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Review: EVE LOM Serum Power Duo – Intense Hydration Serum & Intense Firming Serum

Before I embark on a new skin care journey with EVE LOM a month ago I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited yet intrigued to see how and what it will do to my skin or how it will change my skin. All my previous EVE LOM review touches on special care i.e. lips, cuticle, hand and eye care which is just the surface of what I’m about to review today – the power serum duo. That’s what I call “them”.

Let’s be honest here. I didn’t expect much from these serum except for hydration serum to hydrate my skin and firming serum to firm and lift my skin. It wasn’t that hard to guess since that’s the purpose of the serum as printed on the bottle itself. Throughout this whole month I realized just how different these are, day by day I finally get it and proved myself wrong.

Eve Lom43


EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum (RM405 / 30ml)

I have briefly talked about the technical stuff on Intense Hydration Serum here. I cannot stress enough how well-hydrated skin is important to help in solving every other skin issue. This lightweight serum is clinically proven to increase your skin’s moisture levels by up to 20% in just two hours by giving the naturally produced Hyaluron a boost. Hyaluron stores moisture by forming a structure to hold up to 99% water for increased hydration. These natural Hyaluronic Acid in our skin actually decreases with age. The serum is simple yet highly effective concentrate uses Hyaluronic Acid to help smooth, plump, hydrate and protect complexion.

Eve Lom44
As this is a highly concentrated serum all you need is just 2 to 3 drops for the whole of face and neck twice a day (morning and evening). You may see that 2 to 3 drops is too little. It is. Especially if you are used to apply more than usual quantity of face serum. I’m guilty of that :). This serum is to be used before any cream which is the same for all serum.

Eve Lom45
EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum comes with a glass dropper bottle. The glass pipette is larger in diameter than usual. The end of the pipette where serum is dispense out is slightly rounded too. I find that having a rounded end pipette helps in dispensing the serum out more. So in the end 2 to 3 drops doesn’t seems that little after all.

Eve Lom46
The serum is transparent in color. The opaque white bottle makes it harder to see inside if the serum is finishing or what’s not. What I really like about EVE LOM serum is definitely the texture. It’s not runny like other normal serum. It’s slightly gluey thick that spread and absorb in in no time. It’s not sticky to touch after that as the ingredient is mainly Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerine. There’s something special about this type of texture. It’s neither serum-ly or gel and definitely not cream. What Hyaluronic Acid in its purest form does is that it increases water retention in the skin while Glycerine (my favorite ingredient of all) helps to attract water to the skin and restores suppleness to the skin.

Nowadays my skin care routine is simplified after using EVE LOM. I no longer layer hydrating serum with moisturizer because I find that my skin is loving the Glycerine in the serum. It is sufficient to keep my oily skin hydrated without making the skin oily. Two weeks ago I notice the change of skin texture. My skin is more supple even after I stop layering 6 to 7 skin care product which I never expected. The funny thing is I never notice the difference until recently when I’ve been getting lots of compliment on my skin improvement. Everyone had been telling me how much better my skin looks now comparing with last time. Gosh I must have looked bad LOL!

Remember when I said well-hydrated skin is important to help in solving every other skin issue? Well, it’s true. At the end of this post you’ll see how “clean” my face is now. Acne clears off on faster rate and mark heals faster too.

Eve Lom47


EVE LOM Intense Firming Serum (RM405 / 30ml)

This lightweighted serum contain MPC Concentrate from milk, yes milk. A simple but hugely potent milk extract which is packed with Cytokines to leave your skin smoother, firmer and rejuvenated. It helps to stimulate connective tissue and strengthen the dermis. Use it long term and you will find a visibly younger looking skin.

Eve Lom48
Exactly same with Hydration Serum you only need 2 to 3 drops for the whole face and neck. Apply day and night before cream.

Let me tell you prior before that this is more thicker, more gluey than Hydration Serum.

Eve Lom49
The glass pipette is larger in diameter with slightly rounded end. As you can see the serum is all over the outside of the glass pipette. If Intense Hydration Serum is thick, you have not seen the meaning of thick yet. It is so thick that even there’s bubbles in the serum!

Eve Lom50_1
The serum on the back of my hand doesn’t budge and sits more firmly than Hydration Serum. It is also transparent in color, soft and smooth that goes on the surface on the skin with ease. This type of texture is officially my favorite one. I couldn’t think of a better word for the texture in particular although the name said serum but serum as we all know is more watery than this. It is definitely not cream gel :).

The main ingredient is Milk-derived MPC Concentrate to help strengthen the dermis, firm the skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while my favorite Glycerine is to help attract water to the skin and restore suppleness. I had a wild guess that Glycerine is what making the texture as it is.

At first I’m using this after Intense Hydration Serum but later on changed it to night routine while Hydration Serum for day routine. That way my skin will not get confuse of both Glycerine and so that I can benefit from both on different routine. Don’t mind me, you can use both together at the same routine. I choose not to because I like to layer my skin care :). While I am on Intense Firming Serum I stopped using Clarins Shaping Facial Lift. I had tried stopping SFL before but my face seems bloated. I would say Firming Serums is a good replacement as I didn’t see any bloated face in this one month.

Eve Lom51
I think it’s the combination use of both serum that my skin improved a lot. My guess is Glycerine is the main factor that contributed to this drastic change. For so long I had never step out of the house bare face. Only lately I am able to. Whatever that I had like breakout and post acne marks are all healed in a faster rate. I am well aware that this two serum are meant for hydration and firming respectively but in fact it does more – for me that is. I especially adore the after-effect long term use of the serum. Mind you I’m not trying to say that this serum will help with acne or acne marks. It actually improved the skin texture thus improving the absorbability rate for skin care. I always top it up with whitening serum to lighten all the uneven skin tone and marks. It is also because of that my skin is more clearer than before.

You must be thinking “eh that’s what you call clearer skin”? YES IN MY CASE. Before this my face was triple more worse than the picture below. I’m still working my way with regards to the pores and marks so please bear with me.

Eve Lom53
Does Intense Hydration Serum helped to hydrate my skin? So far my skin doesn’t flake and oil up at the same time which means my face is actually properly hydrated without overly done. I’ve mentioned before in this post that my skin condition is pretty tricky. My face is dehydrated and yet oily at the same time. I need to apply moisturizer but also need to beware and extra careful so that I don’t overly hydrate my skin thus making it oilier. I was recommended to use gel moisturizer because that’s what we can get in the market. Now since I discovered that EVE LOM have this Glycerine-base hydration serum, it’s even better for super duper oily skin like mine.

Does Intense Firming Serum helped to firm and lift my skin? I relied too much on Clarins Shaping Facial Lift that I can almost die if I don’t use it. I tried stopping because it’s getting more expensive due to a few price increase. Even without using for 3 days my face water retention gotten worse and I looked bloated. So far Firming Serum helped to stop all that. Ever since I used this I don’t see any water retention on my face. You know those deep lines on my forehead because I like to raise my eyebrow when I do my eye makeup? I really couldn’t change the way I do my makeup so the only thing I can improvise is my skin care. What this serum does to my forehead is that it makes my skin bounced back to it’s original state immediately after I’m done with my makeup aka after I’m done raising my eyebrow 🙂

Eve Lom52
Which of these duo intrigue you the most? The price is on the high side but thank God you only need 2 to 3 drops of the serum so my guess is a bottle can last you for about 6 months or so? Let’s put it at 6 months which means you only pay not more than RM68 per month for a bottle.


EVE LOM is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson One Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza.
Intense Hydration Serum Price: RM405 for 30ml
Intense Firming Serum Price: RM405 for 30ml


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Gosh that is like perfect skin!!!!!!!!!
    Fiona I want skin like urs!!!
    I knew glycerin is good!!!
    Tried on counter and it feels devine… damm why it has to be so expensive! ! (Is it that all good stuff come w a price. T.T)

    • Hehehehe Gin. I was so happy with my skin recently with the exception of breakout on my jawline lololol. Haven’t seen this clear skin for some time. Yes you are so right about Glycerine. It’s really good!! Based on my calculation right, it’s still okay. RM405 divide by 6 months = RM68 per month roughly.

  • But need to pay one shot…
    I shall see whether I can save up that much…this is really a bit too much for me.. do they give sample to try at counter?
    Btw, I love ur new logo!!!! CHIC AND STYLISH! !!!

    • Yes. For you I’d recommend Hydration Serum. They don’t give out sample because there’s no sample :P. However they will depot some into a jar for you 😀

      Thanks on the new logo hehe. I had feedback on the word “Love”. Need to change that.

      • why whats wrong with the ‘love’? it looks fine to me..

        • My friend said it’s not catchy enough 🙁

          • really? i thought it is very elegant and sweet. anyway, if u are changing it, looking forward to the end product!

          • I’m still waiting for my ex-boss to do it lol. I hope he do it fast cause I’m running out of name cards 🙁

  • Random ques: does parkson has rm100 rebate10 promo like isetan???

    • Yes they do! 🙂

      • thanks for the info! but u have to be a member right… or they use bonuslink? at this point, i realised, i know nothing about parkson LOL.

        • Bonuslink member yes. Sometimes there’s double voucher. I think last week they had something too

          • yeah i checked…promo just over in 1u hahaha…see how la..
            hopefully i can manage to save up XD
            thanks fiona!

          • Just ask for a jar of sample first 😀

  • This serum looks good. I recently started using the Juju Aquamoist essence and am absolutely loving it. Once I’m done with that, I’ll definitely check out the Eve Lom too.

    • The serum loves my skin :D. Juju Aquamoist noted. I would need to go through alllll the skin care stash before buying a new one. Eve Lom works well on me. People around me notice the changes.

  • The hydration one seems to catch my eyes 🙂 Ever since starting on a disciplined and proper skincare routine, my skin condition improved but I still have some slight flaky skin around my eyebrow and nose. I like the packaging – white and glass dropper. The glass dropper reminds me of ANR. Glad to know these two wonderful products helped to turn around your skin condition 🙂

    • I have flaking issue around my nose. Now it’s getting better. I notice now more and more skin care are using dropper bottle type. I hope these duo doesn’t finish up fast hehe

  • Dropper is better, more hygienic and we can control how much to use. Lol, these super duos should last a while since you mentioned they are rather concentrated and a few drops will do 🙂 Worthwhile buys I guess. Can always wait for purchase during Parkson Bonuslink Day for the vouchers.

    • Yes, I prefer dropper bottle too. It should last me a long time but I’m so scared I ran out lol. I keep checking and checking every time I use it. Can’t tell since the bottle is opaque white and the serum is transparent in color hahaha.

  • Your skin looks good^^ Does this give you any breakout?

    • Thanks. Love my new skin :D. Nope this doesn’t give me any breakout.at.all 🙂


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