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Brand Introduction + Blogger Launch: Marula Oil – The Leakey Collection

Happy Monday girls! I’m away on an eco-camp today but I’ve not forgotten about you. Here’s another new brand introduction that as launched not more than 2 weeks ago. Be back real soon. *Hugs*

I believe everyone had heard of Argan Oil before but have you heard about Marula Oil? The word “oil” triggers my interest level to the maximum because I’m an avid user and firm believer in facial oil. When May from Newage Sdn Bhd contacted me about this new product blogger launch and that she needed my help to gather my blogger friends, I jumped right in.

The new product that I was talking about is Marula Oil – The Leakey Collection. It has only been in the market since January 2012 and it’s now in Malaysia.

So what is Marula Oil? Marula Oil is an East African product long-renowned for it’s superb anti-aging and healing properties. It’s the first and a part of The Leakey Collection.

The blogger launch is held at Delicious Mid Valley. It’s a small intimate group of bloggers gathered to meet Katy and Philip Leakey who’s the Founder of Leakey Collection; a lifestyle company focusing on fair trader enterprises. The company deal directly with the Maasai community to ensure that they are reimbursed in full for their work. The company created thousand of job, empowering the African communities they work with as well as encourage economic savviness and independence among the local women who are traditionally viewed as non-breadwinners.

Philip Leakey was raised in Kenya and Tanzania. He’s the third son of paleo-anthropologist Drs. Louis and Mary Leakey. In 1979 he became the first and only white Kenyan elected to Parliament. He was also made a full Cabinet Minister for Environmental and Natural Resources in 1992. In 2002 the company Leakey Collection is founded with his lovely wife; Katy.

Katy Leakey was born and raised in Southern California. She’s an artist, public speaker, columnist and entrepreneur before marrying Philip and relocating permanently to Kenya in 2001. Her parents founded the L.S.B. Leakey Foundation, named for Dr. Louis B. Leakey and funding various anthropological studies worldwide.

This lovely couple is the most interesting people I ever met. Both of them are so in love with what they do, their product, full with passion and their community works. Katy and Philip reminds me very much of my ex-CEO Kate and her husband David.

The nuts you see in the below picture is called Marula Nuts. It’s wild harvested in East Africa and cold-pressed to retain it’s full goodness. It contains more oleic acids and antioxidants than grapeseed or argan oil. Suitable for all ages and skin types, this light oil quickly absorbed into the skin to moisturize, combat aging and repair skin damage. As a results the skin is more softer, supple, more elastic, free from fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Exactly what I need.

Marula Oil has also proven especially beneficial for breast cancer survivors where it’s use accelerated the healing of burns and blisters from post-radiation treatments. Women using Marula Oil found their surgical scars faded more quickly and healed faster. All these is based on clinical studies conducted by Dr. Ashton Kaidi.

I like the bottle design and the dropper system. Not gonna explain in detail here. You gotta wait for my product review which is coming real soon. All I can hint to you is that it’s not greasy, it’s scentless and fast absorbant. Each bottle of 50ml will need 54 kilos of Marula Nuts as it’s 99% of Marula Oil! Go figure 🙂

All of us took turn to ask questions about Marula Oil, it’s benefits, usage, future plans and expansion and many more. Here Katy is explaining to us on how superstitious belief of not to apply oil onto combination or oily skin is not true at all. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve mentioned many times before and I need to mention this again. If you have combination or oily skin you really need to apply facial oil. Facial oil will give you that hydration your skin needs and your skin will produce lesser oil. This is from my personal experience 🙂

Katy was kind enough to share with us interesting pictures on their life in Kenya such as the Maasai people and their community, Maasai wedding ceremony, the marula tree, their pets, managers and many more.

There are so many photo opportunity going on and I couldn’t resist asking for a picture with the lovely couple.

And lastly a group photo.


Marula Oil contains no preservatives and is a free-trade, vegan and cruelty-free product from The Leakey Collection.
It is available exclusively at http://bellez.com.my/ and Vitacare KLCC & Mid Valley.
Price: RM299 for 50ml
For more information, visit http://www.marula.com/ or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MarulaBeauty



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