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Review: Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder #02 Teint Beige

I’m so excited about this review that I don’t know where to start. This is my first Guerlain purchase back in April 2012. It is also my first Guerlain Météorites Perles which I have been drooling for quite some time. As Guerlain counter is limited, I don’t get to bump into them much. Which is why I kept on forgetting to check them out. Finally one Sunday I was at KLCC and I remembered about Guerlain. Let’s just say the rest is history.

I bought a Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder #02 Teint Beige for RM181. It comes in a set together with a bottle of Météorites Perles – Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer. The whole set is just RM299.


Everyone kept on asking me what is it or what is it for. It’s hard to explain, show and even justify the effect of these balls on the complexion. It just can’t. All I can tell you is the effect on me is huge. I’m hooked. I’m addicted. I’m a collector now!

“The choice to update Météorites stems from a simple fact: each different skin tone has specific needs and thus requires a particular solution. A rosy complexion tends to show some redness. A beige complexion turns grey with the onset of fatigue. A golden complexion becomes yellow and dull. The uncontested expert in colour and powder, Guerlain has created three different Météorites colour harmonies to meet the specific needs of different skin tones and the way in which they reflect colour and light, in line with the principles of the colour wheel and interaction of secondary colours.”

Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder comes in 3 different shades; 01 Teint Rose, 02 Teint Beige and 03 Teint Dore. I chose #02 Teint Beige as I was told by the BA that Teint Rose is more normal, Teint Beige is more illuminating and it’s the best seller and Teint Dore is for darker skin tone.

The Alchemy of the Guerlain Pearls

01 – Teint Rosé 
CORRECTIVE EFFECT: mauve reflects light and brightens up the shadowed areas of the face and green diminishes redness. 
UNIFYING EFFECT: pink evens out the complexion and champagne accentuates this action by reflecting light. 
LIGHT-ENHANCING EFFECT: white, a touch of light par excellence, illuminates the complexion without ever making the skin appear pale and gold adds additional radiance.

02 – Teint Beige 
CORRECTIVE EFFECT: mauve and pink that adds a healthy glow to a dull complexion.
UNIFYING EFFECT: unifying beige and apricot beige that adds a warm glow to the face.
LIGHT-ENHANCING EFFECT: white and white gold that accentuates the light reflecting result.

03 – Teint Doré
CORRECTIVE EFFECT: eternal mauve and blue which eliminates the yellow hue in a golden complexion.
UNIFYING EFFECT: unifying beige and chocolate beige that enhances a golden complexion.
LIGHT-ENHANCING EFFECT: white gold reflects light and pearly apricot brightens a golden complexion.


Another reason to buy this is the awesomely beautiful metal can casing. This new updated and modernised Météorites Perles case is covered in embossed metal, stamped with a rosette which is Météorites Perles logo. It used to be hard cardboard which received numerous lashes as one who paid premium for a premium brand and item doesn’t get a premium product. I’m so glad to find out that Guerlain had changed their packaging to metal instead.


After removing the top cap, there’s a white rubbery sponge included. I’m pretty sure this is just to hold the balls in place and not to be used as application tool. I quite like the sponge as it kept my pretty balls in it’s place securely and I’m not worried if I travel with this can one day.


Teint Beige of course contain more beige color balls. I was hoping to see more pink and purple though. Anyhow they looked absolutely precious. The can is only half full :(. They should fill this up maybe to 3/4 of the can?


I’ve been using these every single day since I bought it. It just doesn’t shrink. Not even a bit. And I swirl quite a lot too! Talking about being kiasu lol!


There’s 6 different color balls. Each ball have their own correcting and illuminating function.

Beige – give some warmth and freshness 
Shimmery White & Beige – to add some glow and light reflection
Purple – to brighten up 
Pink – refresh a dull complexion


As I said earlier, the difference is too hard to be justified with face shot. It give you the glow and illuminating effect that no other finishing powder can give you. I’d normally just shake the can a bit to bring certain color balls up the surface, swirl my fluffy huge brush (I’m using EcoTools Powder Brush) in the can and gently swipe the brush on my face concentrating more on the high points. This doesn’t make you look ghost white. It gives you a radiant glow. So don’t worry about over-applying.

One thing to take note when you happily swirl your brush in the can. Use your other hand to cover the top while you swirl to avoid the ball from flying off the can! I’ve read some bloggers couldn’t find the missing ball when this happen. So far I managed to find it everytime a notorious meteorites ball flew off the can. However yesterday I lost one and I still couldn’t find it yet :'(


Here’s me with numerous new makeup products which I’m currently testing and of course I finish it off with my favorite Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder.


Next update. I’ll do a review on Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Météorites Perles D’azur Illuminating Powder. Anyone love this precious balls as much as I do?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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  • Wow you are using each ball everyday

    Look the ball so cute too

    So this is how it is use 😀

  • Not each ball. The brush is meant to dip in the whole can, swirl and apply.

  • I do wonder why you went for the beige colour because beige can make yellow skintones look more washed out and sallow. I think the Rose one would have looked fab on you because it would be more brightening to your face. It has golden colours that will compliment your yellow toned skin and the mauve would brightenup any sallowness. But it was great reading your review as there are not many people who have actually reviewed this with a face photograph so appreciate that thanks!

    • Good question.
      To answer you…actually the BA recommended it. She said Teint Rose is normal and Teint Beige is best seller, more illuminating and most people would get that. I guess I don’t have major visible problem to fix so I was free to choose on the two. It was my first time purchasing meteorites and I don’t have much experience on it 🙂

      I do have problem with the Pucci one as it’s too warm. Do you have that too?

  • No i dont own any yet just been playing around with testers! But i never knew that about the pucci one, thanks for the heads up! I can see how it can get abit confusing about picking the right colour though. The rose is more brightening like a light chamagne colour which is what i like to add to my face colour. At the moment i’m using shiseido luminizing satin face colour in high white beam which adds that brightness to my skintone i so need!

    • Yes, it’s a bit confusing for first timer :). The Emilio Pucci collection is a limited edition. I did want to get a Teint Rose but waiting for my Teint Beige to shrink half the size first lol!

      I’m looking for other illuminating powder to try too. I heard about the Shiseido one from other country bloggers review.


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