Tips: Transferring Your Moisturizer to a Pump Bottle

So I’ve heard enough about not buying a particular moisturizer that’s in jar or laziness on using a spatula to scoop moisturizer out from the jar and even laziness on transferring some moisturizer to a small jar like what I mentioned in this post. With a little of brain tweak I figured out a simple yet useful tips for you to overcome this problem. I personally have no problem with skin care in a jar. I’m a hygiene freak so I like to transfer to a smaller jar, wash the small jar when the content finishes, refill with some moisturizer and repeat the process.

For those that don’t prefer jar and you’ve always been avoiding purchasing them, this simple tip might be able to help you to get the moisturizer that everyone’s been raving!

All you need is just a vacuum essence bottle that you can purchase from Daiso for RM5. And of course that jar of moisturizer / cream. In my case I only have Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel. Do bear in mind mine is in gel form which is more watery than cream ya.

I chose this type of bottle because the base inside the bottle will push all the moisturizer up till the top. And it’s transparent and refillable too. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift uses the same type of vacuum bottle. You can read about it in this tips post 🙂

First thing first. You need to use a long stick to push the base down. I used my makeup brush holder in the below picture. I thought of using a pen but pen are more dirtier and my brushes are all clean. A simple sanitize wipe will do 🙂

At first I only want to transfer a small amount of moisturizer in…just in case this doesn’t work lol. But because I pushed the base all the way to the bottom, there’s no way I could pump the content out. Epic fail LOL.

So I have no choice but to go all the way. All I can do is to pray hard that this better works or else I’m doomed :P.

The bottle neck is so small that I feel like I’m feeding a toddler baby food everytime I scoop in moisturizer with a spatula haha.

Okay…fill the bottle up till the top where the nozzle inside the bottle are at.

And voilà! It works just the way I wanted it to be. My moisturizer pumps out perfectly.


Now tell me, are you game enough to try this tips? 😉


41 thoughts on “Tips: Transferring Your Moisturizer to a Pump Bottle

  1. Oh. I didn’t notice. Earlier, I didn’t notice until I saw the other tab. Anyway, yay for that. Now I don’t have to go to the other link, and come back to your blog again in another tab.

  2. This is a great idea, the only problem is that most beneficial skincare ingredients breakdown with the presence of light and air which results in deterioration. This is why most of the time, opaque packaging is a must

    1. Totally understand that. You can push the base just a little instead of all the way down and transfer only a bit moisturizer in :). So the content could be used up fast according to your reference. For me the full content of the bottle will be gone in less than 1 month 😛

      1. I like both but all the while, I suspect that the quality of the product will deteriorate over time due to exposure to air etc. Then again, I finish using the products very fast.

  3. This is a great idea! I always got reluctant to buy those skincare in jar due to the hygiene problem. And even though it provides a spatula but the jar was not design to place the spatula, which is so troublesome. May I know which daiso outlet did you get the vacuum pump bottle?

    1. Another tip. Don’t push the base all the way down. Push it just a little and fill up till top. Once it finishes refill again. If you uses skin care very fast I guess you wouldn’t mind 🙂

      I bought mine at Jusco One Utama. Hope this helps.

  4. i bought this pump bottle from Daiso but the base was pushed all the way down already (it was all like that). must i fill the bottle up completely before being able to use it ? i filled it up with some lotion and tried pumping the air out as instructed on the wrapper but it doesnt seem to work! please help.

    1. Hi Janice,

      My bottle’s base wasn’t pushed all the way down. Yes you must fill the bottle up completely just like my tutorial because there’s air in the bottle (the gap between your lotion and nozzle) that’s why you couldn’t pump anything out. The wrapper instruction is not accurate which is why I never mention anything about the instruction on the wrapper in my tutorial.

      1. Hello, oh i see. I simply thought maybe your bottle came without instruction on the wrapper. anyway! i tried filling the bottle with lotion and it still didnt work =( gave up already. thank God it was body lotion and not my face moisturizer . haha now i have to think of a way to get the contents out.

        also, in your comment above, u said “the full content of the bottle will be gone in less than 1 month”. is this for your moisturizer? how long do u take to finish up one jar of moisturizer (and what’s the ml?). i’m wondering whtr i’m taking too long to finish mine , or maybe i’m not applying enough. haha i take 5 months to finish a jar of 50ml moisturizer. and about 7 months + to finish a 15ml eye cream.

        1. Nah. Mine came with instruction which I don’t understand as well. Normally if I do tips post I need to do a step by step otherwise no one will understand.

          You need to fill the bottle full till the top and keep pump until the air is out so that the content will be dispense out. If still no content coming out try to shake the bottle. That should work because I did the same.

          Yes my moisturizer that I filled in the bottle as per the tutorial. A jar of 50ml moisturizer will last me for 3 months with day and night usage. Eye cream take longer as you only need a tiny bit each usage 🙂

    1. Definitely. The pictures in the post are all real which I took step by step. So far it works perfectly and I’ve since refill my bottle. If it doesn’t work I won’t post it up. Just put a little in first to try. Make sure the base is not pushed all the way down. If you plan to put more solid cream I’d suggest not to continue just in case.

  5. thank u! thank u! thank u!! i heard about the spatula using thing n all the no sticking ur fingers into ur jar cream.. ive been looking 4 sumthng like this 4 ages. um.. so, i just need 2 put a little of my cream inside the bottle n use till it finishes n refill again or shud i put everythng inside after i find out the bottle works?!

    1. Hi Eve! If you are using the cream jar alone then sticking your fingers in are not so bad lol. However use a spatula 🙂
      Okay for this tips right, you need to put the cream until the top touches the inside nozzle of the nozzle otherwise you will have problem pumping out the product.
      If you are a bit afraid of doing this you can also try another alternative. Take a smaller jar and transfer some cream into it. Replenish when finish 😀

      1. Thanx!! Nice tip~ im pretty lazy so i dun really buy cream jars cream BUT, there’s this one cream from SANA Nameraka (Sana Nameraka Soy Milk Whitening Night Cream) and i heard pretty gud reviews about it being very moisturizing n brightens skin n not 2 mention only cost abt RM 53.. I was tempted 2 buy this cuz my friends recommended me this since i got really tanned bcuz im in the track & field club in school n i was in a dilemma abt it being in a jar… XD Not 2 mention my senior dinner is coming up in a month or two..

        1. Give SANA Nameraka a try dear. No harm trying :). I started off being really lazy too. I guess when you grow older you start to realize just how important taking care of your skin is. Don’t rush. Take your time.

    1. Haha first time doing it was also the first time I took the photos. Risky hehe. Thank goodness it works otherwise I have to saw the bottle off to remove the moisturizer out. That would be really funny 🙂

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