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Review: The Multi-Task Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I said I’ll be back with Clarins review and here I am!

This is a pending review that I’ve always wanted to blog about but slipped my mind because I don’t use it everyday. I’m not supposed to use it everyday. To explain that further, be prepared to get confused like I did when I first googled for reviews on this product.

Clarins has been undergoing logo and packaging revamp since last year. Slowly range by range changed packaging and to my delight Beauty Flash Balm is one of it. Previous tube is short and fat while new tube is tall and slim. There is no changes with the ml just in case you’re wondering. It’s still same ol 50ml.

What it Claimed
Yes, there’s 2 way to use this balm.


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm comes with a squeeze-tube. The base of the cap is now in Clarins’ signature red instead of whole white. One thing I don’t like is when the content oozed out as soon as I unscrew the cap if I placed the tube standing. Let me try putting it flat. One thing for sure is I’m liking the new tube.

Texture wise is quite similar to essence. The color is in light peach and the scent is not very pleasant when I used it for the first time. Unlike the rest of Clarins product which is much more flowery scent, this is more powdery smell or some people refer this as grandma scent? You know. Like those 70’s scent? After a few usage I adapted to the scent almost immediately. It’s not as bad as I think now. For some reason it smelt so good when using this as mask. I can’t say the same if I’m using this as makeup primer.

Beauty Flash Balm claimed to be the best-selling radiance booster helps eliminate signs of fatigue in a flash, instantly moisturises, brightens and tightens facial contours so skin looks rested and relaxed. Let’s see. In the swatch below you can clearly see it brightens and instantly moisturises. Sad to say so far I didn’t notice any signs of fatigue elimination or any tightening effect.

First time usage as makeup primer
The night before I did some research online on how to use this in the right way. Let me tell you this is the first time Google is so confusing to me. Every reviewer said something different. After reading near to 30 blog post I still have no idea how to use it the right way. The instruction is to apply without rubbing the balm in. This really make me scratch my head. What does it mean without scrubbing in? It’s either you pat it on or rub it in. The next morning I was so eager to use it as makeup primer. After all the skin care and sun block, I apply this in one swipe. The reason behind for “not rubbing in” is you’d be rubbing in the balm when you apply the liquid foundation. If you insist on “rubbing in” the balm…you won’t see the magic. The other instruction is to apply foundation immediately after that. And so I did. Liquid foundation somewhat melted together with the balm thus creating a soft flawless complexion. Some said this have oil control and it can matte the skin. I didn’t experience any oil control or neither did it matte my skin. Everything was okay in the morning except that my skin gets oily fast. I went out briefly and returned back to office. One of my boss came over my place to ask me something and he said “errmm why are you darker? Did you put on some bronzer?”. I was shocked. I took out my mirror and yes I’m darker. Then another boss of mine overheard our conversation. He too commented saying my complexion is darker than usual. Yeap. You bet I was disappointed that this is not as how it was highly raved oversea.

Second time usage as makeup primer
There’s also a review online saying Beauty Flash Balm works better with another makeup base. She also added that she waited Beauty Flash Balm to set before applying liquid foundation. On my second time trying which is 3 days after that, I took her advise and tried both method. It was horrible. My skin gets oily like no body’s business, makeup become cakey and floated. The good news is I’m not as dark as first time usage.

Third time usage as makeup primer
On my third and last try, I figured that I might used too much on first and second usage. So I squeeze lesser balm. Small pea size to be exact. This time it’s better. I didn’t turn darker although my skin still secreting oil like usual. One thing I can confirm is this doesn’t have oil control at all. There is still no tightening effect sadly to say. As liquid foundation melted together with the balm during application, my skin is more moisturized. Did I see any brightening effect. Well maybe just that 10% or so. I really couldn’t tell as it’s not that obvious.

As mask
I absolutely like using Beauty Flash Balm as mask. It is said that the result is more obvious this way. It is advisable to use it 2 or 3 times a week. This product is quite expensive so I don’t use it as mask that often. The instruction stated to apply a thick layer for 10 to 15 minutes and absorb excess with facial tissue. I applied a moderate layer, leave it for 15 minutes and remove the excess with a facial tissue. One thing I need to advice is that you cannot rub the excess in. The balm is a bit harden and rubbing the excess in will only flake it. So I removed it with facial tissue and I was amazed. My skin is smoother, brighter and more radiant. No wonder it is claimed that using it as mask will show the result better. It is not necessary to rinse your face with water after that because there is no stickiness feeling but I feel more comfortable rinsing with water briefly.

I was told that you need not use this everyday. It’s not meant for everyday use. If you insist on using it on daily basis you’d lose the magic. This is the only Clarins product that I won’t repurchase. Why? I don’t need this as makeup primer nor as a mask.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


Before I end this review I just want to say something with regards to a lengthy email I received from a reader by the name of Bugs. I wouldn’t say it’s a hate email although I sense some dissatisfaction from her tone. She was somehow unhappy about my post about not buying Clarins anymore. She even took the time to calculate how much I spent on each counter saying how I don’t deserve a Customer Appreciation Day as my purchase was not up to parr. I’m just going to assume your purchase at Clarins is more than mine. Here’s the thing…one thing I need to make it clear here is that this is my blog and I reserved the right to write whatever it is or stop buying whichever brand that I feel like. I have no obligation to get any permission from you and explain to you why I chose to do so. Please make it clear that I have rights to stop buying any brands that I want. I have no one to answer to but myself. If I can’t even say these things in my own freaking blog what’s the point of blogging anyway. I might as well say OMG THIS PRODUCT IS SO DAMN GOOD in all my reviews since I can’t tell you what I don’t like. If you want to think that I only wanted to get a FREE PRODUCT from Clarins I can’t stop you from thinking that way as that’s your mind and I absolutely have no control on how you think of me. Just in case you missed reading a sentence in my previous post let me say it again here. I already reserved a bottle of DS at the beginning of September which the stock will only arrive end of September. Not every small blogger are as materialistic as you think. For your information I never ask for any product from any brands. Why don’t you tried calling them to ask since you have the time to calculate my each and every purchases from different counter? I never ever call brands for event invites as well. Those that know me will know I said before “if the brands want me to review their product they will find a way to contact me”. Same goes to media launch. You don’t even know me personally so don’t judge me cause you have no right at all. If you insist to…go ahead. I’m not going to stop you. I’m not going to apologize for what you read from my blog because I’ve done nothing wrong. If you said you find it hard to believe me so why still read my blog? I can’t be the blogger that you want and yes I know where you read by all mean please stop reading or visiting my blog which I assume you’d do that after this. I will really appreciate that. I cannot satisfy everyone and so are you. God bless.


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  • Babe, hate mail. LOL. If the person disliked your blog so much etc, why bother to read your blog religiously (the person DID spend the time calculating how much you have spent on Clarins products and berating you. Must be die hard Clarins fan)? Isn’t it better to NOT come to your blog at all? If you are only worth THAT much to Clarins, hence don’t deserve to be on the Customer Appreciation Day, likewise, they DON’T too. I am still LOL here. You made my day. Bottomline is, this is YOUR blog, and you are entitled to say whatever you want sans illegal stuff.

    • Babe LOL. Exactly right. I’m sure everyone have the same moment where you said you won’t buy a particular brand anymore. The only different is you might only tell your mum / bf / husband and I blogged about it. And that’s such a big deal?

      She might think I’m childish for replying her in the post but I want everyone to know this is my blog and I have the right to voice out my point of view.

      Being misunderstood is not good at all.

  • i read 2 times for ur 1-3 time usage as a makeup primer. quite confusing loll. no oil control power..then maybe not so suitable for my skin. haha. but if use this as a mask, seem quite good because it has instant brightening and smoother.

    p/s: weird people exist around the world lolll. Keep life cool fiona =)

    • As a mask it’s really good. Immediate effect 🙂

      Sigh. I’m being misunderstood again Aby

  • I’m using this everyday before I put in powder foundation. When I apply, I pat it in hard on my face so it’ll be a even layer and I follow up with compact. I didnt see any brightening effect, but my customers (I work in beauty line) commented that my makeup looks radiant and I look fresh. So I’ve been using it since 🙂 I like the scent by the way.

    • Wow. And I was told I can’t used it everyday lol! Try using it as mask. You’d see that brightening effect. I still can’t see any tightening effect though.

      For some reason I turned darker. That’s really weird. The scent is okay. Clarins product always smells nice.

      • I didn’t try it as a mask though. Maybe sometime this week because I just did microdermabrasion using the personal microderm.
        My colleague tried using as a mask and she say it helps with smoothing her skin allowing easier application of makeup 🙂

        • Try it as a mask when you can ya. It’s really good. But as a makeup base also it helped the foundation applies easier 😉

  • Maybe it oxidizes? For some weird reason, I look darker later in the day. I would attribute it to the combination of my new moisturizer and current EL BB cream.

    • I suspect it oxidizes but on my 3rd trial it’s normal. I suspect 1) I used too much, 2) I used another makeup base prior.

      You bought too?

      • Still contemplating. It’s not high on my to buy list. Maybe it’s suitable for certain people only? Like EL’s Idealist. We get breakouts, some don’t.

        • Ohhh. You said it oxidize on you so I thought you’re using it now too.

  • Oh My… did my comment sounded so like hate mail ??!!! Then REALLY VERY SORRY coz that is really really not my intention at all. Looks like I’m not good at explaining myself. No hate and no hard feelings pls…

    • Bugs, I didn’t say it’s hate mail. Sorry if you read that way. I replied your email this morning on this as well. Your email didn’t trigger my anger or whatsoever. I felt the need to explain again to everyone that I have the rights to stop buying any particular brand I feel like. If you feel that I’m getting more angry then as I said before I can’t stop you thinking that way.

      Anyway, I want to put this to rest. Thanks for the comment and email today.

  • Just a glorified product. It feels luxurious when first applied, did nothing to improve my skin and was so oily. More suitable for outside the tropics.

    • I agree EL. It feels luxurious when applied due to it’s hefty price tag. Not a good makeup base as it turns me darker for some reason, absolutely no oil control or whatsoever.

      • I think this product is more suitable for countries with cold climate. Here, it’s rain or shine or both.

        • I think so too. No wonder beauty blogger oversea love this to the max

          • How long does the effect last when you use it as a mask? Few days? Or just a day only?

          • Just one day babe haha

          • .. not worth the price tag, not in our climate. But it’s true that it is popular in overseas.

          • Ohhh yeah. The ang mohs love it lol

  • I purchased this a very long time ago, when it was like a cult beauty product. I couldn’t figure out what it was good for and tried various ways of using it. In the end, I threw it out because it was sitting in my drawer unused and had expired.

    • I couldn’t figure why it’s a cult product too. I thought I used it using the wrong method. It’s just not suitable for us here. As a makeup base…it’s nothing special. As a mask…still okay but a tad bit expensive.

  • Hi,

    I live in Texas and it’s crazy hot and humid in the summer just like in Asia. I tend to get super oily around my nose and in between my brows and makeup tends to slide off in that area while the makeup on the rest of my face tends to get cakey. This product is the only product that didn’t go weird on my skin. Just like a commenter above, I also pat the product one. I put a pea size on my palms, warm it up and pat pressure onto the skin. I noticed it brightens and tightens the skin. I can only assume this product works on some people. I cannot for the life of me gets Lancome Genifique to work for me but it works on all of my other family and friends. Have you try Elemis instead?

    • Hi Eilla, yes I suppose you are right that this product only works on some people. Great that it works for you 😀
      No I’ve not tried Elemis before. It is priced at a higher price range here so I stay away lol

  • Great review. I just bought this product from Changi Airport (not available in HK!)
    I thought it will be BEAUTY more than a Primer or a Mask.
    So I want to look out for ‘glow’.
    I have normal- dry skin and I do what they advised on the video. Emulsify product lightly between fingers and then broad SWIPES across three zone, Forehead, Nose-ears and Chin to Jaw. And then light swipe-rub-pat. Then I wait. Once I waited literally 1 hour and then applied Stila One Step Correct over it. HOWEVER we usually cant wait so long. Then I will Dab Dab Press Press my BB cream over it and then with sponge again dab dab dab the product.
    Does this help ?

    • Hi zoorkitty,
      Beauty Flash Balm are to be applied in one single direction – no rubbing. If you’re using it as face primer, you don’t need to wait for 1 hour 🙂 . For mask only 10 minutes will do and wipe off with tissue.


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