Beauty Box Review Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds – Malaysia’s Very Own Beauty Box Review

How many of you are into beauty box surprises? *me me! raise hand*. I’m not shy to admit I absolutely love the idea. I mean…you pay a minimum fee for a box of 4-5 deluxe samples or sometimes a full size product is included to try before going to the counter to fork out a large sum of money. That’s just one reason, (2) is you need not suffer the the process of asking for a sample at the counter, (3) you save money just in case the product doesn’t suit you and lastly (4) surprises! Everyone love surprises. Unveiling a beauty box every month is excited and fun.

As you all know I was invited to attend the exclusive launch of Fabulous Finds last Saturday. If you still don’t know yet, Fabulous Finds is a beauty box from Malaysia to Malaysian. Or is it Malaysian to Malaysian? Whichever way it’s M2M =P. FINALLY we have one locally! Before you all getting excited to the unveiling content, let me walk you through what Fabulous Finds is. Read on!

What’s FABULOUS FINDS all about?
It’s a beauty box subscription service – the first Malaysian beauty box. For only RM35 per month, Fabulous Finds send out 4 – 5 deluxe beauty samples from high-end and niche brands to subscribers throughout Malaysia. These beauty miniatures are lovingly packed in a luxurious box and couriered to addresses all over Malaysia.

Personally I like the name Fabulous Finds. It’s perfect. According to Hui Ling, the name came because they hope each beauty box will be a fabulous find to their subscribers. It’s a name they aim to live up to, month after month, as they bring the best and latest beauty products to their subscribers.


Fabulous Finds gave me a good first impression. I love the simplicity of the box design, the sturdiness of it, the simplicity of the brand logo and the color. You know I love pink right?

Once you lifted the lid, you’d be swept away with this feeling which I called the WOW-factor lol!


One thing I never expect is Fabulous Finds even took the initiative to beautify the underneath of the box lid. I’m a person who’s into small lil detail so this counts 🙂


Before you even get to the content, there’s a series of unveiling step.

Step 1 – Untie the ribbon. We used to see the same concept at other oversea beauty box. I can imagine small little detail like this is tedious and costly too but because Fabulous Finds wants to give the best to their subscribers. Big applause.


Step 2 & 3 – Carefully tear off the logo sticker. Fabulous Finds also stick on their logo sticker to secure the ends of the wrapping paper. Cute!


The moment you all have been waiting patiently for. I didn’t mean for the delay hehe.
Ladies, here’s the inaugural debut box for July 2012 subscription! Jam packed with high-end brand goodies. Let me walk you through the goodies list first.

(1) Beaubelle: CLARITY brightening cleansing exfoliator 15g
(2) Beaubelle: GORGEOUS Multi Defence Protection Cream 15g
(3) Burt’s Bees: Cranberry & Promegranate Scrub 8.5ml
(4) Burt’s Bees: Milk & Honey Body Lotion 7ml
(5) Burt’s Bees: Sensitive Daily Moisturising Cream 2.8g
(6) Benefit Cosmetics: The POREfessional 7.5ml
(7) Crabtree & Evelyn: Iris Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy 25g
(8) Lunasol: Skin Fusing Powder Foundation + 2 sachet of Smoothing Makeup Base 1g each
(9) Shu Uemura: Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 4ml each sachet


Beaubelle CLARITY Brightening Cleansing Exfoliator 15g and Beaubelle GORGEOUS Multi Defence Protection Cream 15g


Crabtree & Evelyn: Iris Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy 25g


Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional 7.5ml


Burt’s Bees: Cranberry & Promegranate Scrub 8.5ml, Burt’s Bees: Milk & Honey Body Lotion 7ml and Burt’s Bees: Sensitive Daily Moisturising Cream 2.8g


Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation + 2 sachet of Smoothing Makeup Base 1g each


Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 4ml each sachet


Lovely information card included. One side is the greeting from Hui Ling while the other side is the product list and information that’s included in the box.


Burt’s Bees RM10 cash voucher is also included 🙂


And lastly, Shu Uemura product info leaflet.


If you’ve notice the first picture I put a tagline which said “Realizing the wish of Malaysia girls while giving back to the Community” right? Firstly first most of us in Malaysia is waiting and wishing that we have a beauty box subscription locally. Secondly, Fabulous Finds are driven by passion and truly passionate about two things: Beauty Products and the Community.

1) Passionate Consumers of Beauty Products – Fabulous Finds love discovering the best beauty products out there, and delivering them to the subscribers. Given the plethora of brands and products in the market, they are passionate about finding the best and sharing them. These items may be skincare, bodycare ranges, nailcare, fragrances, cosmetics or haircare solutions. 
2) Passionate about the Community – Fabulous Finds other passion is for the community. More specifically about women’s causes and believe in helping other women who are in less fortunate circumstances. Each Fabulous Finds box is lovingly packed by women from disadvantage backgrounds (single mothers, widowers, etc) and the income Fabulous Finds provide from the packing goes towards supplementing their income to meet financial needs.

Have I drawn your attention yet? If you are a charity activist like me (I’m doing it bit by bit), subscribing to Fabulous Finds will also help the disadvantage women. I think it’s very meaningful.

I heard some of you is dying to know how much it is. 

There’s 2 types of subscription:-
(i) Monthly
 RM35 per month, recurring payment
 Cancellable anytime with 30 days notice
(ii) Annual
 RM420 one time payment
 Receive 1 free box. i.e. 12 months + 1 free box in 13th month
 Transferrable to another party

You can also gift this to your family or friends with the below fee:-
(i) 3-month subscription (RM105)
(ii) 6-month subscription (RM210)
(iii) 12-month subscription (RM420)

*A special note will be included for the giftee in the Fabulous Finds boxes sent out.


Subscription is acceptable from now onwards at The last date to purchase this awesome July box is 14th of July 2012, whilst the boxes are still available. On the 15th of July 2012, all boxes will be shipped out to subscribers. So do hurry and subscribe NOW!


Have I tempt you enough yet? 🙂

For more information, visit or their Facebook page


Disclaimer: Product was given to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • That looks like a real steal! Gorgeous packaging too! And I love the community bit as much as you do!

    • It is a real steal :). The box can be reuse to store all the beauty products hehe. Yay for the community!

  • Yes I am tempted! Thanks fiona for reviewing so soon! Was waiting for this!
    And rm35 is lovely! I’d be turn off if it is rm50… Hehehe…
    One thing to ask: do they pick goodies for one according to skin condition? Ie giving me choose dry or oilly or combination skin products an let me choose my base make up tone????Thanks~


    • No worries. It was meant to be up yesterday but I was out for work. Only managed to edit all pictures and blog about it this morning.

      For this debut box, I think the skin care included is suitable for most skin type. Mind telling me which skin type are you?

    • i am combination skin…actually for this box, my concern is the foundation…it seems quite dark in the photo…wonder if FF will at least let us choose our skintone in very fair, fair, medium, dark category….


    • How to see if it’s dark when I didn’t remove the cover my dear lol

      The shade is 02. Not dark for me :). Hope this helps.

    • ooo…it must be the cover then…
      thanks fiona =)

    • Anything else i can check for you? Feel free to ask hehe

    • not anymore right now! thanks again for being so helpful!
      i see myself signing for this!!! XD

    • No prob. Let me know if you have anything to ask regarding the content in the debut box ya. I’ll check for you 🙂

  • so if we subscribe now and what we get in July is as same with the content in this box right~?

    • Yes. That’s the debut box :). Which we are allowed to disclose out so that the public know the content. Following boxes would be a surprise 🙂

    • ok 😀

  • Wow lovely details! Even the ribbon is the thick grosgrain type, impressive one. The pricing and flexibility are great factors for first timer like me. Cool stuffs. Thanks for reviewing and sharing!

    • My pleasure! I love every single detail of it too. I’m still very excited that we have a beauty box locally.


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