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New and Launched! Talika Lipocils & Black®

If you’ve been following my Talika Lipocils Expert 28-Days Challenge, I did briefly mentioned at the last result post that the challenge actually compliments to a new product that was about to be launched.

The day finally arrived. It was the most anticipated launch for me because I was a a part of the challenge and also because I was curious about the new product. And so last week I attended the launch of Talika’s latest edition; Talika Lipocils & Black® that was held at Zebra Square.

I was greeted with a row of Lipocils ancestor that was for the lashes as I entered the launch area. Good to know about Lipocils history.

First up is Talika Eyelash Cream which was launched in 1948. It was the 1st treatment for eyelash growth.

In 1994 Talika repackaged the original formula to a tube that comes with a brush named Lipocils®. At that time Lipocils® is the one and only product in the market with clinically proven results.

Then in 2010 came Lipocils Expert® which was the one that you’ve seen for the past few weeks in my blog review. It is the 1st formula which stimulates eyelash growth, intensifies lash pigmentation and enhances curl. These three clinically proven result is obviously seen in my reviews. The applicator wand is perfect in my opinion. I used the sponge tip to apply the essence to the root of the lashes before using the mascara comb-alike to brush on the essence to all the lashes.

And of course Talika launched the Lipocils & Black® in current year; 2012. I’ll explain the product further below.

Before the event started I managed to steal Joy for a minute for a photo together :). Love her skirt! Whenever we took picture together (this is our second picture) she’s always on my left with the same pose :P. She’s gonna kill me when she read this *runs to hide*

The gorgeous Ms. Un Lu is there too. Un Lu officiated the launch with a short welcome and thank you speech.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Talika principal from oversea Ms. Sina Deubner; Area Sales & Marketing Manager. She’s so funny and friendly! I absolutely love her long lashes. I wonder how long would it take me to have as long as hers eh? Sina briefed us the history behind Talika as well as product infos. I actually learnt a lot about Talika on that day. Very info-ful indeed.

The least expected thing happened to me that day when all four challengers of Lipocils Expert were asked to be at the front for an interview about personal experience using the product for 28-days. I was the first so I don’t have time to think what to say. You can say I was caught in surprise! And I answered the most question too since I was the first.

* Image credited to Talika MY

That’s me talking in nervous LOL!!

* Image credited to Talika MY

After everyone shared their experience we were handed with a token of appreciation and posed for a group photo 🙂
Left to right: Sharon, me, Cindy (Assistant Product Manager, Talika), Sina, Tammy and Wendy.

After that we went back to our seat and the next challenge begins. Each of us are provided with a Lipocils & Black® and a Heated Eye Lash Curler. We are required to create the most seducting sexy eyes in 10 minutes.

Bummer for me because I had the most stubborn mascara on earth that day. We were provided with Lash Conditioning Cleanser which is in gel form. I have no idea how to remove my mascara using it and without disturbing the rest of my makeup lol!! Orson stepped in to help removing just the mascara with a cotton pad and a cotton bud. Thank you Orson 🙂

* Image credited to Talika MY

Finally after spending quite some time with removing mascara…I got down to business.

* Image credited to Talika MY
* Image credited to Talika MY

Rebeccah (Trainer for Luxasia (M) Sdn Bhd) making her rounds to help with the bloggers.

Instead of one winner…we have two winners. Fatin and Jess both won the challenge!

Before we adjourned for dinner we took a group photo together.

And of course a picture with the beautiful Ms. Sina Deubner.

The dining area is just a few steps away. It’s beautiful and private.

* Image credited to Talika MY

Here is our 3-course meal. Starting with appetizer which is a salad.

Oppss. This is me checking the preview after taking picture of the appetizer dish.

* Image credited to Talika MY

The main course is grill fish. A tad bit salty but the mashed potato is really good.

Dessert is a real smooth cheese cake. I can never say no to dessert 🙂

What exactly is Talika Lipocils & Black®? It is especially designed and formulated for those who want to look their best while waiting for their natural beauty to emerge. On one side is the classic conditioning formula that helps to grow lashes longer and thicker while on the other side is a keratin-stimulating mascara that provides instant result. This product’s innovative dual-function wand combines the natural eyelash growth treatment with an exclusive mascara formula for instantly longer lashes while they grow. The best part is you get 2-in-1 product for the price of one!

To help you understand further about the product…you gotta check out my review next week 😛

Talika Lipocils & Black® is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson One Utama, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama and Metrojaya Mid Valley.
Price: RM142 for Double-sided wand 2 x 2.5ml
Website: http://www.talika.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/talika.MY 

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  • Wow! You did it again, Fiona! This is such a very nice/comprehensive post. And oh, the photos, lovelies 🙂 Hmmm… another product that is very tempting to try. It seems like a unique beauty product to me. Based on your 28 days challenge, there’s really a noticeable improvement / growth. Impressive 🙂

    • Thanks Susan!
      It’s actually quite funny though. Everytime after I applied Lipocils Expert I’m too lazy to reach in the drawer for a mascara. What this product is that it’s actually a lipocils + mascara! At the launch last week I was like “ahhhh!” and I giddy inside


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