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Review: Getting Glittery Glitz with O.P.I Nicki Minaj #Save Me

After getting myself to the OPI craze thanks to the two minis (Pink Friday & Fly) which I received in my Vanity Trove February subscription, I bought a retail size bottle of Save Me from the same collection. I bought this bottle for RM26 only from eBay along with a bottle of Seche Vite Top Coat for just RM18.

Save Me is something which I’ve been craving for the longest time. I finally took some time to search online and placed my order as soon as I found the cheapest seller. I know what you’re thinking. How could it be authentic for the price I paid right? Don’t worry. I’ve double check and it’s really authentic. Maybe next time I’m gonna do a Authentic vs Fake post for OPI eh?

The minute I saw Save Me upclose, my heart skipped a beat as it’s so gorgeous and glittery too.


This label on the bottom of the bottle is very important to determine the authenticity of the brand. I won’t elaborate in detail. Do look out for upcoming Authentic vs Fake post ya 😉


I don’t know why. It’s very “gluey”. Maybe because the whole bottle contain silver flecks and bar glitters. And it dries up pretty fast too. I need to work on this very fast before it dries down. Normally I need to run the brush to the side of the bottle inner opening before applying but because this contain loads of glitters I can’t do that otherwise nothing will be on my nails!


This is the first time I’m wearing it so I plan to wear it alone before using this as a top coat on top of other color nail polish. I think Save Me will look absolutely beautiful with Fly!


I’m using two coats on my nails. It’s more than enough. Stunning even on it’s own.


Look how beautiful and glittery Save Me is. Nice right? Actually in real the silver flecks is more visible. In my pictures you can’t see it so clearly. It’s not transparent. It’s really covering all my nails.


Anyone own Save Me or any color from Nicki Minaj collection?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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  • Looks very festive : Like the glitter and silver strips. Do they come off easily though?

  • In fact they does come off easily. I had a manicure at China Glaze event and they removed this without any prob 🙂

  • Saw this post middle of night but no comment hehe…sure dear sound me..sleep lol

    Nice colour I think easy match clothes

  • The strips make it perfect for New Year’s countdown lol. Saw the China Glaze one, that’s very fine glitter and looks nice. Somehow the moth in me prefers the OPI one 🙂

  • Indeed Sherry 😉

  • OPI one will dries down and become a useless bottle soon as it’s full with all sorts of glitters. I gotta use it as much as I can before it dries down

  • Wow! It’s so stunning! Love it! How much is the retail price?

    • The retail price for this is RM63 🙂


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