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Review: Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40; 100% Mineral with Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Pollution

“Clarins coming out with BB Cream? Serious?” That was my impression when I first got to know that Clarins now join in the BB Cream fun. Why now? Why not CC Cream? This were the questions I asked Erinn Tan; Clarins Beauty Trainer a few weeks ago during the preview session of White Plus Total Luminescent and UV Plus HP BB Cream. According to Erinn, only now Clarins came out with BB Cream because of the market demand from consumers. Erinn added that Clarins is not a trend follower brand. Although the market now tilted towards the CC Cream revolution, Clarins refuse to follow that trend to come out with a CC Cream. But rest assured that Clarins UV Plus HP BB Cream utilizes CC Cream technology. Good to know that.

Let me give you a crash course on Clarins’ UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection range. The new revamped version of UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection is formulated with a unique antioxidant action thanks to an exceptional Cantaloupe Melon extract. Cantaloupe Melon is a natural fruit with valuable high-performance antioxidant benefits, from the region of Provence in France. It has the natural wealth of antioxidants which delivers great anti-aging benefits. It’s so great that Clarins use cantaloupe melon extract as the key ingredient for the new UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF40. As a result? Skin remains fair, clear and youthful. GMO-free and non-hybrid, this variety is organically-framed and when compared with other types of melon, presents remarkable anti-ageing benefits.

In 2011 Clarins revamped their sunscreen and came out with 2 version – Neutral and Tinted. Then in 2012 Clarins released another version to the family – Beige. And in 2013…Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream was born.


Clarins UV Plus HP BB Cream SPF40 is designed to be city-proof, to bring comfort and full protection to the skin. It is 100% mineral screen in the market that immediately protects the skin upon application. While other sunscreen would normally takes up to 30 minutes to start protecting the skin, this one takes effect as soon as it is applied on. It is ideal for everyday city use as it protects the skin with anti-UVA, anti-UVB, anti-oxidant and anti-pollution while offering immediate skin-beautifying benefits.

Just like every other Clarins product this BB Cream came with a foil seal protector on as well which I only removed it the next day when I was testing the product for a whole week.

Unlike the sunscreen trio that is formulated with Cantaloupe Melon extract as the main key ingredient, UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 comprises of two key ingredients.

Blackcurrant bud extract – Helps to minimize pigmentation redness, dark spots and UV overexposure with its soothing action. Studies shown that there is 90% less visible redness after 4 weeks usage.
Cantaloupe Melon extract – Reinforces the skin’s antioxidant protection that can be damaged by ageing, a hectic lifestyle and environmental aggressors.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 7.14.06 PM
First of all, I’m not a BB Cream fan. BB Cream just doesn’t like my skin tone. They are either too pink on me or too white and grey on me. Either way I just couldn’t get it to work on my skin. Furthermore BB Cream is known to be more oilier than foundation. Not a good sign for my now oily skin. Clarins claimed that their UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 is non-greasy and is said to be almost featherlike with lasting comfort to the skin while faultlessly preserving fair, even, transparent and luminous complexion and preventing formations of dark spots. It is a product that not only offer perfect protection, but also leaves a flawless natural complexion of a perfect tone for the whole day.

Below is the swatch of Clarins BB Cream on the back of my hand. Do take note that it only comes in one (1) shade. This shade is especially formulated to suit Asian skin tone so yes, this BB Cream is Asia exclusive. On the left is how the cream is before spreading. As you can see the color is exactly the same as foundation – beige. I like what I see! I have yet to come across one BB Cream that is not pinkish or greyish. This would be my first.

On the right is after I spread a small tiny bit of the BB Cream just like how I would normally apply it on my face. As you can see the coverage is superb and looked natural that finishes to a matte finishing.

If you are asking yourself whether you should use UV Plus HP sunscreen before using this, the answer is there’s no need to. According to Erinn it’s either you use UV Plus HP sunscreen or you use this. It is not necessary to use both.

This BB Cream would be a tad bit dry on dry skin type. So I would strongly suggest that you slap on more moisturizer prior before using this. On my oily skin it glides and smooth out like whip cream. And that is also after I properly moisturize my face prior. Although I do have oily skin, this is slightly dry on my face too when I didn’t use moisturizer. That is because this BB Cream gives a matte finishing.

As for oily skin, you’d find that this BB Cream goes on matte but the mattifying doesn’t stay long. My face starts to oil up in less than 1 hour and that continues throughout the whole day. I find myself blotting every hour or so because my face is just too oily to look at. One tips to lessen oil appearance on the face is to use a tissue and blot off the excess oil from the BB Cream after you applied the BB Cream. 

The shade is just nice on me. It doesn’t give me a grey cast by noon and the coverage is superb. It really do covers all the imperfection perfectly. Whenever I use this BB Cream I do not have to use concealer to cover all the acne marks, which I’m pretty happy with. This BB Cream lasted throughout the whole day on my oily skin. It doesn’t glides off or smudge. I would say this BB Cream is very much similar to foundation. The texture is quite similar to CC Cream too except that CC Cream doesn’t provide as full coverage as this Clarins BB Cream.

It’s crazy how I’m already thinking to get a back up tube of this Clarins UV Plus HP BB Cream. This would be the second BB Cream that I like after Estee Lauder one but then I was told that I looked grey with Estee Lauder BB Creme so Clarins UV Plus HP BB Cream had just moved to the #1 place automatically lol.

Not so liking this full face picture but I guess I have no choice haha! Well here is the finishing look.



Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF40 UVA-UVB/PA+++ Anti-Pollution will be available at all Clarins counter and skin spa nationwide from April 2013 onwards.
Price: RM158 for 30ml


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Other countries (European) have this BB cream too but if not mistaken, their packaging is different from ours.

    • Other countries one is different version. It’s Western edition (red packaging). This one is Asia exclusive (white packaging).

  • Shame about the oiliness! Would definitely buy it if it weren’t for the oiliness!

    • Oh actually the oiliness is because of my super oily face :). If you have normal, dry or combination skin this would work well on you.
      As for combination skin, my friend only have slight oil on T-zone said this even stays matte on her.

  • kinda worry about the oiliness! my face also feel very oily even apply with Lancome foundation. i might want to test it before I buy this BB cream! not cheap too!

    • Don’t worry. It’s matte finishing. Unless you are like me stashing so many layers of skin care + oily skin LOL

  • Hey Fiona.
    Which is your favourite Clarins counter? Have u been to the parkson Subang parade counter? Thought of buying some products at parade but not sure whtr the BA at parade is nice. Haha a good and friendly BA really makes the whole shopping experience much better!

    • Hi Janice. My favourite counter would be Metrojaya Mid Valley. The Counter Manager that I used to buy from transfered to MJ MV last year so that’s where I am now 🙂
      Look for Fennie Ng. She is there from 12 to 8pm. Tell her Fiona introduce to you. She would be a great help to you 🙂

      • Thanks Fiona, i’m not sure whether i’ll travel there though coz it’s far from my home and workplace and i’m a bonuslink cardmember! haha, but i really appreciate your help =) there’s a set that i saw at parade that i really wanna get. but it comes with the BB cream (i dont really like the BB cream), i asked whether i could change to sunblock instead but she said no. so surprising, different counters have different set of rules. I know for Jusco Mid Valley and Parkson KLCC, I can change the items within the set. e.g. from exfoliator to emulsion, or BB cream to sunblock. but not for this parade outlet =( still thinking where i should buy haha

        • The BA is right. The full size in the set is not changeable. It’s prefix from Clarins HQ. If you change it then the stock for that full size that they put in for you is unrecordable. So yes, the set have it’s own stock code :). Jusco MV or Parkson KLCC might have a different variant.
          As far as I know you can only swap the trial / deluxe size.

  • OHHHHH thanks so much for clarifying this! coz if i’m not mistaken , the KLCC parkson told me that I could change the full size. i’m soooo lazy to go all the way back there, i dont even know whether they have the set that i want. But what u said make sense, ok then! at least if i purchase the set here in Parade, i wouldn’t feel so sore about it. haha

    • I see, try calling to check first and tell them to keep it for you 🙂


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