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[ADV] Step-By-Step Guide for Online Shopping Newbie – Best Buy World Malaysia Shopping Experience

When I first started on skin care and makeup I wasn’t earning much. Going to the counter to get full size is out of my reach. I have this mentality whereas I don’t spend on full size if I didn’t try a deluxe size product first. I’m not so keen with sample because it’s too little to tell if it suits me so deluxe has always been the size I aimed on trying. But then…getting a deluxe sample from the counter is almost impossible. I can’t just walk over and ask for it because deluxe size samples are mostly reserved for their customers or for tier GWP giveaway. Regular readers would have know that I love to shop online and I’m quite well-known in getting the best price and deal in town. People constantly ask me “how you know”? The secret is google, google and google. I don’t ask around where or how to get something cause I don’t like to trouble anyone. I google on things that I’m looking for.

Clinique is the first brand that I started with. If you remember this post, this post, this post and this post… I hauled quite a few products from one particular online website. I have never revealed which website it is unless someone ask because I always believe nothing comes by easy. That was my philosophy until quite a few months ago when some of you emailed me asking how to make a purchase from online store. Is it safe? Is it authentic? Does the item arrive? And the most frequently ask question was how do I know which seller / website to shop from. My answer is trials and error.

Nowadays I just count on Best Buy World Malaysia to settle all my beauty shopping needs. It is also through Google I found Best Buy World Malaysia. Today I am going to show you on how to navigate around Best Buy World Malaysia as well as a step-by-step guide on making a purchase. This will answer all newbie’s curiosity and answer :). Sit back, grab a muffin and make yourself a cup of hot coffee because this is going to be picture heavy and long 🙂



Where To?

Best Buy World Malaysia is an international website operated online shopping website in 4 countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. It is a one-stop online shopping website that carries a variety of branded skin care, fragrances, cosmetics, handbags and makeup pouches as well as varieties of gift sets from brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, SK-II, Christian Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein, L’Occitane, Biotherm, Kanebo, Shiseido, Clarins and many more.

Always make sure you go to and not other country. The “my” on the front of the url stands for Malaysia ya.



New Updates

One thing that I really like about Best Buy World Malaysia is the newly added items update on the middle top of the website. It is also the section that I constantly check for new product added. That way I can know if Best Buy World Malaysia had updated their website with new goodies.



Search By Brand

If you just want to search for everything under one specific brand such as SK-II, you can scroll further down and you will see a Brand List. Click on SK-II and you will be directed to all the items listed under SK-II.

Alternatively, a full brand list is also located at the left sidebar. I would prefer to navigate from the sidebar though. Which ever way you find more convenient and easier for you is fine. If you are still lost…just type in the search bar to search for any item.



New Products & Monthly Specials

Another favorite of mine would be the New Products section. Besides the new item listed updates on middle top, you can also refer to this special section just below the Brand List. Firstly you will see New Products for May. Click on that and you will see all the new item thumbnails.

Not only that. Every month Best Buy World Malaysia will also list a lot of Monthly Specials. This section is all about special discounts, promotions and clearance. It is also through this section I found out that Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream is on 3 for RM39 sales (bought 2 times by the way).



Step-By-Step Shopping Guide

Before you start a whole new exciting world of online shopping, firstly first – Sign-up for an account. All your past purchases details, points accumulations and redemption details will be listed in your account. Besides you can only make a purchase if you have an account. Do that if you are new to Best Buy World Malaysia.



Login (For Returning Customers)

As for me, I already had an account so I will just login using my email address and password. Key-in both details and click Login.



Adding Item To Shopping Cart

I was itching to get a few deluxe size products that I had been eyeing on so I find what I want and click Add To Cart.

After I found what I wanted and adding each and every one of it into my shopping cart, I normally will take a look in the Shopping Cart just to reconfirm my purchases.

Once that is done, what I need now is a makeup pouch 🙂

After browsing again and again at Pouch section, I settled with this Dior Half Moon Grey Pouch for RM25. I haven’t own any pouch from Dior before so this would be my first. For your info, you can find sections by category such as Pouch, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Shoe, Jewellery and many more at the top left sidebar.



Review Your Shopping Cart Contents

After I’m done getting everything that I wanted, I was ready to check out. But before that I went to my Shopping Cart again to take a look at the list of products that I had added into my cart just to reconfirm again. Sometimes I add things that I saw while browsing but unsure if I should get it or not. But usually it ended at my home lol.

I’m ready to check out! Just click on Checkout tab to proceed to check out steps.



Checking Out: Step 1 of 3 – Delivery Information

In total there would be 3 steps to proceed with to check out. The first one would be to confirm delivery information. Double check the Name and Address. Click on Change Address tab should you need to change anything.

If you notice I wasn’t charged for shipping. That’s because free shipping will be offered for order over RM150.

There is a section for you to input Special Instructions or Comments about your order. Normally I will leave a note to the seller to bubble wrap securely all my items :).  It’s really not necessary for me to write so cause Best Buy World Malaysia always wrap my parcel properly without fail. It is just a habit of mine to say the same to all seller whenever I’m doing online purchases 🙂

Click Continue to proceed to the next step.



Checking Out: Step 2 of 3 – Payment Information

This step is to confirm your billing address and choosing payment method.

Billing Address should be the same as the one on your credit card statement. This is important if you are to use your credit card for payment. For bank-in payment customers just make sure the Billing Address is your correspondence address. Correspondence address is the address you uses to receive mail. Should you need to change the address, just click on Change Address tab.

If you have Best Buy Points you can use the points to offset your total. For RM100 spent, 100 Best Buy Points will be credited to your account. A total of 100 Best Buy Points = RM1.(Normally reduction rate of the point = 1%). If you leave a review after using you will earn Best Buy Points too. For more information on Best Buy Points, please refer to this link.

Payment Method is the method you choose or prefer to make payment for your order. Normally I will use bank-transfer. This time I’m using Credit Card Payment. Click on your preferred method and click Continue to proceed to the last step.



Checking Out: Step 3 of 3 – Order Confirmation

On the last step of checking out is a summary of everything that you did in Step 1 and 2. This is the last chance for you to edit / change whichever that is needed if you have not done so in earlier steps. Double check your order and click Confirm Order to proceed.

If you had opted for Bank Transfer for payment, you will see this instruction instead in Step 3. Go to your respective online banking portal (manually), transfer and email your payment receipt over as per instruction.

As for me I opted for Credit Card Payment earlier so I am redirected to this page to enter my credit card details.



My Account

Once everything is done, you will be redirected back to your Account. This is where your submitted order will be marked as Pending. Do not panic because Best Buy World Malaysia team will check your payment and update the system.



Email Order Confirmation

An email pertaining Order Confirmation will also be sent to your email inbox for safe keeping. In this email you will find your Order Number, order placed date and also all the item purchased in detail. Order Number is important to note should you need to contact Best Buy World Malaysia regarding your order.

If you need to review back your order from your account in Best Buy World Malaysia directly, just click on “Click Here for Detailed Invoice” from your email or view from your My Account.

There is many ways to recheck and re-look back order. Everything is in order in your Account tab.



Past Purchases & Points History

There is also a little tab to show all orders from the beginning. This history includes past purchases and points fixation. I just realized mine is 2-pages long!

Everytime you write a product review you will be rewarded with 100 Best Buy Points. Each time the points is credited to your account it will also appear in this History page. You may not be able to track which is for which review because it is not stated but the dates and order number is intact.

As soon as my payment went through, my parcel was sent out the next day and I received the next day after that. Overall it only took 2 days. My parcel was sent out via PosLaju just in case you are wondering. I had been purchasing from Best Buy World Malaysia since June 2011 and all my parcel was sent via PosLaju till to date. Best Buy World Malaysia also offer Cash On Delivery on selected area. Unfortunately my area Kajang wasn’t included. I still remember the first purchase that I made I opted for COD because Kajang was stated in the area covered. However I was told Kajang wasn’t included and there was a slight mistake with that in the website. The problem was soon rectified and Kajang was removed from the COD area. It was no biggie cause I still receive my parcel in a fast and good condition.

To get more info on COD and shipping including returns and exchange, click on this link.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my parcel was nicely wrapped together with a gift tag that said Specially For You. I found out that it is because of Mother’s Day Best Buy World Malaysia team added an extra touch to it. For normal days all parcel will be wrapped in brown paper on top of bubble wraps.

Psst. I can even recycle this gift tag because it’s a rubber band type of gift tag. Really nice. Using brown paper to wrap the parcel is not bad eh. I didn’t imagine it to be this nice and simple. Perhaps next time I will try this too 🙂

As I mentioned before, the brown paper wrapper is wrapped on top of a layer of bubble wrapping. You will be surprised at the bubble wrapping effort provided. This is the first layer. Wait till you see more.

Best Buy World Malaysia is one of the biggest importers for branded cosmetics. As they buy the goods in bulk at low prices and sell them at promotional prices, don’t be surprised to see that your parcel arrived in a Dior box. I once get SK-II box before too!

There’s more bubble wrapping! The second layer of protection is on the pouch itself. This layer is greater than the first one as it’s double layered.

And the last bubble wrapping is on the deluxes sizes itself. Also in double layer. These are stored inside the pouch so it is really well protected.

Here is my haul.

Hyperlinked from left to right: Clinique Super City Block SPF40 15ml, Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme 10ml, Clinique Almost Lipstick #Flirty Honey, Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Mask 15ml, Dior Diorsnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate 7ml and a Dior Half Moon Grey Pouch.

There is an obvious reason for my haul. If you look at it carefully the items I’ve selected are in sequence – sunblock, BB Creme, lipstick, mask & scrub, night serum and a pouch to store it. I might be travelling end of the month so this would be the essential for the short trip.

Clinique Super City Block SPF40 15ml (RM28) is a high-level daily sun protection in a sheer, weightless formula. I had always wanted to try this from Clinique but there wasn’t any sample available so I turn to Best Buy World Malaysia. It is for all skins, even the most sensitive as products from Clinique are quite mild. It is slightly tinted but sheer out after applied on the face.

Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme SPF50 10ml (RM40) is infused with the iconic Dior Icelandic Glacial Water. This BB Creme give me a medium coverage but buildable to high coverage which is just nice. It comes with the highest UV filter that ensure 100% felt all-day protection efficacy. The texture is enriched with a blend of New-generation colour-correcting pigments instantly. Diorshow range has whitening properties too. On long run dark spots will be reduced.

Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Masque 15ml (RM16) is a mask and scrub in one. When I travel I want to save time on the usual long skin care routine. This 5-minute facial mask has a cool, refreshing sensation on the face. It contain fine scrub bits that are with powdery consistency. After leaving on for 5 minutes, wet face with lukewarm water and start massaging gently. Always love a 2-in-1 function product!

Dior Diorsnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate 7ml (RM43) is a night serum from Dior that I always wanted to try too. It is quite costly to get a full size of this without trying. The word D-NA intrigued me so so much. It is also infused with the iconic Dior Icelandic Glacial Water. This night essence stimulate the DNA to repair the skin’s enzymes and curbing melanin production at the very heart of the cells while sleeping.

Clinique Almost Lipstick #Flirty Honey (RM34) is a sheer, glossy, emollient-rich and very lightweight lipstick but not quite a lipstick. As the name suggest it resembles a lipstick but in fact it is more like a tinted lip balm. It gives me a very nice pink tint on the lips that I really like. Perfect for travelling as it won’t be as heavy as lipstick.

Dior Half Moon Grey Pouch (RM25) is a very well-made pouch that is high quality and thick. I choose grey so that it is more dirt resistance. The zip opens from the bottom end to the other due to it’s shape. It is quite spacious really due to it’s base diameter.

If you had been online hopping for as long as I do you will know the feeling when you have finally found a reliable with wide product varieties online shopping website. I relied on Best Buy World Malaysia on getting branded deluxe sizes and full size at a much cheaper price than retail. It saved my time searching from different online shopping website and saved shipping if I make purchases from a few different website. Based on my numerous past purchases there is no issue with old manufacturing date or even expired products just in case you are wondering. This online shopping website is also good for those that just started with beauty routine with minimal budget. That is how I started too. And who doesn’t like all the cute deluxe sizes right?

I am glad to tell you that Best Buy World Malaysia has an office in KL city so parcel delivery is fast. There is no need to wait for 1 – 2 weeks for your parcel to arrive unlike other oversea portal.

So, if you are hunting for a particular product to try do hop by Best Buy World Malaysia. You will never know what gem you will find there.

Website address:
Facebook page:
Customer service: (03) 2164 3557 (Mon to Friday 9am to 6pm)
Fax no: (03) 2163 3390
Email: [email protected]


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  • A comprehensive detail review frm you as usual. I have been seeing some haul and already read that you shop at BBW. I hope to see Chanel CC Cream in BBW. I would want to buy that, cannot find it anywhere. Nice selection of products for the trip. Enjoy 🙂

    • I’m also eyeing on Chanel CC Cream! Sooner or later they will have it don’t worry 😉

  • I love this post!!! Will be so useful for noob like me!
    Now wait til I am more free and check this website out..
    Have always check it on and off since u told me its existence but never buy from hem yet haha

    • Glad that it’s useful for you :). This is on the right sidebar as well. Do check them out. That’s where I bought my Dior Addict mini lippie hehe. I stalk them everyday for new update. Sometimes I’m eyeing on one particular stuff but it’s sold out so I keep checking until they listed :). Exactly what I did to get the Clinique powder lol

      • I was eyeing on rmk foundie but they never come bavk… sobs…
        Ya haha I rmb the dior lippie thats when u told me about it ^^

        • There’s foundie? I have no idea they have. Are you still looking?

          • Hey had it once but out of stock.. never came back.
            Yeah u know how I love rmk foundie… T.T
            Wanted to stock up es after chating to u tat time

          • Oh I never notice that foundie in the site :). Finish up your Gel Creamy first 😛

  • Oh! The pouch is gorgeous! Thinking of getting one now! 🙂

    • It is very well made. Quality is assured as it’s Dior 🙂

  • I like the Dior BB cream. The consistency bit thick but it can works as foundation as well.. If I double up the application, it can works as concealer as well.. especially around my eyes. I received the 5 ml sample. And i might wanna buy the full size. =)

    • Me too love Dior BB Cream. Bb Cream alone gives me good coverage already. I only need to set with powder :). The 10 ml one from BBW is quite worthy.

  • I love Best Buy World too! I don’t buy from them that often, but I love their offerings and whenever I do buy from them, I love its fast delivery… Sbb tak sabar lah tuu… Haha.

    But I have never subscribed to their Pouch of Love. I don’t think I ever will. The reviews I have read about them is not that enticing. Have you bought any of their Pouch of Love?

    • Best Buy World is the best platform to get single deluxe item. Branded somemore :D. I’ve read a few Pouch of Love review. So far it hasn’t been a good one. Hmmm.

  • So lucky I’ve bumped into this detailed step-by-step guide for online shopping newbies like me before splurge on costly full size skin care products!!! I’ve been reading yr blogposts for almost a year but never left any footprints(hope u dun mind ya), n I found your reviews are really useful n informative. I always + street at my reviews searching on skin are products at google 🙂

    Getting samples is rather hard if u didn’t make any purchase from the counter and those BAs will change their attitude if they know you have no intention to buy any products from them. Some even said that particular products I’m asking for samples run out of stock,LOL.

    Thanks so much!! Lots of <3 <3 <3


    • Hello Irene! Awww thank you so much for the encouraging words. No I don’t mind at all that you never left footprints before this. Don’t worry about it 😀 . I’m glad this helps 🙂 . I always get a trial size before making a purchase on the retail size. BBW is the place I go to for trial size. I don’t ask from counter for samples anymore with the same reason as yours. I totally agree with you. I’d rather spend RM10++ to buy one haha 🙂

      Stay fabulous! xoxo


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