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Review: As Fierce as Nicki with O.P.I Nicki Minaj #Pink Friday

Can you believe that my first OPI nail polish is this OPI Mini from Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 Collection. I’ve gotten Pink Friday and Fly from my February Vanity Trove subscription a few months back. As I was rocking Pink Friday last week, I thought I might share with you what I think about my very first OPI!

OPI Nicki Minaj #Pink Friday is as loud and fierce looking as Nicki herself! Her OPI collection pretty much resemble her taste in fashion. Which is superb as I love her style very much. I love all colors in her collection and I was thinking to get the whole mini collection 🙂


The color looked totally perfect on anyone at first glance. Even when I take a closer look at the nail polish, I still think anyone can rock this color. I totally forgotten that Pink Friday is bubble pink creme and not those usual pink that I used to wear.


When I first apply this, it was on my toe nails. It looked absolutely ridiculous and horrible unlike Fly (the teal color from the same collection). That time I was pretty much sun burn so I was kinda tan. If you are on darker skin tone, this color is not for you. In fact bubble gum cream color will not be suitable for you.

I tried it on my hand and I was happy that the first coat looks okay on me. After I applied the second coat, the same horrible look appears. Below picture doesn’t justify it :(. It was taken the morning after application so please don’t judge my bad application ok? I’m not a nail polish expert LOL!


See! It looked horrible on my darker skin.


Enough of all the negative comments (on me at least). Here comes the good point about OPI.

I absolutely like how fast the nail polish dries up. By the time I’m done with the second hand, my first hand is ready for second coat. So I was going left, right, left and right again. It was that easy, simple and fast too. I think OPI really live up to it’s name. It’s long lasting on me but once it started to chip after 1 week, everything will start to chip even more. I wasn’t upset with it cause I like to wipe off my nail polish on weekly basis and reapply a new coat or color.

Although nail polish is last on my must-buy list, somehow I can’t stop myself from picking up a bottle or two. In fact I plan to get more OPIs 🙂

What’s your very first OPI like?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. Product was from Vanity Trove subscription paid by myself.


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  • I don’t have this brand

  • Well known brand of nail polish! It’s superbly good

  • Yale but price of it ..

  • Get online…cheaper

  • OPI colours come in abundance and lasting. I am not a loyal one colour person, so normally I just buy group discount manicure and pedicure deals to try out more OPI colours.

    I like the Hong Kong OPI edition as I recall I have chosen the same purple shade on a few different manicure trips! The red shades of OPI are classic killer as well.

    The pink is nice and I think they look ok on you. Unfortunately, I identify the colours shades via numbering at the nail parlours, seldom I have a chance to remember the shade name.

  • I just bought another Nicki Minaj nail polish online. A color which I’ve been thinking to get for some time :). Also bought a base coat. Can’t wait for the parcel to arrive!

  • this pink looks great on you Fiona! 😀 What other colors have you got? I love the collections that OPI carry out esp the movie themed ones. 😀

  • From the same collection I have another mini bottle in Fly which is a beautiful teal color.

    I just ordered a retail size Save Me :). Still waiting for the parcel to arrive.

  • ooh! I’ve got Fly as well, I wore that last week and it’s gorgeous! I’ve got Save Me as well and I love the bar glitters in it. 😀 LOL!

  • Is it? I wore Fly this week! Love it to the max! I just received my parcel yesterday so yay! I now have Save Me!

    Nicki Minaj collection is superb


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