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Beautiful Body with the New Clarins Tri-Active Body Treatment

Rediscover the happiness that comes from taking care of your body. It is a treat to have an absolute well-being. Escape to a place where you can relax and recharge your body and mind. Wake up your five senses and feel good. A treatment at Clarins Skin Spa not only offers you the chance to lie back and enjoy a completely luxurious experience, it also delivers exactly what it promises and much more.

Looked familiar? I’m back to Clarins Skin Spa Pavilion for another experience and this time I’m invited to try Clarins’ New Tri-Active Body Treatment.

The treatment was suppose to take place last month but my menstrual went haywire and let’s just say I wasn’t in the right condition to proceed on my appointment day. Add in the busy schedule lately thus the delay for the treatment. Sok Hung who’s my Beautician previously (read here for facial review) has been following up closely with me to make sure I had the booking according to my preferred day and time. She also happened to be my Beautician this time round and I was happy with the arrangement. Let me just tell you Sok Hung is very friendly, funny and her skills is marvelous.

Here is some info on Clarins Tri-Active Body Treatment.

The New Tri-Active Body Treatments provides new, high-performing CLARINSPRO formulas specially made to suit every woman’s body needs.  The New CLARINSPRO Body Formulas consists of 8 products which include exfoliators, body wraps, masks and supplements created by Clarins Laboratories for exclusive use in treatment rooms only.

The introduction of this fantastic range of new Tri-Active body treatments concentrate on the original Clarins philosophy of using 100% natural, plant-based ingredients of the highest quality, combined with the unique Clarins hands-on massage method.  The simple philosophy behind this approach is that no piece of equipment or machinery could ever be as sensitive or as effective as the human hand in responding to the needs of the skin.

CLARINSPRO formulas contain a subtle alchemy between precious plant extracts and sublime textures that go deep into the skin under the expert and measured massage movements of the Beauty Therapist.  Clarins researchers selected the highest performing ingredients to guarantee immediate results on the skin, the silhouette and body’s curves.  Each treatment is designed to boost circulation and eliminate toxins, so improving the appearance of the skin. The massage is also deeply relaxing, thereby benefiting mind and body, in keeping with Clarins’ holistic approach to beauty.


When I reached Sok Hung had just finished a facial session with another customer. I saw the lady walked out with a brighter face! This reminds me of the previous facial session I had with Sok Hung. I too walked out with a brighter face. Then this customer wanted to buy some products so I made myself comfy at the waiting area while waiting for Sok Hung to come back. I like the view from where I was sitting.

Right next to my left is a tester stand which is full with Clarins products which customer could play around try out while waiting.

There are also a line up of best buy set which is available to purchase. So far Clarins offer the best value for money best buy set. I know I’m already planning my haul for September as it’s my birthday month! That means double points for the whole month!

Sok Hung came back not long later apologizing for making me wait which I’m okay with it. I don’t mind the wait because I was a bit nervous with the treatment. I heard a few version of stories on how the treatment is going to be. Some said I’m gonna be nude, some said not really and some said I’m going to be nude but covered while the Beautician will reveal part by part on where she’s massaging. So these stories had been playing in my mind for a few days now. Which is true? You gotta find out from me then. I hold the secret to your curiosity haha! 

I was given a towel, a shower cap and a disposable “thong” underwear to change into after shower. Although I showered before I leave my house but I feel more comfy if I took another shower. Besides I wanted to experience the whole journey.

And I was given a indoor slipper too. Cute.

Remember I said in my previous facial treatment review that there’s a drawer which I didn’t explore? This time out of curiosity I opened it and I found the comb! Not only that I found a contact lens case and solution for those that wear  contact lens. How thoughtful 🙂

Did you know that Parkson Pavilion is the first Clarins Counter Skin Spa that offer Body Treatment? Some of the counters do offer facial treatment but not body treatment as you need a shower room. With limited space at the counter it’s impossible to have one. There are 2 treatment rooms at Parkson Pavilion Skin Spa but only one has the shower room.  

Let’s take a tour of the shower room.
I saw two shower head available. One on top of the ceiling which I called the “Rain Shower” and another one which is the “Wall Mounted Shower Arm”.

I went with the wall-mounted shower arm of course. It’s good enough for me.

Next time I’ll try the Rain Shower! If I had more time of course 🙂

Clarins Tonic and Relax Bath Shower Concentrate is provided in the shower room. You can choose which one to use accordingly to your preference. I’m a fan of Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate personally.

There are three types of personalized Tri-Active Body Treatments you can choose from which includes Hydrating, Contouring or Firming. Now Clarins is introducing a whole new range of products comprising 8 specific CLARINSPRO Formula to suit every woman’s concerns:

New! Exfoliators
Preparatory Exfoliating Body Lotion
Exfoliating Body Cream

Body Wraps
Plant-Based Mud Wrap

New! Body Supplements
Hydrating Body Supplement
Firming Body Supplement
Contouring Body Supplement

New! Masks
Body Nourishing Balm-Mask
Body Contouring Gel-Mask
Body Firming Cream-Mask

The highly concentrated key ingredients in the Body Supplements work to boost results. These unique formulas target specific needs whichare mixed with the primary product for a complete, made-to-measure treatment.  Not only that. To reinforce beauty benefits, three Intensive Care Masks (gel, balm or cream) can be applied to the specific areas on the body that need targeted care.

The effectiveness of CLARINSPRO products is optimized by totally manual massage movements. Each gesture is carried out with extreme precision: the weight of the hand on the skin, the rhythm and the direction of the movements are all fundamentally important.

An innovative 3-step process with proven results

  1. Preparation and skin exfoliation
    Your skin will better absorb the products applied afterwards
  2. Absorption of key ingredients
    Your skin absorbs the best that plants have to offer
  3. Optimized results and targeted action
    Reveal the beauty of your body’s silhouette


My Experience
It is true that you’ll be nude but not completely. You’d still have your disposable “thong” underwear on. I wrapped myself in the towel which was given earlier after shower and climbed up the treatment table. Once the Beautician covered me up with several towel I was told to remove the wet towel earlier. I was given a choice of which body treatment I’d want to try and I choose Firming. The treatment started just like the facial one. Beautician will prepare your skin with Clarins Eau Dynamisante with disposable mitten. She will lift the towel on one side revealing the hand and leg without revealing your private areas, tummy and then the back. That is also the same process when the Beautician massages. Prior before treatment I told Sok Hung that I’m afraid of tickling. So you can guess now that certain area I’m laughing and laughing. Sorry can’t help it. The whole massage technic is specially created to enhance the efficiency of the product applied. Not too bad for someone who’s afraid of tickling. Sok Hung’s technic and her hand’s warmth further enhance the treatment in my personal opinion. Her strength is just nice and not painful at all. After every part that she massages I was wrapped in cling wrap for the mask.

The best thing about the body treatment is that you paid to get a whole body treatment. I was asked to turn around and Sok Hung repeated the same process again for the back of my leg, back and hands.

After the whole treatment ended I changed back into my clothes and went out for a cup of freshly brewed tea. What a wonderful spa treatment!


Here’s the price list for your reference.


The Sculptor – RM288 (60 minutes)
An effective slimming treatment to make you feel good about your body. After exfoliation, your skin is firmer and soften and ready to benefit from the lipid-releasing ability of blue button flower combined with specific, contouring massage movements which alternatve between draining and targeted pressure to break stubborn fats and curves.
“Must-have” product for home”: Body Shaping Cream & High Definition Body Lift

The Moisture Quencher – RM288 (60 minutes)
For skin which is extremely thirsty.  Like a wave of moisture, this expert treatment, based on shea butter, promotes unequalled comfort, suppleness and head-to-toe smoother skin.
“Must-have” product for home: Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

The Firming Age Corrector – RM288 (60 minutes)
A fountain of youth for the body.  This complete age-control treatment works on skin density and tone but also on its elasticity thanks to the power of organic lemon thyme. Its firming and revitalizing properties help you regain a firmer body, better toned, more supple skin and a more youthful appearance.
Must-have” product for home: Body firming Cream

Skin Spa Pavilion KL: 03-2142 3881
Skin Spa 1Utama: 03-7728 7266
Skin Spa The Curve: 03-7728 9881
Skin Spa KLCC: 03-2382 6800
Skin Spa Bangsar Shopping Centre: 03-2282 4881
Skin Spa The Spring: 082-255 890


Disclaimer: Body treatment courtesy of Clarins Malaysia.
Thank you Clarins Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to experience the Tri-Active Body Treatment at Parkson Pavilion Skin Spa.


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