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Review: Getting Loofah with EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs

Having a good, expensive skin care is not enough. I always believe we need a lil help in being pretty. Recently I’m embarking into beauty tools such as umecare Careroll Derma Roller and umecare umeSkin Analyzer. My new found tool is EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs.

I bought a pack of EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs for RM10.40 after 20% discount from retail price of RM13 from Shins. Shins is the only authorized seller for EcoTools® in Malaysia. I picked up the green one instead of blue as green makes more sense when it comes to the brand EcoTools®. In a pack there’s 2 facial buffs.


Cleanse and exfoliate your face with our sustainable facial buffs made with natural rayon from bamboo. Choose your favorite color and make this your two-sided bath necessity! The package, part of the EcoTools natural bath and body products collection, includes 2 buffs.


The new buff is more stiff and hard. So before using it to wash you face, wet the buff longer or soak it for 5 minutes. I only wet the buff and start scrubbing my face with it and I hated it. It hurts! The second time using it is much better. I guess the buff has loosen up. I felt like I’m in heaven.

What I do with this buff is very simple. Normally after work I’d double cleanse. First is removing makeup with cleansing milk. Then washing my face with a cleanser. Only this time round I squeeze the cleanser onto a wet buff and start washing my face gently with it. With normal hand wash I still feel sticky from the makeup remover and I feel like the makeup is not completely removed. But all that is not a problem with EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs. My face is squeakily clean without a single trace of makeup residue and oiliness from the cleansing milk.  

This is how the buff looks like after a few use. The fibrous is more loosen up and obvious. You can even see the shape of the fruit! Loofah is actually a is a climbing vine with fruit like a cucumber.


Yes in scrubbing and cleaning. I’m actually quite addicted using this as my face felt so much cleaner.


1) Cheap!
2) Clean & scrub face at the same time. Face is more cleaner than conventional hand wash.


I already plan to stock up which the 20% discount is still applicable!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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  • Very nice I used before but throw already I think there is like saying use how long forgotten

  • Then can buy again! 😉

  • I saw this at Shin’s the other day and wanted to buy it. However, the scruffy looking loofah in its dried state did make me pause to think if it will feel harsh on my skin. So I decided not to get and was toying with the idea of getting a Konjac sponge instead. Haha, but then the fickle woman in me picked up a variety of Konjac sponge at Sasa and put them back…

    Glad this Ecotool one has worked well for you 🙂

  • Nah, it’s not harsh at all after it’s loosen up a bit. Quite a pleasure to use too.


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