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Review: Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice 6-Day Program & J’pan Beauty Drink – Collagen

Implementing collagen drink intake into my beauty regime is not a secret as I have reviewed two brands before. Recently I tried another brand that is widely available at all major supermarket and pharmacy. That brand is none other than Kinohimitsu.

I don’t know about you but I know Kinohimitsu as a brand that produce collagen drink. Throughout the years Kinohimitsu had elevated thus coming out with more and more products. Not only I’ll walk you briefly on J’pan Beauty Drink – Collagen but I will also touch briefly on J’pan D’Tox Juice 6-Day Program.



Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice 6-Day Program (RM79.90/box of six 30ml bottles)

Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Juice uses a smart way to effectively flushes out toxins from the body within 2 to 4 hours. Despite being a detoxifying products it doesn’t interrupt daily life routine. It is made from 100% natural ingredients without any additives so it provide a high concentration of dietary fiber. These fiber increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and improved as well as fortify the body’s defenses. Oh and did you know that this is derived from the Japan Royal Family?

J’pan D’Tox Juice is available in 2 different flavors – Cranberry and Plum. The one I tried is the Plum flavor. I prefer plum for it’s sourish taste. Each bottle weight at 30ml each.

This detox juice taste exactly like fresh plum juice. The main ingredient used is plum, blueberry and blackberry. For a full ingredient list, you can refer to the below picture.

Each box is a 6-day program course to effectively promote bowel movements. For first time user it is recommended to consume one bottle each for consecutive 6 days in a row after food intake. After the first program you may continue to consume 1-3 bottles a week. This program is especially suitable for people that suffer from poor digestion, constipation, stomach bloating, fatigue, low energy, poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies, bad breath, body odor, headache and migraine. Taste excellent when chilled 🙂


Kinohimitsu said that it is important to detox before starting on collagen drink. This helps the collagen drink to be accepted and absorbed into our body easily and effectively. I was so nervous consuming this. I had bad experience with diarrhea after detoxification previously. It doesn’t help when I have weak intestine that are sensitive. For my first bottle consumption, I purposely consume it on a Sunday where I was at home. I’m terrified about running to the toilet again and again. One hour after consuming my first bottle I felt that my tummy was growling. It is not stomach ache, just a light growling. As I hit the 2nd hours the growling is more frequent and stronger. I felt a slight stomach ache but still doesn’t feel like those diarrhea type of stomach ache. You bet I hit the toilet to “detox” lol. To my surprise that’s the one time toilet visit only. The growling and pain stopped. It gets better on subsequent bottles. This would be my first time experiencing a pleasant detox process.


Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink – Collagen (RM89.90/box of six 50ml bottles)

Referred as “Youth & Beauty in a Bottle”, J’pan Beauty Drink-Collagen contains 2,500mg of high concentrated fish collagen to restore youthful skin. Experts around the world recommended to consume collagen daily in order to maintain the healthy beautiful skin.

Previously the fish used by Kinohimitsu is from Japan itself. Then they moved the factory to Taiwan after tsunami and uses high quality fish from France. Research conducted shown that the structure of fish collagen is nearly matched with human collagen. In another word it’s the most closest therefore it is suitable and safe to be consumed by human. Consuming this helps to boost up the collagen amount in our body. J’pan Beauty Drink-Collagen molecule is so small that easily absorbed by our body.

Weighing at 50ml each bottle, it is the same across other collagen drink as well. What makes each of them different is the collagen mg.

The main ingredient used is fish collagen, perilla seed extract-WSP, silk protein, soy isoflavone, apple, lemon and lychee condensed juices. I can taste the sweetness of lychee. Absolutely my favorite taste of all. For a full ingredient list, please refer to the below.

This is also a short 6-days course program that is recommended to consume consecutively for 6 days. The instruction stated to drink this either before breakfast or before bed time. On my first bottle I consume just before my bed time and I was awake the whole night. If you have experienced this before with other collagen drink I wouldn’t suggest taking this before bed because every other collagen drink kept me awake the whole night. I prefer this chilled as it taste better but nonetheless room temperature taste good too.

What J’pan Beauty Drink-Collagen does is that it effectively plump up your skin for a smoother, firmer and younger looking skin within a few weeks.


Kinohimitsu said that I should be able to see improvement in just 6 days which is after consuming one box of 6 bottles. However I don’t see any. I feel that 6 days is too short to judge. I would suggest maybe continue consuming for at least 12 days and above? The good thing is I like the lychee taste very much and I didn’t experience any breakout during the consumption period. I do have problem sleeping if I take this drink before bed. Once I switch it to day time everything is fine again.

A lot of people are confused with the origin of Kinohimitsu. The brand is from Japan, under a company named as Kino Biotech that operate a manufacturing plant located in Taiwan. Before this their manufacturing plant was in Japan, that was until after tsunami where the company decided to move it’s whole factory to Taiwan in order to provide a safer consumable products for all.

The question now is are you willing to start oral beauty supplement drink if you haven’t done so? What is your preference in choosing the right collagen drink? Price? Taste?

Kinohimitsu range of products is available at all major supermarket and pharmacy nationwide.

1) J’pan D’Tox Juice – RM79.90 per box
2) J’pan Beauty Drink-Collagen – RM89.90 per box
3) J’pan BustUp Drink – RM89.90 per box
4) J’pan UV Bright Drink – RM89.90 per box
6) J’pan BodySlen – RM89.90 per box
7) J’pan BB Drink – RM149.90 per box
8) J’pan 69-M Drink – RM149.90 per box
9) J’pan 69-W Drink – RM149.90 per box
10) J’pan Eyebright Drink – RM89.90 per box
11) J’pan JointFlex Drink – RM89.90 per box
12) J’pan ChoLess Drink – RM129.90 per box
13) J’pan MindRelax Drink – RM89.90 per box

Visit Kinohimitsu website at


Disclaimer: Product was given to me as door gift during Kinohimitsu Beauty & The Bliss Workshop. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I like kinohimitsu taste!!! ♥♥♥I tried one box of their bust one before. Can feel effect with one box but the effect wears off withjng a month when stop the box haha

    • I like the taste too! I want to continue the consumption. Searching for the best promo and stock up 😛

  • I tried the Diamond Collagen Beauty Drink (Endorsed by Tavia Yeung) earlier this year and saw some immediate improvement after 3 days of consumption. Skin was less oily and I could even leave off wearing foundation or BB Cream. The good results, however, seemed to plateau after a week but I finished the course (1 month) and stopped. Not sure if I should go back to to it. It works but was not effective as the last beauty supplement I tried.
    I used to take Estime and got amazing results over the five months I took it – really, the best complexion of my whole entire life! Sad that it got discontinued. Being so widely travelled in the beauty circles, do you know of anything else on the market that is like Estime? I would trust your opinion because I have found you to be a gal of your word and one who says it as it is. I appreciate that. Thanks so much!

    • Maybe Diamond is too strong for you so you experienced a boost of improvement but later on plateau. Not sure how or why but I’m just taking a wild guess :). Perhaps start something lower, lesser collagen mg. Let me tell you why. Asian only need 2,500mg to 5,000 mg, which is enough to make your skin looks good and better. For younger skin I don’t recommend taking high mg as your skin is still young and replenish faster. Kinohimitsu did a lab test on their product among with other brands available in the market. The result came back proving their actual mg in the drink is just a few % lower than claimed mg while the rest is about half of what was claimed. I snapped a photo of the lab result but I accidentally deleted from my phone sigh.
      I have not heard of Estime unfortunately so I can’t really tell you what else that is similar to Estime. I rely heavily on topical skin care and nourishing from within i.e. collagen drink.

      The good news is…Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink – Collagen 12+4 is now retailing at RM99.90 instead of RM149.90 😀

      • Thanks for your feedback, Fiona! Lol, I got greedy and wanted to overdose on collagen to accelerate the effects. Guess it doesn’t work that way 🙁 Thanks for the heads-up on the Kinohitmitsu sale. Beauty does not come cheap and we need to save all we can.

        • If you are on a proper skin care then you need not overdose on collagen drink intake :). A 2,500mg will do. Beauty really doesn’t come cheap eh? 🙂

  • i bought the plum juice at RM69.90 with extra 2 bottle free at Jusco on friday. because i thought they are just fruit juice and they tasted delicious, just like sour plum + prune juice, also i wanted to detox in this smoggy weather, i drank 4 bottles within 2 hours. and my stomach became extremely bloated and i thought it’s going to burst. doctor gave me hyoscine butylbromide, a medicine to reduce stomach gas. i started to burp after that and pass motion and literally everything in the colon came out in 4 hours with gas. my fault to drink so many bottles.

    • Yes they are on sales currently :). Whoaa. 4 bottles of detox juice in just 2 hours is too extreme! Would be good to read instruction next time ya. I’m a bit careful when it comes to consumable goods. I make sure I read till I understand again and again :). Hope you are alright now!

  • Hi. Can breadtfeeding mother consume the Beauty Drink? I am BF mom with a 6 months old infant.

    • Hi Emma, I’ve found some info pertaining to your question from the website link I’ve posted below the review. It is in the product Q&A but it only mention that the product is 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial colouring, no flavoring, no chemicals and it is advised to consult your physician and doctors before consuming. You can refer at this link

  • I want to ask some recommendations. I’m w0 years old and currently have acne skin problem. I have consumed kinohimitsu acne aid rigment that recommended by my friends, so now I should continue the same course or take collagen by kinohimitsu?

    • Continue since acne is your current problem to fix.

  • Hi, i wanted to buy kinohimitsu beauty drink but currently i consumed kinohimitsu detox tea which i took before my bed time. When is the best time and effective to drink collagen?..(shld i take 2500mg or 5300mg as my age is 37?… Pls advise and thanks for ur feedback

    • Hi Leela, perhaps it is best for you to seek advice from the Kinohimitsu sales girl or through the company directly as I’m just a normal consumer and I don’t know much about everything else. Thanks


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