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Review: Avène Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum & Day Cream

This week I rekindled with my first love. Skin care first love that is. Many years ago I remembered driving to Mid Valley, stepped into Guardians and bought a whole set of Avène. I was given a bunch of trial size too and the products succeeded in combating my acne problem. As I mentioned many times before in my blog…I get bored easily with the same routine everyday so I stopped using skin care once and for all. Talking about being lazy LOL! Don’t worry. All that is history now. I’m very devoted to my skin care routine now that I know the importance of using skin care.

At my age now (gosh I feel so old saying this) I’m more suitable with anti-aging range. I was told that Avène has a new range called Sérénage. In today’s review I’m going to review two product from the new range which is Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum and Nutri-Redensifying Day Cream.

Avène Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum – RM159, 30ml

The serum is in a frosty white bottle and it’s light on hand. It comes with a dense pump system with a small dispensing hole that doesn’t dispense more than enough amount of serum. I accidentally dropped the bottle and there’s no dent or chip at all. I notice that the inner white pump head could be unscrew. That means you can recycle the bottle for other liquid next time!

What the serum claimed to give you. It is also said that the serum soothes and comforts mature skin immediately after application. In my experience of using the serum, it does indeed soothes and comfort my skin without giving me any irritation and breakout.

The ingredient list for those that are interested. I notice that Avène products is infused with 70% with their famous Thermal Spring Water. It also contain high concentration of H.A.F. (Hyaluronic Acid Fragments).

This is a milky light serum and slightly scented. The scent went off a few second after patting on the face. Even if you are not a big fan of fragrant skin care you will like this. I actually like the scent very much. It is recommended to use 2 pumps for the whole face and neck. The serum is so light that it’s rapidly absorbed into the skin before you know it. I find that 2 pumps is not enough for me so I’m using 4 pumps at night. Below picture is just one pump.

My Verdict
I like the serum’s texture, easily absorbed, not oily and doesn’t give me breakout. I also know that I can safely use this product without any worries as it is also Paraben-free. During my testing period, I notice that my skin is more smoothed, revitalized and hydrated. Maybe because of that my makeup stays on longer and more defined. I believe if I use this in the long run I’d have more toned, strengthened skin.


Avène Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Day Cream – RM139, 40ml

Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Day Cream on the other hand is slightly more in content than the serum and it’s in opaque white tall bottle with a similar pump system. The pump also dispense just the right amount of cream out.

What this day cream claimed. It is also said to restore density, vitality and comfort in mature skin besides the many many benefits in using the product.

The ingredient list is below. This cream contains 52% of Thermal Spring Water, Glycoleol which is a new inductive ingredient that reactivates skin’s lipid synthesis. It also provides the skin with the nutrients it needs thanks to it’s reservoir effect. Same with the serum, H.A.F. is also found in the day cream. Besides that Pre-tocopheryl is also added in to strengthens age-weakened skin

The cream is thick and creamy thus pumping out the content is a bit tricky. This is also lightly scented which will go away after a while. It is recommended to apply the day cream on the face and neck. I don’t recommend using more than 1 pump as it’s very thick. Just 1 pump is enough for the whole face and neck.

My Verdict
The texture is too thick for my liking. I’d prefer this kind of creaminess as my night cream instead of day. However the good news is my skin is more nourished and moisturized due to the texture! I guess nothing is perfect eh? Just like the serum…my face is more smoothed. As I haven’t use this in the long run, I have not seen the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles yet. I’d be very very happy if this cream and help to reduce the lines on my forehead 🙂

I’ll definitely continue using these two products in the long run as I wanna benefit from all the goodness that was packed in the lil white bottle.

I believe most of us tried Avène before. What was your first Avène product?


Disclaimer: Product won from Avène Merdeka Surprise which was conducted in Avène Facebook page. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • My first avene product was the gentle cleanser that can be wiped off with a tissue instead of rinsing it off. I love the product so much that I eventually went to try other avene products but the rest didn’t impress me

    • Oh I know that one. I like that too! Tried the green cleanser (Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser) before and I repurchased a few time. The rest of the products is the serum, cream, sun protector, eye care etc. Couldn’t recall the name LOL

  • my favourite is the cleanance gel soapless cleanser, toner as well as the cleanance k.basically i like the cleanance series as it reduce the pimples i had before.

    • That’s my fav too Erin! Same with you…Cleanance reduced pimples on my face 🙂


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