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Review: Effortless Eye Definition with Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette #Pink Taupe No.07

Although I own Burberry’s single eyeshadow (Sheer Eye Shadow) but it was too beautiful to swatch or even use. In fact all my Burberry palette are still untouched as I’m typing this review. I know eventually I would need to start using it but at the moment let me admire it for slightly longer aight?

However…I couldn’t stand staring at the latest Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette #Pink Taupe No.07 so I started using it as soon as I taken the product shot needed. This whole week I only put on the eyeshadow from this palette and nothing else :).

Let me refresh your mind just a little bit. Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette is the first and only 4-color palette from Burberry. All these while Burberry Beauty only releases single eyeshadow. For someone who like to use 4 to 5 colors each use, the latest 4-color palette is much more economical for me.

The palette shade that I have is Pink Taupe No.07. Which is exactly what I’m going to review today.

Each palette comes in a black velvet pouch with the iconic Burberry check print on. This particular velvet pouch is different from their usual pouch. It has 3-compartment at the front to cater to the 3-applicators that comes with the palette.

The 3-applicator included with the palette is made from high quality material. It comes in eyeshadow sponge applicator (bottom), highlighter brush (middle) and eyeliner angled brush (top). Each applicator is embossed with BURBERRY branding on the body. Total luxury. However do take note that the applicator is not that big and long ya. Just nice for everyday use.

The sleek compact packaging is in gunmetal color featuring the iconic Burberry check. As much as I adore Burberry casing, it just attract finger print on the compact. Eventhough so it is not a big issue for me because I like to wipe my makeup after each use. I am also happy to note that the compact comes with a magnetic lid. Totally classy!

Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette comes in 6 different shade combination palette from pale nude to darker shades namely Smokey Grey No.01, Mocha No.02, Pale Nude No.03, Dark Spice No.05, Plum Pink No.06, Pink Taupe No.07. Of all 6-palette I find that Pink Taupe No.07 is easier for me. I’m not good with brown or neutral color believe it or not. Most of the time I had colorful eyeshadow on. I can do lighter shades like Plum Pink No.06 or Pink Taupe No.07.

Here is the swatch of Pink Taupe No.07 on the back of my hand. I have numbered all the shades so that it’s easier for me to tell you which color that I’m using later.

Each palette contains an illuminating base, two blendable shades to add structure, and a liner to define and enrich.

I like to do a duo-tone eyeshadow on daily basis. On my first use of Pink Taupe No.07, I took a few minutes to figure out which color to go where. That is because the lightest and the two second lightest color are quite similar. Finally I decided to do 2 different look.

First look is by using color #3 on the inner corner of my eye lids. Follow by color #2 on the remaining outer corner of the eye lids. Then I used Sigma E45 blending brush to blend the harsh line and use the lightest shade of the palette which is color #1 to highlight browbone downwards. Ending the overall look with the darkest color which is #4 as eyeliner. As you can see I skipped using shade #4 to line my lower lash. I do line my lower lash once in a while. Sometimes I just forget and proceed with mascara on lower lash 🙂

The second look that I did is slightly different. Instead of using color #3 on the inner corner of my eye lids, I reversed color #3 and #4. So this time you would see greenish brown on the inner corner and not light plum like the first look. The only different with the second look is that I used a black gel eyeliner to line my upper lash line. If you ask me which one I like I would say I like both look!

When I first tried the palette I went easy with the color just in case I over-doing it. It turned out to be natural and looked really good on me. The lightweight texture are blended with silicones for smooth glide and easy application. It contains micronised satin smooth pigments for long-lasting vibrant color as well. What I like is that the eyeshadow went over my lid soft and smoothly without any eyeshadow fall out on the palette. Yes it is that soft, creamy and dense at the same time. If it is normal eyeshadow palette all the fall out would already dirty the inner case. This is quality assurance of purchasing Burberry Beauty products. I’m pretty much sold.

Did you pick up any of the Complete Eye Palette? I wish they had one in blue because I would be dying to get a blue palette. Or purple maybe? 🙂

Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette is available exclusively at Isetan Suria KLCC. It comes in 6 different shade combination palette from pale nude to darker shades namely Smokey Grey No.01, Mocha No.02, Pale Nude No.03, Dark Spice No.05, Plum Pink No.06, Pink Taupe No.07.
Price: RM205 each palette with 4-color eyeshadow


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • You look great with the eyeshadow babe! It definitely look natural on you. I like how you use all the 4 colours according to your style. Good review. Is there a dent on the eyeshadow when you swatch it? Would be sad to see the check print faded 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

      This week I tried various look. I did single shade on entire lid 2 days ago too, layered on top of smudged pencil eyeliner as what was taught by Adrian previously. 4-color palette are just nice for me. If 2-color means I need to whip out other palette for highlighter and 3rd color on crease. So this palette is just perfect.
      Actually as much as I used it for near to a week, I don’t see a dent on the eyeshadow no matter how many times I ran my brush on it. The check print are still new too.

      • That is good. Most palette I’ve used or seen have terrible fallout. Burberry beauty is premium I guess that explains it

        • Exactly. I’m still sad they didn’t have any blue or purple at least lol.

  • Oh damn,now you made me wanna get this palette lol but it’s seriously pricey :'(

    • It’s seriously nice and superb good quality Nicole. Okay you see…for a single eyeshadow color Burberry is selling for RM105. So if you get 4 single eyeshadow it’s already RM420 :P. This is only RM205. Major saving.

      • Hehe,but it’s still a pricey one for me 🙁 I usually buy eyeshadows palettes below RM200 >_<

        • No worries. Maybe when you are in the working line then it’s different lol

  • Oh beautiful! This is love <3 lol. I love the velvet pouch design with slots for the brushes. Not just 1 but 3 brushes. That's very thoughtful of Burberry. Love the shades as well. I think Plum Pink is also awesome. Haha, the price is also quite awesome, but I guess it's standard for these high end brands like Burberry and Dior etc.

    • Plum Pink is nice actually. If I would get another palette from the range it would be that 🙂
      For a Burberry the price is alright. I rather get this than single eyeshadow which cost RM105 each.


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