Review: Nude Lips with Dior Addict #333 Nude? Not So Fast. It’s Not As Nude As The Name Suggest

That’s right. Don’t get fool with lipstick bearing the shade name “Nude” because you’ll never know what you’ll about to discover. I’m fond with Dior Addict Extreme lipstick. So when I won a Dior Addict lipstick from Malaysian Women’s Weekly readership survey, I was thrilled!

The lipstick are given by random. There is no way I can choose the shade I want. I remember crossing my fingers that I’ll get a nude color. That’s because I already own a fuchsia pink and red lipstick from Dior Addict Extreme range. Nude shade is the only one that I’m eyeing from Dior. And what do you know? My wish came true. I was given a Dior Addict #333 Nude.

After a quick search online I find that the difference between Dior Addict with Dior Addict Extreme is the colour intensity. I suppose Extreme are more intensive than the normal Dior Addict range?

Dior maintain the same lipstick case design for this although I think that it’s kinda bulky but classy. Unlike Dior Addict Extreme, the lipstick case for Dior Addict is clear and reflects some colorful reflection at certain angle. Nice one. Finger print on the casing are not visible at all too.

On sturdiness wise it’s really well-made. The clumsy me always drop things to the floor and this lipstick survived countless drops especially when I’m doing my makeup in the rush. I’m starting to feel sorry for my cosmetics lol. But I always remind myself not to drop my Burberry palette as per advice by Adrian. Must remember that all the time.

Like I said before don’t get fool with the shade’s name. It’s nothing close to nude at all. This is the kind of lipstick with a hint of peach in it. The kind of color that I like. On it’s own the color look like brown more than nude. I also found out that the key ingredient is mirror jelly which is hydrating and plumping so that it glides incredibly smooth to leave a moist shiny veil. It is also said to contain significantly lower level of wax than normal lipsticks for improved light reflection. Now that explains why everytime I apply this on my lips it glides on creamy and smoothly just like a jelly!

Once it’s on the lips the color tones down quite a bit. It’s no longer as dark as the swatch above. I suppose this is MLBB (my lips but better) eh? It still appears nude but with a hint of peach.

And the complete look. This type of lipstick will look a lot better with heavy or darker eye-do. Pardon me for the simple eye-do below. The best part is that it doesn’t make you look like you’re sick thanks to the hint of peach. I would say the color looks like my own lips but a better one.

As far as I remember Dior had a few nude lipstick shade so choosing the right nude that suits your skin color and your liking is not that hard. I’m not very into nude but on certain days when I don’t feel like wearing bright lipstick I’d whip this out. Because Dior Addict #333 Nude is not all-the-way-nude, it complement almost everything.

If you want to rock nude lips, do take a look at Rouge Dior Nude range. The range offers quite a bit of shades from light to darker nude. Otherwise you can also check Dior Addict and Dior Addict Extreme range too.

Dior Addict lipstick is available at all Dior counter nationwide.
Price: RM98


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I won the Dior Addict lipstick from Malaysian Women’s Weekly readership survey.


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  1. Wow, you were really lucky to win the lipstick, and in the shade you wanted! 😀
    I’ve never tried Dior lipstick before, but from your description, it makes me wanna get one myself. >__< Lovely colour, even though it's not nude. XD

    • Although I wouldn’t mind a pinkish lipstick from Dior too haha. This is my 3rd Dior lipstick. One of the best I tried. Definitely worth the money.

      And…you’re early!

  2. This is soo amazing on u!!! Love it! Truly a great shade! Haha..

  3. Beautiful in Nude lol. I am not a lipstick person actually. I will use lip balm but somehow applying lipstick is like a huge task. Maybe it’s because I always apply looking like a clown with wide mouth and had to wipe off carefully around the edges of my lips. Maybe Nude will do wonders 😛 And you’re up so early today!

    • Maybe go for softer color lipstick as a start. Who know maybe you’d like lipstick in the end haha.

      I was sick on bed since Monday Jen :(. Woke up at 5+am this morning. Maybe slept too much for the past 3 days.

  4. :( Sorry to hear that you’re sick, dear. Poor thing. Hope you’ve taken medication and resting well. Wishing you speedy recovery.

    • Yeap had been to the doc twice. I’m now heavily drugged LOL. All thanks to a sore throat on Sunday which turns to cough on Monday and the rest just follow

  5. This color looks good on you Fiona. It don’t make you look sick like Revlon lip stain =P

  6. I have a (silly) question. Why do certain colors wash me out? Does that mean the color is not suitable for me?

  7. I got this as my Christmas gift for me, myself and I. I love the texture and the colour.

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