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Clarins Reformulated Their Whitening Range to White Plus Total Luminescent and Released UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream too!

Those of you that follow the trend of skin care would already know that February to March is what I called the “whitening olympic” month whereas various brand are releasing a brand new whitening range or revamping the current range. No matter it’s a new release, revamp or focus range…Clarins is never left alone. Last year Clarins released one new whitening product that comes in 2 variant namely White Plus HP Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF20 and Whitening Velvet Emulsion.

This year is the year that Clarins refers as A New Era In Whitening whereas they revamped the whole White Plus HP range to White Plus Total Luminescent except for Whitening Repairing Night Cream.




What makes this new White Plus Total Luminescent different from the previous White Plus HP range is that Clarins has for the first time identified millions of natural, reflecting properties known as “micro-mirrors” within every layer of the skin which pretty much concluded that the skin is very much similar to a mirror. Total luminescence of Asian skin can be enhanced with the usage of White Plus Total Luminescent range. It works by reviving all the skin’s micro-mirrors for a fair, translucent, more even and luminescent skin.

White Plus Total Luminescent has the ability to revive millions of micro-mirrors from every layer by developing a unique Trans-Luminescent Complex. This exclusive complex is based on the best of plant extracts, combining the most effective ingredients to revive all the skin’s micro-mirrors structures and reflect total luminescence, layer by layer in a complete action.

Clarins utilize 3 main ingredients which prove to be most beneficial for the skin.

Sandspurry – Limits the formation and development of melanosomes in which melanin production occurred. Lesser melanin leads to a fairer and even complexion.
Ginkgo Biloba – An ingredient which provides protection of the blood microcirculation for a healthier looking skin and rosy luminescence.
Hyaluronic Acid – Improves skin hydration for a more radiant and transparent skin.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 6.21.48 PM
Each ingredient works differently on each layer of the skin. The skin graph below will gives you a better understanding.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 6.24.25 PM
One of the Must-Have that I had trial and like is the Intensive Brightening Serum (RM295/30ml or Limited Edition RM395/50ml). It is the most advanced skin care for a much fairer and more even skin that are translucency. This serum is different from it’s ancestor Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum. It is now in gel-form and are much more hydrating due to Hyaluronic Acid ingredient in it. It absorbed and blends much more faster too.

Here is the complete and updated White Plus Total Luminescent range that includes a few current White Plus HP.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 6.57.19 PM


Price: RM158/30ml

This might be a shocker but I only started using sunscreen in 2011 and my first and only sunscreen till to date is Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40 range. No prize for guessing how many bottles I’ve gone through :). Last year Clarins added a new sunscreen to their UV Plus HP Neautral and Tinted range which is the Beige version. Read review here.

This year Clarins launched UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 as an addition to the UV Plus HP family. This BB Cream is designed to be city-proof, to bring comfort and full protection to the skin. Clarins is the only one that claimed of providing 100% mineral screen in the market that immediately protects the skin upon application. Other sunscreen would normally takes up to 30 minutes. This BB Cream is ideal for everyday city use as it protects the skin with anti-UVA, anti-UVB, anti-oxidant and anti-pollution while offering immediate skin-beautifying benefits.

UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 is non-greasy and is said to be almost featherlike with lasting comfort to the skin while faultlessly preserving fair, even, transparent and luminous complexion and preventing formations of dark spots. It is a product that not only offer perfect protection, but also leaves a flawless natural complexion of a perfect tone for the whole day.

UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 comprises of two key ingredients.

Blackcurrant bud extract – Helps to minimize pigmentation redness, dark spots and UV overexposure with its soothing action. Studies shown that there is 90% less visible redness after 4 weeks usage.
Cantaloupe Melon extract – Reinforces the skin’s antioxidant protection that can be damaged by ageing, a hectic lifestyle and environmental aggressors.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 7.14.06 PM
Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 has an ideal texture for the best coverage and the best finish. Not only that it leaves the complexion fair, even and more luminous all day long it is also smooth and rich that blends instantly into the skin effortlessly. It comes in only 1 shade that are specially formulated for enhancing Asian skin. The coverage is superb and looked natural that finishes to a matte finishing.

Here is the complete UV Plus HP range.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 7.15.15 PM
Sunscreen is the last step in skin care routine. If you opted for UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection (Sunscreen) then you need not to apply UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream and vice versa. Just choose either one!

Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent range is available at all Clarins counter and skin spa nationwide from March 2013 onwards.
1) Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser – RM115 / 125ml
2) Brightening Soft Aqua-Milk (For dry skin) – RM150 / 200ml
3) Brightening Pure Aqua-Lotion (For combination/oily skin) – RM150 / 200ml
4) Intensive Brightening Serum – RM295 / 30ml or Limited Edition RM395 / 50ml
5) Brightening Hydrating Emulsion – RM200 / 75ml
6) All Spots Brightening Corrector – RM195 / 7ml


Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 will be available at all Clarins counter and skin spa nationwide from April 2013 onwards.
Price: RM158 / 30ml


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  • Fiona, is the new serum better than the one you used last time? What’s the different?

    • I’ve only used 10ml trial size so I can’t tell. So far so good. I’ve mentioned in this post that I used it to lighten my acne marks. So far it works progressively 🙂

      The different between both is the texture. The new version is in gel form and are more moisturizing. Normally whitening product is drying. This one is not. And the new range doesn’t use sea lily anymore. The new ingredient is even better.


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