During one of my Clarins haul in December 2011 I won myself a makeup set in a lucky draw with purchase of RM580 and above. In this makeup set there’s a Clarins Mini Make-Up Palette! I was extremely delighted as I’m always curious about Clarins makeup products and this mini palette enable me to try both their eyeshadow and blusher.

This mini make-up palette comes in a luxurious square gold casing which is the same gold casing from their normal makeup palette except for the “Clarins” word in the middle of course. It’s hard to take a nice, bright picture of the casing as the word just doesn’t pop out! I have to put down all the shades to take this picture. It’s not bright and clear but at least the word is visible now 🙂

A brief description of the mono eyeshadow and blush shade.
Mono Couleur #16 Pink Frost and #23 Silver Green is only 0.8g each. Meanwhile Blush Prodige #05 Rose Wood is 1.3g which is slightly more but still small for a blusher brush to swipe around.

The mini palette is such an adorable palette even just by looking at it makes me happy. It comes with a full size mirror and a mini applicator which I’ll not use. I’m used to applying my eyeshadow using a proper brush.

The color combination is exactly what I like in a palette. It’s shimmering but not too over. Soft color for the inner corner and darker color for the crease to outer corner. Blush is pinkish which is what I normally wear.  I also like that this palette only has 2 eyeshadow color and not 3 or 4 or even 5. Sometimes I just need a simple palette like this which doesn’t need much thinking but just apply. Perfect.

Here’s the swatch on the back of my hand. The color payoff is surprisingly good! I’ve read lots of good review and boy I wasn’t disappointed. It’s soft, smooth and easy to apply + blend. A swipe of these on top of a good eye primer will enhance the color more.

Here’s how it looks like on my lid. Sorry that the sun light is too bright that you can’t see very clearly on my lid. And I normally like to blend till the color soften so the color is not too intense on me.

Honestly Clarins makeup range is not that bad. It’s actually very good! If you are on the lookout for new makeup to buy, why not try Clarins. It’s really worth it.

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