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Reveal True Beauty Secret for Radiant Youthful Skin with Body Drench’s Argan Oil Series

Everybody know I love to “oil-up” from head to toe before I sleep. I’m not someone that like to use body lotion or body butter but because I just love to oil myself up, anything that smell nice works for me. Okay I sounded so wrong saying I love to oil myself up haha! It’s not a secret too that I ABSOLUTELY love anything that bears the oil description. So when I was given a set of Argan Oil series from Body Drench, I was jumping up and down in excitement. I have a good reason for being so.

First thing first. Body Drench had quite a number of different series under their umbrella. The one I’ve been using is the Argan Oil body care series. We’ve heard so much about argan oil but I never used or try one before. According to Wikipedia Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. It is commonly referred as “liquid gold”, Argan Oil is an incredibly rich source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It has powerful skin conditioning and anti-aging properties that help keep skin nourished and hydrated.

Argan Oil1_1

Argan Oil Emulsifying Body Dry Oil – RM69.90 for 177ml

Indulge your senses with this weightless body dry oil. Infused with Moroccan Argan oil, jojoba oil and rosemary extract to restore skin’s moisture and improve elasticity. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed.

I’m particularly happy to try this body dry oil. Isn’t it ironic that oil is meant to be oily but this is a “dry oil”. It has a rich argan oil scent to it and smell heavenly! I’m totally addicted to the scent.

Argan Oil2
It comes in a normal spray bottle. It can get pretty messy spraying directly to the skin as it gets to the side like sofa or floor so I’d suggest covering the nozzle with the other hand or spray onto the palm and massage to desired area. 177ml bottle can last long. I’ve been using this diligently everyday and see no sign of the oil being used up.

Argan Oil3
Body oil are better off to be used after shower while the body is still damp but I can tell you that this dry oil is suitable to be used anytime. Reason is simple. It’s dry oil! It spray out as a lightweighted oil. Once I massage the oil in the oil dries up and disappear into the skin. There is no traces of oil at all which is amazing and weird at the same time. I’m being really generous with this body dry oil. The scent is just too addictive.

I like this alone on hot days where I don’t feel like I want to be overly sticky with body lotion or butter.

Argan Oil4
Here is the list of ingredients for those that are interested.

Argan Oil11
Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion – RM69.90 for 236ml

A creamy body lotion that deeply restores and nourishes your skin. Enriched with Moroccan Argan oil and aloe vera to moisturize, sooth and protect, while you uplift your senses with a subtle sweet scent of grapefruit and Argan.

If I love the dry oil so much there’s no reason for me not to like the body lotion. It’s thick and creamy and I like to top this up after dry oil.

Argan Oil5
This body lotion also comes in a typical normal pump bottle. It has an “Open” and “Stop” nozzle. Always like this type of pump for body lotion. However after a few usage I notice that some lotion is leaked out through the pump neck. I wonder how that happens.

Argan Oil6
I don’t really like body lotion but somehow I just like this one due to the scent. The scent is exactly the same as dry oil. Although the body lotion is infused with grapefruit, my nose can’t pick up that ingredient. All I can smell is argan oil.

I normally apply the body lotion just before I sleep, after dry oil of course. Dry oil smells nice but not moisturizing enough especially on cold nights. It is absolutely luxurious to slather a thick lotion on before sleep. The scent is heavenly, it’s creamy and thick so it’s moisturizing but not sticky to sleep with.

Argan Oil7
And here is the list of ingredients for the body lotion.

Argan Oil12
Argan Oil Replenishing Body Butter – RM69.90 for 226g

An intensive creamy all-over body butter. It absorbs easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin.

I’m alternating body lotion with this body butter on daily basis. It serves the same purpose so there is no need to apply all three dry oil, lotion and butter.

Argan Oil8
What I like about this body butter is that it comes with a flip-cap unlike other body butter available in the market. It makes this lazy bum more hardworking in using this body butter due to the convenient of the packaging.

Argan Oil9
Although this is body butter, I find that it’s not overly sticky or oily. It feels just like body lotion. It’s also thick and creamy but absorbed in fast. Something different from what I’ve tried previously.

The scent on the other hand…you’ve guessed it right. It’s exactly the same with dry oil and body lotion! Which explains why I like the Argan Oil series very much 🙂

Argan Oil10
The extensive list of ingredients for body butter just in case you’re interested.

Argan Oil13
It’s hard for me to explain how exciting this range is unless you tried it personally and fell in love with the scent just like how I did. If you are someone that don’t like stickiness or body lotion / butter like me, don’t worry. I bet you will like this range all thanks to the wonderful scent.

Body Drench Argan Oil series is available at Sasa, selected pharmacies and Bangsar Village Grocers.
Price: Body Dry Oil – RM69.90 for 177ml, Body Lotion – RM69.90 for 236ml, Body Butter – RM69.90 for 226g


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • ARGAN OIL!! You got to update us where to get this! Never heard this brand before ^^

    • Muahahahaha. I screamed like you too when I first saw the set :). Just dropped the brand an email. Epic fail this time cause can’t remember where to buy. I was too caught up using the products than talking about it LOL

  • “Where to buy” is updated! 🙂

    • Thanks for the update Fiona ^^. I am going to try this at Sasa

      • No problem! You’d love the scent of the range. So nice!

  • Gotta try this out!! Heard great stuffs about argan oil! Thx Fiona for intro this!!! Made in ISA and quite affordable! *excited*

    • I like the price too! So gonna repurchase the dry oil when I’m done with this bottle 🙂

  • Tried and bought the body dry oil. Thanks for the recommendation. It is always a pleasure to read your blog =)

    • Thanks Linda.

      Yay! Hope you like it as much as I do.

      • I do. The price is quite affordable.

  • Lovely. Tempted to try. I will keep an eye on this range when I’m nearby.

    • Please do. It’s worth to take a sniff haha

      • Will do, will do.

  • Hello Fiona,

    How is this dry oil different than the Linden Leaves oil? Which do you prefer? I’m actually thinking about getting the Linden Leaves body oil but now, after reading this review, i’m starting to reconsider. haha this is much cheaper than Linden Leaves too.

    • Hi Janice,

      Both is definitely different as Linden Leaves is normal oil although it’s not oily but it still leave a thin layer on the skin and Argan Oil dry oil is dry after absorbed in. Felt as if you didn’t apply anything.

      I actually prefer dry oil. Never knew such thing existed. It’s unique. Oil but not oily :). And yes Argan Oil is way cheaper.

      • Oh I see. Hmm is the dry oil less moisturizing than normal oil? will LL be more effective than this Argan Oil? I have very very dry skin, been using lotion for many years but I dont see any significant improvement. I normally get the extra moisturizing lotions hence it is not easy to apply on and it feels sticky.

        • Dry Oil is slightly less moisturizing than normal oil but you can always spray more lol. I believe you need LL dear :). You’d see the difference. Try the small bottle first.

          • oh okay =( hahahah so expensive!! ohhh i just thought of another question. Sorry, i’m very new to body oils. Since it takes a long time to finish up a bottle of oil, will the oil be ‘less effective’ after awhile? i’m thinking about nail polishes, like how it gets super gooey after awhile. lol

          • No problem on the questions.

            Actually if we are talking abou the small bottle of Linden Leaves it will be finish up in no time. Estimated within 2 months. It won’t be less effective or gone bad based on my experience with Linden Leaves. There’s a period where I was a bit lazy and when I’m back on the bottle everything is still okay 🙂

  • Hello Fiona,
    My body lotion finished today!! =(((((( and i haven’t decided to get or not to get Linden. hahaha anyway thanks for your replies. i’ll be heading to parade soon to try out linden. hehe happy CNY

    • Morning Janice. Just decide when you’ve check out both brands :). You’ll get a clearer picture once you’re there and tried the products.

      Happy CNY dear. So sad that CNY is ending soon =(

  • others place can find the above….Sasa ipoh parade cant find it

    • I was only told Sasa. Have you check with Sasa through their Facebook page?


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