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Review: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Saved My Face From Breakout!

I don’t know why I took such a long time discovering Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. But I’m glad I have a bottle at home. Girl let me tell you…everyone gotta have this at home. It’s a heaven-sent product!

You’ve probably read that Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator gave me serious break out on the whole of my right face. After a week the break out didn’t subside even a bit and I got panic. I don’t know if I’m lucky or what but I happen to bought a bottle and it’s still unopened at that time.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil had gone through a revamped and I can bet every Clarins user is happy to know that the new packaging comes with a glass dropper! Instead of pouring out from a glass bottle and risk having oil everywhere on the bottle, I can now easily control the amount I need. With no mess too :). The only downside is Clarins shrunk the previous 40ml content to 30ml. I guess we’re sacrificing 10ml for a dropper?

Just to show you how it is. I felt a warm sensation from the oil. Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing on your face.

This is oil so you’ve guessed it. The texture is oily. You’re not suppose to use this as it is (alone) on your face.

There’s a few way to use this but the best way is to mix it with Clarins Toning Lotion. This is also how I’m using. I’m not comfortable putting oil directly on my face just like that. As I’m Combination Skin the toner that suits me is Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris.

What I do is I’ll take a small glass bottle to mix both together instead of pouring the toner and dropping the treatment oil on my palm.

First I’ll pour Toning Lotion into the little glass bottle. The amount depends on your own preference. For me I’ll pour about 2mm into the bottle.

Next, take Lotus Face Treatment Oil and drop 3-6 drops into the small bottle. I was told 3 drops is enough but I’m using 6 drops. 3 drops with the amount of toner that I’m using is not enough. This is also depending on your own preference.

Shake the bottle to mix both together.

Before applying this, do remember to apply your eye cream first. Pour the content out from the bottle to your palm, warm with both palm and pat onto face from inner to outer face. Pat until everything is absorbed and continue with the rest of your skin care.

With just 3 days of using this the break out stopped and subsided. I’m just glad the huge, itchy, painful, red pimples is no longer there. The only thing to treat now is the marks. I stopped for a while when my face is free from break out but I’m back on this if I spot a pimple especially the hormonal changes before menstrual cycle. This is also a good break out prevention product. I notice that I don’t have break out if I use this maybe a week before the usual monthly break out.

Another benefit of using treatment oil is that it can balance back your oil level in your skin. I notice that my face is not secreting oil like previous after using Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. If you have dehydrate skin…using Blue Orchid Treatment Oil can revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin while preventing moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. I also notice that I woke up with more softer skin and make up looks good too.

I’m already at half a bottle now after transferring some for my friend. Hope she already started using it and finds it beneficial as this is not cheap. I do plan to repurchase when I finish the current bottle 🙂

Clarins Face Treatment Oil is available at all Clarins counter nationwide. Available in Blue Orchid, Lotus and Santal.
Price: RM155 for 30ml


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I have toner from White Plus HP range. Can I use that toner instead? Trying to finish off the toner before buying a new one.

    • You can. But I think Toning Lotion would be the best choice. Meanwhile you can finish off your current White Plus HP toner first 😉

  • You suffered from breakout on your right face. Mine is along the right jawline and jaw itself. I hope it is not a coincidence (re the side of breakout). I might need to use Blue Orchid Treatment Oil since my skin is dehydrated, especially on forehead. Sigh.

    • Yes. That breakout is from EL Illuminator. But my normal pimple attack is on the jawline :). As for which type of face treatment oil to use…do consult with Clarins BA. They can give you better advice 😉


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