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Review: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush Is Just Perfect!

So I’ve jumped onto Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush bandwagon / craze 2 months ago. At the beginning it was more like curious on what’s the hype as I prefer to use my fingers to apply liquid foundation. Then it’s because I was on shopping ban and I couldn’t buy anything. And after that it was the Aeon voucher day and I was thinking hard what to buy with my stash of Aeon cash voucher since I’m on shopping ban. Wow. All the reasons that I can find to get this brush haha! And I settle with just the brush, nothing else.

After thinking hard which brand to get as my first foundation brush, I finally decided on Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. I notice that almost all foundation brush is small and short. I picked Shiseido as the quality and overall feel on my hand is the best among the rest and the quality is better too.

The ferrule are made from mirror-like thick metal while I cannot figure out what the handle are made from. All I know is I love how the overall finishing is. So shinny.

As mentioned the size is small and fits perfectly on my palm. At first glance I thought it’s too small but after using it for the first time everything make sense. You don’t need a huge foundation brush for the face.

The brush bristle are cut in flat angled slant that best allows bristles to reach all facial contours and corners. Although small but it’s very dense. The handle are short for precise control during application. I have read how worried everyone are on cleaning and washing the brush but I don’t. Just need to be really patience washing it I guess. At the counter when I bought this brush I tested the BA knowledge on brush washing. The method of cleaning the brush that she taught me is really interesting and I did tested out her method after a few usage of the brush which I’ll explain below. At first she told me that there’s no washing needed. That no washing claim trigger my curiosity. I mean think about all the germs and bacterias accumulating after a few use. I kept pursuing for an answer on her claim and she later on told me I can wash it with brush cleanser if I want to but it will spoil the bristle. Even baby shampoo I asked. She said yes. According to her the way the brush is designed and made doesn’t require washing. I think you’ve have guessed that I went speechless there and then. Okay, I rest my case.

How I use the brush is pretty simple. Normally I’ll pump the foundation on the back of my hand, dip my brush on the foundation and dab onto my face. Then lightly swirl the brush around my face spreading the foundation that I dab on earlier. I don’t dab onto the whole face in one shot. I like to work in section and move on.

Below demonstation is done using RMK Liquid Foundation. I find that matte foundation which is drier texture are harder to spread and work on so I only use this brush for more liquidy foundation. Also because I fear that matte foundation on the brush are harder to be wash.

If you use the swirling technique you don’t get ugly streaks using this Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. The trick is to let the bristle sit on the surface of the face while hardly touching it, lightly swirl without putting pressure. If that make any sense 😀

As a result you get a perfectly covered, soft focus finishing.

Here comes the Before and After picture after applying liquid foundation using Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. Again I’m using RMK Liquid Foundation which is not a full coverage foundation but yet the brush managed to give me an almost full coverage finishing. Wonderful isn’t it?

Oh remember the BA that told me there’s no washing needed for the brush? After pursuing from her she taught me a way to clean the brush.

Using loose powder.

You heard me right. I was told the brush would be perfectly clean using loose powder. What I was told is to dip the dirty brush after use into loose powder. I suppose the powder will stick and coat onto the liquid foundation in the brush?

Then run the brush which was coated with loose powder earlier onto a piece of tissue paper until it’s clean and dry. Sometimes I need to repeat the process if I find that I miss some spot afterall the brush is very dense. And the brush is good to be use again the next day!

I took her advise and do this after each usage. Not a bad idea to clean the brush after each use but not all the time. I prefer loose powder over MAC Brush Cleanser for this brush. Roughly after 3 usage of the brush I’d deep cleanse with baby shampoo as it’s too dirty to perform at it’s best.

It is certainly not compulsory to apply your liquid foundation using a brush. Some prefer their fingers while some prefer Beauty Blender. Nowadays I like to alternate my application technique and tools. It really depends on the mood too. If you ask me this one is definitely a good purchase. Worth to invest.

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush is available at all Shiseido counter nationwide.
Price: RM95


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • WOW! the coverage was fantastic! gotta try this tmr!!! i didnt use rmk foundation with this brush before!!

    • You have the brush too? It’s a good brush. Now I know why it’s highly raved 🙂

      • i got it with vouchers too haha… coz i want the nice coverage…but maybe it is my skill and i just couldnt archieve it! teach me please!!

        • Haha that’s good to hear :). Just dab on the face and swirl lightly. It is easily buildable if you need more coverage. You don’t have spots to cover my dear

          • i have stubborn scars…sigh… now that my angry pimples are gone, they all left ‘souvenir’ behind! stubborn one that refuse to fade! *annoyed*

          • It takes time. Don’t worry as it’s not as stubborn as pigmentation

  • I tried it again today! I notice if I put the foundation on face then blend, the finishing is full and perfect!! If put foundation on hand, then blend to face with the brush the finishing is like what I can get with fingers!
    Somehow it just happened haha.. So I got half face full coverage half face moderate haha

    • But somehow you need to transfer the foundation to the face. I use the brush and you dab it directly with finger from the bottle right?

      • yeah i used finger put on face then blend with brush.. the finishing is different from i pour on back of hand, dap with brush and put onto face.. hahaha

        • That’s weird lol. But I’m glad that you found a way that works for you 😉

  • Have read a lot about this brush and I was surprised that it can be used with powder as well 🙂 I am more of a compact powder person though it’s less coverage. But since I am a quickie make up person in the morning, liquid foundation can take more time and skills lol 🙂 This brush gives you awesome application, good buy!

    • I heard it can be used for powder foundation. Haven’t try that. The loose powder I feature in the post is to clean the brush as taught by Shiseido BA hehe

  • Oh wow, your description of the sales person made me laugh!
    What kind of professional says that you don’t need to wash brushes?!
    When I bought this brush (which I think is lovely), the Shiseido sales person was similarly ‘unconventional’.
    P.s. I find the super-cheap Daiso foundation puff/sponge cleaner to work really well for this brush.

    • The sales person is cute haha. I was shocked too to hear that I don’t need to wash the brush!

      I’ve heard about Daiso puff and sponge cleanser for the brush too but since it’s Shiseido I decide not to :).


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