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Lesportsac Happy 25th Anniversary! 2013 Spring/Summer Preview

Lesportsac Japan will be celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary by releasing 3 designs of 2013 Spring/Summer mook (magazine book) on 28th February 2013. These bags are such a cutie! It is measuring at W25.5×H16.5×D10cm. Not very big which is quite normal for all the Japanese magazines or mook. There’s a limitation with the space that they can fold and stuff the bag in the magazine.

Here’s how the 3 designs looked like.

Style #1 
My favorite of all three. Most probably I will be picking up this.

Lesportsact 25th Anniversary_4
Lesportsac 25th Anniversary_5

Lesportsac 25th Anniversary_6
Style #2

Lesportsac 25th Anniversary_7
Lesportsac 25th Anniversary_8
Lesportsac 25th Anniversary_9
Style #3

Lesportsac 25th Anniversary
Lesportsact 25th Anniversary_2
Lesportsact 25th Anniversary_3
All three designs are OK and carry-able anytime anywhere. I prefer Style #1 cause it’s more girly girl for me :). Plus I like bright and colorful stuff.


Will you be picking up this? Be sure to check with Kinokuniya when will the mook be arriving. I suppose it will be early March.


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  1. How much is this magazine, dear? You’re indeed right. The bags are so cute!

  2. This can be a bag in bag too

  3. i wanna get this!!! please update when it comes out pleeeaaassseee Fiona!!! tqtq~~ by the way, happy CNY! have a very prosperous year ahead! ^^

  4. Fiona! This is available in Klcc d! I reserved mine.. Getting the black with flowers one.heehee~~ ^^ oh by the way it is rm66

    • Hi Gin, thanks for the heads up! The last I checked (2 weeks ago) the stocks arrived Singapore already so I assume a few days after that it’ll arrive Malaysia. Wanted to check out this weekend but I’m not free to go KLCC :(

      • no prob! I wasnt free too that’s why I reserved mine heee~~

        • You called Kinokuniya to check is it? :)

          • Yupz haha..then I reserved it.. I was contemplating between the first and the third pattern in the end I got the third one Coz it is safer?? Lol. My sis said black seems easier to go with things. *ok I admit I actually want both*
            Are u getting te first design? It looks super cute

          • I still think the butterfly one suits you since you are young and sweet. All designs are pretty. Wanted to get the butterfly one. Now I’m not sure if I want to add stuff to my room LOL

          • Now u made me thinking whether I should buy two!
            I have the rm250 uni student vouchers..maybe I will really buy two…
            Eh u aren’t getting this? Quite a good deal! And they are so adorable! But if u don’t use small bag yeah u don’t need them

          • Wow! RM250 for uni student. That’s good. Well Gin. Get just one. Don’t be greedy :P cause soon your room would be like mine (congested). Me so wanted to get the butterfly one. But looking at the bagssss in my room I can faint.

  5. Okie! Thanks for the advice Fiona! ^o^

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