L’Occitane Amande Haul – My First Proper L’Occitane Haul

Last Sunday I made a quick stop at L’Occitane KLCC to redeem a gift set from Female magazine redemption. In that blurry migrain state I was lucky that day as I was served by a friendly and nice SA. I didn’t managed to get her name but if you’re there, look for a pregnant Malay lady. She’s awesome. Anyway I’m always fascinated with Almond Shower Oil and it’s in my “to-get” list. I thought this redemption exercise is great as I can try before purchase. The SA was nice enough to show me around and walk me through their products (although I’m already using currently) and I decided to get the full size plus the Limited Edition refill pack. Yeah…I’m a sucker for the word Limited Edition.

Just so you know. I never purchase enough to join their membership. I make it a purpose intention everytime I shop there. First I hate the customer service. So if I buy something from them I make sure I only buy 1 item, which is the one that I want. Nothing more.

Here’s my Amande range haul. Not a huge one but it’s more than what I used to purchase lol.


Almond Shower Oil 250ml is retailing for RM95. It’s L’Occitane best seller. At first I’m a bit skeptical about applying oil when I bath. But this just turn emulsify upon contact with water. I love it!

I also bought the Limited Edition Almond Shower Oil Refill Pack 500ml for RM121. That’s RM69 saving! This refill pack equals to 2 bottles of the retail size.

Next item on my purchase is the Limited Edition Almond Shower Scrub 200ml. Each tube is retailing for RM84. To be eligible for Tier 1 GWP, I grabbed another tube of this.

My haul this time is RM384. I joined their membership as it’s free and I was eligible for Tier 1 GWP which consists of Almond Shower Oil 75ml, Almond Milk Concentrate 50ml and Shea Foot Cream 30ml. If you purchase up to RM500 and above, you could get the below GWP.

Did anyone of you indulge in the Almond range? I must say Almond Shower Oil is the best shower treat!


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  • So nice hehe..ya the shower oil I like it and smell good

    • I love love it too :). I’m surprised that a little goes a long way

    • Yeah so worth it must go check out again when free,,,but sure dear don’t like lol..l better go when him not there with me.

    • Haha. Good idea 🙂

  • Nice bumping into you the other day 🙂 I bought whole set and got the 2 tiers GWP will update soon on my blog 😉

    • Yes nice bumping into you too. I looked horrible LOL. I love the scrub so much. Was thinking to go back and buy more 🙂


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