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Review: I Can See Myself Using RMK Extra Deep W Mascara For Long

Those that know me personally would know I can never go out without mascara. I always said I can skip eyeliner but I cannot skip mascara. A lil odd from the rest but yeah I’m a mascara girl. If I have time I’d do both. If I need to choose…mascara would be it.

The quest to find a suitable mascara for ownself is never ending. If you could recall a few months back I was invited by the lovely Joy from RMK Malaysia for a full makeover with Adrian Sin. If not you might wanna check out my transformation here *wink*. That was my first encounter with the iconic mascara; Extra Deep W. I went back to RMK counter to buy a few product and I managed to grab the last tube from the counter.

After a few months of using and a few times of taking the product shots, I’m finally satisfied with the new batch of photos and I’m ready to tell you what I think.

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara comes in a silver, heavy, shiny double-ended tube. So shiny that I need to use two flowers to get rid of the reflection from my camera LOL. For the price that you pay for this mascara…I can assure you it is indeed a luxurious well-made tube.

So what’s up with the double-ended tube? Well, one end is the mascara while the other end is the fibrous base for volume and length. Something which I rarely see nowadays. I never fancy double-ended mascara previously mainly because the base is WHITE. This RMK one are not. I’m sold.

The mascara.
As it’s a double-ended tube the wand is shorter compared with the normal single-ended mascara. Personally I prefer shorter wand for easy navigation. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like this is a GPS lololol. But seriously shorter wand are easier to use and get into the corners. Plus point for me. When I first use the mascara I was so concern that I could get mixed up between the base and mascara as both end looks the same. But I soon found out there’s a reference written at the base end of the tube.

The color that I got is of course Black. It’s not intensively jet black kinda black but surely black enough for me. The formula on the other hand is my cup of tea. I don’t really like extremely wet formula. This Extra Deep W is just nice. The brush is slim and narrow which is suitable for upper lash as well as lower lash. Another plus point. Brush bristle is close together so you get a well-coated and separated eyelash just like the Japanese girls. Kawaii neh!

The base.
As I mentioned before I was so afraid I got mixed up between the base with the mascara and the other way round. One thing I can tell you is that after a few usage you can see the fiber visibly on the brush and the tube. No more confusion for me although of course there’s a reference on the base end. When I’m rushing I just look at the brush closely and I’d know what I’m about to put on my lashes.

This fibrous base is in black. There’s no white cast after using this which is really assuring. No one wanna end up with white lashes right? If you look closely there’s really fine fiber which gives the lashes volume and length. The wand is the same length as the mascara which I love, the brush is slim and narrow too just like the mascara brush. As the mascara separate the lashes strand by strand, applying the base after that is so easy without the clump.

I know you must be wondering if I’ve mixed up the application of base and mascara at above explanation. No I didn’t. The way of using Extra Deep W mascara is totally the opposite from conventional mascara. I’ve done a step by step pictorial for easy explanation. It’s really simple. Just reverse the conventional cycle!

Firstly, curl your eyelash with your favorite eyelash curler. After that untwist the “mascara” end.
P/S: Sorry blur picture.

Start applying the mascara on both eyelashes. As I curl my lashes so close to my eyelid I’m using a mascara guard to prevent mascara from getting on my lid. Besides that I noticed that eyelash are more curl whenever I apply using mascara guard.

Then untwist the “base” end. See those fiber?

Normally I’d use a finger to gently lift my eye lid up a bit and start applying the base AFTER mascara. Just apply normally as if you’re applying mascara. Can you already see how long my eyelashes are? Lifting the eye lid up can also make your eyelash more curl up.

The end result is nothing that I’ve ever seen from other mascara. The best part about Extra Deep W Mascara is that you can always top up the base if you feel your eyelash is not long enough or if one side is shorter than the other side. That’s what I did with my right eyelash which is shorter than my left by nature 🙂

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara does not smudge so there’s no panda eye for me.

Removing this mascara off is a bit tricky. As it doesn’t budge a bit that means you need a really good eye makeup remover. At first I didn’t know about this until my friends told me it’s hard to remove because I absolutely have no problem removing it from the beginning. So I felt a bit odd when everyone told me. That’s because I’ve been using Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover. I guess that’s a good pricey remover? lol

I can see myself using and repurchasing this for quite some time. It’s a daily staple now.

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara is available at all RMK counter at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Parkson Pavilion.
Price: RM145 for 3.0g
Visit RMK Malaysia Facebook page for future updates


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • They say, at the very least, go out with mascara, blush and lip gloss/lipstick. I’m guilty for not putting all at the same time.

    • For me at least 2-way foundation, eye brow, blusher and lipstick. That’s for casual outing like yamcha session or supermarket 😛

  • BB cream and gloss. Eye brow? Let me master the skill of drawing it properly first. Lol.

    • You still have eye brow but I don’t 😛

      • I used to think that your eyebrow is tattooed until you said otherwise. It looks symmetry.

        • I did tattooed before long time ago but it’s gone now. What’s left is a tiny line lol

          • Tattoo is not forever? I mean, they fade?

          • Eyebrow embroidery and body tattoo is different. Body tattoo is permanent and eyebrow is not. It’ll go away.

          • Right. Someone told me it’s tattoo! Lol. You have to keep going back to refill the color then?

          • Eye brow tattoo is different.

            Nope. That’s why I drew them now.

  • i think this RMK mascara really did the magic! look really nice and curled! >_<

    • Yeap. That’s why they’re iconic ;). I only simply apply that day. Imagine if I apply properly hehe

  • LOL, then it will be even longer and curler. really magic >_<

    • Yeap. Just need to spend some time layering 🙂

  • Wow, nice.really curl up.

    • It lasts the whole day too!

  • Lol you make me want to try out RMK stuffs! 🙂 Looks good babe. Love your dolly eyes. Oh and the mascara applicator is good stuff too! I am learning to apply more eye make up, i.e. with mascara instead of just eye shadow. Sometimes the mascara will ruin my eye shadow as it smudges on my eye lid. Slowly learning I guess. But this RMK mascara looks good!

    • Get a mascara guard. It’s really good :). Or you need to clean up the mess immediately after applying but I find that method ruin my eye makeup.

      Wanna go RMK counter one of these days?

  • Yeah messy eye make up after mascara is quite time consuming. Hopefully I don’t be so clumsy anymore lol. I dropped by RMK the other day and browsed through some of the stuffs quickly during my lunch break pit stop. Yeah, we can check out the RMK counter too 🙂

    • Let me know and we’ll go one of the weekend 😉


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