EVE LOM Sharing Session with Mariesa Ferraro On Simple, Effective Steps To Beautiful Skin

I talk about my love for EVE LOM all the time regardless online or offline. If you talk to me often you’ll know what I mean :D. If you go huhh what is she talking about? Here’s the link to past various EVE LOM product reviews.

Last month a few of my readers and I attended an exclusive hands-on workshop with Mariesa Ferraro, EVE LOM’s International Skincare Expert and Trainer. Although I’m using EVE LOM products at the moment I still choose to go for this session for 2 reasons – (1) I want to meet Mariesa Ferraro. It’s not often that she’s here. (2) Since I’m meeting Mariesa I want to pick up a tips or two (and more) on EVE LOM products as well as techniques behind the brand. I might have missed some who know 😀

I keep repeating this like old granny but I still want to say it again…EVE LOM products is so simple. No confusion here. I still remember when I first indulge in Clarins I am so confuse. The product selection is so huge. One will need to remember what is what and for what. With EVE LOM there’s no need to at all. It’s pretty straight forward.


She is the main reason why I went for the sharing session – Mariesa Ferraro, International Skincare Expert and Trainer. I have never met her before as this is my first EVE LOM workshop. Mariesa is quite camera shy. When all of us whipped out our camera you can see that she shy away a little bit 🙂



EVE LOM Cleanser

I believe I have not review the iconic Cleanser yet. My bad. The jar that I bought in Feb 2013 finished last month end. I have yet to repurchase another one so there won’t be any review…yet lol.

I am someone very much into the whole application routine. Using EVE LOM Cleanser requires a few minutes of your bath time but for lazy bum it’s too much probably due to the whole process – prepare warm water in a basin, massaging Cleanser, use Muslin cloth that are rinsed with warm water to dab to remove cleanser, repeat Muslin cloth process with cold water and lastly wash the Muslin cloth. Too much? Surprisingly I’m very into it! I’m crazy like that.

This is a 4-in-1 beneficial product namely as a makeup remover, a cleanser, a scrub and a toner. Can you imagine how simplify my skin care routine is whenever I’m using this cleanser? That is what EVE LOM present – Simple.


How do you know when to change the Muslin cloth? When the cloth starts to soften or when you notice the color of the cloth is other than white then it is time to change. It is also recommended to throw the cloth in the washer once a week.


Mariesa also teaches us the Seven-Step Massage. Bear in mind you do not need to do this massage daily if you don’t want to. However it is good to do it once or twice a week or more depending on your preference. It is much easier for me to remember the steps with the diagram below as a beginner and remembering these steps will not be a problem when it is done often 😀

* Note: Click to enlarge

Here is a guide video to help you understand better.


EVE LOM Rescue Mask

My favorite deep cleansing mask with additional benefit – as a face scrub. I have talk about this product here so you can check out the lecturing review lol!

This mask harden within 10 – 15 minutes on the face depending on how thick you apply so even if you want to talk you just couldn’t open your mouth. I like the idea because it prevent the user from talking during masking. Some clay mask hardens but not till the extend where you can’t talk completely. After it harden I choose to scrub off the mask using my fingers in circular motion. That way I can scrub off any dead skin cells and even blackheads on the face.

If you are not into all the scrubbing motion especially when your skin type is dry and sensitive, you can use EVE LOM Muslin cloth to remove the mask by rinsing the cloth with warm water and dab onto the face, just like the Cleanser. Repeat until all mask is completely removed. No rinsing required.
If you choose to scrub off the mask, do stand in front of the sink or in the bathroom and do it gently so that the mask bits is flushed down the drain thoroughly. It can get messy.


Full review – Rescue Mask



EVE LOM Intense Hydration Serum / Intense Firming Serum

No other hydration serum in the market that is similar to EVE LOM’s. The serum is clear in color, smells wonderful and so light in texture that your skin just drink on it. I would recommend to apply this serum as soon as you removed Rescue Mask, while the skin is still damp and the pores are still open.

Firming Serum on the other hand is more gluey and thicker than Hydration Serum but still not till the extend of oily or sticky. What you can do is to apply Hydration Serum in the morning and Firming Serum at night. Or if you prefer you can use both at the same time. I used to do that :). A little goes a long way. You do not need the whole full pump. Just 2 drops will do.

Pair Intense Hydration Serum with TLC Radiance Cream as it will increases the free-radical fighting properties of Vitamin C found in TLC Radiance Cream.


Full review – Intense Hydration Serum and Intense Firming Serum



EVE LOM Eye Lift

Mariesa recommended using Eye Lift for that instant eye contour lift as well as hydration to the eye area. When Mariesa mentioned about using one full pump for both eyes, I couldn’t agree more. I too find that it is really sufficient and one pump each eye would be too much.

The one I reviewed previous is in its old packing whereas it comes with a scoop type of applicator which you can use to apply onto the area area, just like what I did. The new packaging now comes with a pump!

Layer under Eye Cream for enhanced benefits and hydration to the eye contour area. Makeup glides on smoothly and crease-free while giving the under eye a more smoother defined look.


Full review – Eye Lift and Eye Cream

It was a fun and informative day thanks to EVE LOM. Fun fun fun. When a few close friends gathered for a beauty workshop, it always mean lots of laughter and happiness.

EVE LOM changed my skin completely. No hocus pocus, all pure effective experience that is obviously shown here. I had the bestest beautiful skin when I’m on full EVE LOM skin care routine. I’m guessing my skin love the ingredient used. One particular ingredient that I absolutely adore is glycerin. I notice that most of EVE LOM products are infused with glycerin, which is great because it is really good for the skin. My face is smoother than it looks now. If only EVE LOM have whitening product to lighten those ugly, stubborn acne marks then my face would be smooth AND clear 😀

If you missed this workshop no worries. I’m sure Mariesa Ferraro will be coming down to Malaysia again in the nearest future. Right EVE LOM? 😉


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  • Tq.for sharing and if only get 1 serum and moisturizer cos serum.is pricey-.my face dry-pigment-forehead lines and laughing one cos 50 yrs old liao

    • Hi Wendy, yes you can just get 1 serum and moisturizer. Most probably you will need other cream than TLC Radiance Cream. You either need EVE LOM Day Cream for day or EVE LOM TLC Cream for night. Let me know if you need help to help you purchase in KLC because there is an attractive GWP promo going on 🙂

      • Fiona! What is the ongoing gwp?? Didnt see it in isetan newsletter

        • I forward the sms to you. Cause the sms was sent out to customers 🙂

  • wow! i feel so interested with the cleanser! feels like it leave no make up at all in 1 simple step! no need make up remover.

    • Yes. Even eye makeup remover also you can skip. However I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to removing makeup so I always use a separate remover for the eye hehe.

      Psst Melissa. The promo for 100ml cleanser + 1 Muslin cloth + 1 set of 3 Muslin cloth is back 😉

      • *scream* *jump*
        hahahaha… how much for that?! Available in Parkson Pavillion right? How I hope they also have counter in Parkson Melaka!

        • The cleanser is RM295 that comes with a Muslin cloth. There are limited set that comes with extra 3 cloths, which is the one I told you :). No dear, EVE LOM is not in Melaka. Only Parkson Pavilion, KLCC and Gurney Plaza Penang 🙁
          If you want I can be your personal shopper 😀

          • Hahaha! Thank you for your offer! I’ll be in KL starting next week so it’s ok. Kinda pricey but I think it is a good investment! Seriously I can’t wait when I start working! I am still a student and 1 more year to go!!! hahaha… I think I will spent as much as you in make up and skin care products!

          • Oppss then you’ll missed the attractive GWP promo this weekend :(. The price is pricey I must agree. Which is why I’m still considering if I should repurchased the jar lol.

            Take it slowwww when you finally able to earn money and spend on beauty ok? Later you’ll end up like my room lol!!

  • Fiona, if wan to get 1 serum which is better for mature ageing, is the Intense Firming serum hydrating enough, i like the TLC radiance cream also, so if i use in the day time ok this 2 ?

    • Hi Wendy, Intese Firming Serum will be more suitable for you. It is more hydrating and thicker in texture so your skin will be better properly hydrated 😀
      TLC Radiance Cream is for day time as its a day cream. So for day you can use both the serum and cream while night just this serum with your other night cream 😀

  • Thanks for yr reply but oredi missed out gurney plaza promotion, today only RM650, free 3 gifts so i have wait until another time to purchase. Is ISETAN the same offer

    • EVE LOM is not in Isetan. Only at three Parkson. Currently Parkson KLCC is running the same promo too.


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