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Review: MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel #Ash Violet

If you ask a makeup artist which is the best gel eye liner, they’ll tell you MAC Fluidline. If you ask your friend which is the best gel eye liner, she’ll definitely tell you it’s MAC Fluidline. If you google, I believe the search result will only be MAC Fluidline. That’s exactly what happen to me. I sucks at drawing eye liner. Pencil is great but I tend to sharpen it a lot and it smudge. Liquid is easy and great too but tricky for a beginner like me. With Gel eye liner you need to work quicker. Otherwise when it dries up it’s harder to blend. Not only I know nuts about drawing eye liner, I have shaky hand and happiness tears problem. When I go HAHAHA while talking to a friend…tears will start gathering at the corner of my eyes. How weird is that? I’m laughing and I’m also crying. LOL!!

I’ve been holding on the purchase of MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel as I wanted to get it from Suria Meriang Staff Sale. My wish came true as I managed to get it from the sales but it’s not black. Works for me!

MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel #Ash Violet is a deep dark purple color. The one I have doesn’t come with a mini 209 SE brush. I got the brush from another set which I’m using to apply Ash Violet.


The pot is made from glass. It’s small so it’s pretty handy to put inside the smallest handbag for mid-day touch up. The amount of product is only 3g. I’m already making a small dent in the pot. I foresee myself finishing this and even getting the black one from Bobo; my friend at MAC Sunway Pyramid!


Although it’s stated Ash Violet or in my term; deep purple, the color sure do look like a sheer black. The color is buildable. Once you layer the color it turns out to be really dark but not quite black. At first application I thought that it’s quite sheer. Using the mini 209 brush is not helping at all. I fail to build the color intensity. I’ve gotten very frustrated so I ditch the brush. As you can see from below swatch the color is very pretty. It has this super-micro shimmer in it but not to worry as it’s not noticable. Somehow my camera managed to capture the shimmer.


After being hopeless and frustrated with the mini 209 brush, I wanted to look for my friend and get the retail size 209 brush. But then I thought why not I google a bit for the best eye liner brush and hey…I found a YouTube review of EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush! It says that the size and thickness is perfect. So I drove to Mid Valley for lunch and I pray that Shins is still doing the discount offer for EcoTools. To my delight EcoTools is having 10% discount so I picked up the brush.

The next day I used EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush to do my eye liner and the result is astonishing. This is the first time I’m able to draw a perfect winged eye liner. I wanted the brush to work so badly and it did. Another great thing about this MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel #Ash Violet is that no matter how badly I tear the eye liner is pretty much intact. It just stuck onto my lid without any smudges. The trick is to work fast and make sure both side is equally drawn (which is tough lol).

Here’s a closed-up look with my eyes open 🙂


Here’s with my eyes looking down.


And here’s how it looks like with my eyes closed! I always look at Dior BA and wonder how did she draw that kind of eye liner. Now I know how :). All thanks to a good gel eye liner, good eye liner brush and a good tutorial video haha!!


Lastly a full face shot.


The next day I repeat the process and the result is the same. I used to hate drawing eye liner but now I love it. However doing a perfect eye liner is a bit time consuming. If I’m on the rush to go to work and I don’t have much time left I’d skip eye liner. I can’t draw while feeling nervous and rushing.

Hope you like this review! Anyone tried MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel? What about Bobbi Brown? I heard it’s really good too.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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  • So pretty!!! 🙂 <3 Drawn with so much precision and perfection. Super like 🙂

    • Thanks! I like the gel eye liner too 🙂

  • ur skills is so damn good.awesome!
    wish to draw a great eyeliner jz like yours..i love it <3
    n the micro-shimmer is really nice although is not very noticeable from your pictures…

    • Thanks. It’s super easy to draw using Ecotools brush. The micro-shimmer is totally not noticable :). The result is incredible.

  • i would suggest this brand to my friend as she has the problem with her pencil XD

    • I totally understand. Pencil is not friendly with my eyes too 🙁

  • milktea said… Better oso than Bobbi Brown’s gel liners? 🙂

    • I heard Bobbi Brown is good too. Never tried though. I was thinking to buy a Black gel eye liner. Still thinking if I should get MAC Fluidline or BB.

    • milktea says… I remember reading from somewhere that Kanebo’s Lunasol gel liners were touted as “the best in the market”. You’ve got a lot of good choices out there if u want a gel liner! 🙂

    • True but I grabbed what I saw which is Fluidline 🙂

  • I need try eyeliner as I worry it smudge as I sweat lol.. Then like ghost..

    • Gel is the best. At least it is for me 🙂

  • Is nice leh,,, hehe.. Look the shape you make hehe… How u make it balance? I worry I do myself one up and down lol,,,,sure l look funny

    • By lots of practice. It’s okay to messed up. The more you draw, the better it gets.


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