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The Launch of Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 – The Quantum Leap in Wrinkle Reduction

Last week I attended the launch of the Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 which was highly raved and deemed as the industry first powerful molecule that is not yet available even to dermatologists which was held at The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel.

Now, before I start talking about the launch and a little bit about this “miracle wrinkle cream”…let me intrigue you a bit. Thanks to buzz from the U.S., this cream sold out within 6 hours on the launch day itself in the UK and 62,000 are said to have already signed up for it on waiting lists. This cream is said to stop women from going under the knife and why would they still want to with this Avon’s £20 wrinkle cream?

As soon as I reached I registered myself and I was told to put on a white lab coat before entering the event area. Once I was in I was brought to the skin analysis area so that I can get a complimentary skin check which I was quite happy with. You can read about it here.

After that I settle down at a seat nearby the stage and the event start soon after that with Aishah Sinclair, TV Personality as the host. The event area was decorated in a laboratory setting and there was large lab tables and chair for us to be at to run some “test” :). Love the concept of the launch.

Aspalin Haji Sirat, Head of Commercial Marketing AVON gave her short speech and shared with everyone with UK’s tremendous success of A-F33. According to Cik Aspalin “After 2 decades of remarkable breakthroughs and more than 6 star anti-aging ranges, AVON collaborated again with NeoStrata for yet another revolutionary discovery. This time, the scientists found a unique molecule, A-F33 that unlocks the secret to look younger for longer”.

Dr. Zhi Lu, Director of AVON Regional Research & Development is also flew in from Shanghai just for the launch event walked us through one impressive presentation on the development and results proven slides on the powerful molecule; A-F33 in ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment. He holds a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and MBA from Rutgers University. There are only 100 guests invited including me and a few blogger friends and we are the first and only 100 people that get the chance to see, touch, feel and experience the product!

According to Dr. Zhi Lu “Deep winkles start to be addressed in the first two week of use which is quite impressive for a topical anti-ager. The visual results of this product are impressive”.

Dr. Zhi Lu then want all of us to do a simple test. On our table I notice that there’s a stack of brown paper. Dr. Zhi Lu ask us to scrunch the paper into a ball. Then laid the paper open and fold it in two. Pump ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 generously onto the paper and spread / apply the cream as if we are applying skin care onto the face. Amazingly the wrinkled paper is smooth after that.

Well, this is just a simple experiment. Got to try this cream on personally 🙂

Prior before the launch, three lovely ladies put the cream to trial for a month or so. These three ladies are Soo Wincci, ANEW Ambassador, Miss World Malaysia 2008/09 (3rd from left), Maria Tunku Sabri, Celebrity TV Host (2nd from left) and Nani Rostam, Blogger & Housewife (1st from left). All three celebrities was also present at the launch event and are invited to the stage to share about their user experience.

Soo Wincci said that the cream absorbs quickly, and within days she was seeing improvements on her laugh lines and crow’s feet! And she’s sharing this secret with all her fans.

Maria Tunku Sabri on the other hand said that she notice that fine lines around eyes, corners of her mouth and nose bridge seems to lessen when she smile. The product understands what we Asian women needs and it’s simply SUPERB!

Nani Rostam commented saying it doesn’t just fades away lines but her skin is more moisturized than before and her skin tone is now more even. Her daughters (she have 7 children by the way) kept complimenting and asking her where all the lines went.

ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment with A-F33 is the powerful breakthrough of ANEW Clinical. It boost collagen in just 3 days. In just 14 days users will see that deep wrinkles will begin to fade. The cream is infused with Avon’s patented Amino-fill 33 or in short A-F33 that promise to revolutionize the landscape of skincare.

The technology behind it was inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research that looked at blocking mechanisms of protein production. ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment leverages the power of A-F33 Amino-fill, an innovative molecule that has been found in testing on skin cells to work in a way that other well known anti-aging ingredients like glycolic acid, retinol and CoQ10 don’t; by deactivating critical collagen blocking in skin cells to help unleash untapped collagen. ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment begins to reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles in just 14 days!

The results:

  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles begin to look reduced in just 14 days
  • Over time, 100% of women showed a reduction in fine lines
  • Produces up to 50% improvement in overall fine lines and deep wrinkles in just 11 weeks
  • Faster and better than a leading dermatologist-inspired wrinkle treatment
  • 5 out of 10 women considering a cosmetic procedure who tried ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 said that the serum improved their skin so much they decided to postpone cosmetic surgery procedure


After the event ended me and my fellow blogger friends stayed back and we played around pretending to be the evil scientist. Do I looked like a real one? *wink*


ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment with A-F33 30g will be available starting 1st March 2013 at RM159 for West Malaysia while RM182.85 for East Malaysia. Do contact your AVON Representative or visit the nearest AVON Beauty Boutique.

For more information, call AVON’s Toll Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or visit http://www.my.avon.com


Stay tune for my product review next month. I will be featuring Mummy Loh as she need it more than me =)


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  • Seems like a promising product. 62,000 on waiting list wow! Can’t wait to read your review

    • I was WOW-ed too. This is a collaboration with NeoStrata which is also another clinic brand that are quite good and famous.

  • Where to get? Can we just walk in to any Avon?

    • Yes you can :). But only available in March ya.

  • I must get this. I never try Avon before. How is the texture and smell now that you have tried it

    • It’s not oily and absorbed in fast. But I think absorption also depends on how much you’re applying 🙂

      Scent wise is a bit weird. Not chemical smell and it’s not fragrant smelling. Just a bit weird lol

  • Lovely stuff ! Love it !

    • Agree! It’s great. Look at all the R&D and technology to came out this product. Price is really affordable as well.


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