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Review: A Complete Double Cleansing Ritual with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap

I’m sure we all know that we should always double cleanse especially when we have makeup on. I have always been an avid cleansing milk user. I am not a great fan of cleansing oil until I discover a pretty good one a few months ago and the rest is history. You can say that I’m sort of neglecting cleansing milk at the moment as I’m still pretty hooked on to cleansing oil 😀

There is one teeny weeny problem with cleansing oil. It always leave a trail of oil after rinsing. I have friends telling me that some brand sting their eyes as they are also using cleansing oil to remove their eye makeup. I never had that because I always believe in using a separate eye makeup remover for the eye 🙂

I’m also sure that you have heard about the brand DHC right? This brand is the #1 direct skincare company in Japan and it is exclusively available only at Watsons store. I had the rare opportunity to try out the highly raved Deep Cleansing Oil together with Mild Soap as Double Cleansing Ritual recently. Let’s just say it totally changed my mind on cleansing oil since then.



DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (RM49.90/100ml, RM99.90/200ml)

Deep Cleansing Oil is the star product and best seller of DHC. It is a water-soluble cleansing oil that contains a rich blend of skin-loving vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. Besides removing dirt, excess oil, makeup and waterproof mascara, it also help to unclog pores by clearing impurities. As a result the face is softer to touch, fresh, clean, non-greasy and grime-free. It contain Olive Oil and Vitamin E that provide moisture to the skin surface and it also fight free radicals that is harmful to the skin.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil comes in a huge, generous 200ml bottle. I like that it comes with a pump and with a stopper so traveling with this cleansing oil is stress-free as you will not accidentally pump the content out 😀

I absolutely adore the golden yellow color of the cleansing oil. The vibrant, clear and clean color is a proof of the product quality assurance.

The label on the bottle is kept simple. Only the product name and the brand name. That’s it.

The pump works very well and each pump dispense appropriate amount of cleansing oil out. It is recommended to use 3 full pumps each use but I’m currently using only 2 pumps as I put on lesser base makeup nowadays.

I choose to keep the stopper on eventhough I’m not traveling just in case I lost it :). Every pump bottle should come with a stopper don’t you think so?

This is one full pump of Deep Cleansing Oil on my palm. Isn’t the color absolutely gorgeous? It is not from artificial color. In fact Deep Cleansing Oil is free of fragrances, colorants and paraben. There is also no petroleum surfactant agent, or mineral oil used. It only contain natural ingredients.

My nose detected a very strong Olive Oil scent. There is no artificial fragrance added. The scent of this cleansing oil is from the basic ingredient in it.

This cleansing oil is the purest cleansing oil that I ever used. You can actually see, feel and smell the pure and natural element in it comparing with others in the market. I had never felt this way before.

As I said earlier, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil remove dirt and impurities from pores and dissolves even the most stubborn makeup (water-proof makeup) with ease. Always remember to work in dry face condition when it comes to cleansing oil. If you use with wet hands it may weaken it’s cleansing power as it already emulsify as you massage. A big no no.

What you do is you pump 3 pumps onto your palm, rub both palm together and massage onto overall face for a good 20-30 seconds. Rinse with water or even lukewarm water if you prefer to. Normally I use this when I’m in the shower so I use lukewarm water. When the cleansing oil is in contact with water, it emulsify everything off. You will notice that your face is super clean and soft without any oil trace. It’s like magic. However do remember not to blend longer than suggested. It may cause skin roughness.

Here’s a little demo on my hand.

There is one time where I had forgotten to remove my eye makeup including the stubborn RMK Extra Deep W Mascara. I thought to myself I’m doomed. That mascara is well-known to be the toughest to be remove. I took the risk and use this Deep Cleansing Oil to remove ALL makeup and surprisingly it successfully removed all including the RMK mascara completely. There is no signs of any residue left on my lashes. Amazing. Oh and…this doesn’t sting the eyes :D. I thought my friends would want to know 😉

And here is the description and ingredient list for those that are interested.



DHC Mild Soap (RM62.90/90g)

I know that I said Deep Cleansing Oil left no oil traces behind and it’s squeaky clean. BUT, you still need to double cleanse. Sorry girls 😀

DHC recommend using one of the soap bar as the second and last step of cleansing. This Mild Soap is no ordinary soap. It is one clear conditioning soap that leave skin refreshingly clean without that tight, itchy feeling that you will get from other soap bar or cleanser foam. The lather is emollient-rich that work on grime and dirt with ease, leaving humectants to help maintain the skin’s moisture balance. You can also use this soap as body cleanser too. It may look simple but works very well.

The soap is wrapped with a clear vinyl shrink wrapping and comes in a white, study box. It is quite huge – at a whopping 90g per bar.

Got to give credit for the secure box packaging. This would be my first time using a clear soap bar. It’s an additive-free soap formulated with virgin oil to hydrate as it cleanses skin. Mild Soap protect necessary moisture in keratinous layer while removing unnecessary sebum and dead skin cells.

I thought I would have the soap slipping off my palm easily as it’s huge but it doesn’t. Although the soap lathers up well and foamy, it is not as slippery as normal soap. I guess the foam is thick and cream enough to prevent any mishap 😀

Do note that by the time I lather up the soap to a thick creamy texture, I lost all that as soon as I ran to my room therefore it may appear not as foamy as I want. I did this repeatedly for a good few times but I just lost the lather lol. Having said that, it still work as good as it was. Some of you might be asking why should you double cleanse even though Deep Cleansing Oil cleanses so well and doesn’t leave any oil traces right? Well, Mild Soap is able to remove any left out and dirt as well as old skin cells while leaving skin’s necessary moisture on. It contain Olive Virgin Oil and Honey Essence to protect moisture in keratinous layer.

Mild Soap is more pleasantly scented comparing with Deep Cleansing Oil. The scent is just the basic ingredient scent. I believe it’s the Honey Essence that contribute to the wonderful scent. It can be used by normal to dry skin user, but recommended for combination skin whose concern is oily T-zone. That is me :). However if you have dry-prone skin but having concerns on dirts in pores and blackheads, you can also use this soap too. The soap doesn’t give me the dry, tightening feeling at all. I think most of us will avoid using soap bar as it is said to dry the skin surface. This DHC Mild Soap doesn’t.

Using this soap is pretty simple. Just wet your face, wet the soap and lather well. Then massage onto the face for maybe 5 seconds and rinse with water. You will find that your face is more cleaner but moisturized at the same time.

DHC Mild Soap is also free of fragrances, colorants and paraben.

Here is the product description and ingredient list for DHC Mild Soap.

Now, the moment where you have been waiting for. The Before and After picture. As you can see I “glow” after using this DHC Double Cleansing Ritual products. There is no slight shine or makeup residue left on my face. This duo product from DHC have totally changes how I double cleanse nowadays. I do have a lot of cleansing products but none gave me the same result as what I get from DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Mild Soap.


DHC is available exclusively at Watsons store nationwide.
Price ranges from RM99.90 to RM163.90
Deep Cleansing Oil Price: RM49.90 for 100ml / RM99.90 for 200ml
Mild Soap: RM62.90 for 90g


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I love DHC products! I used to get them from a friend in Japan years before Watson brought them in. My favorite line is the Platinum Silver Nanocolloid range, which sadly is not one of the ranges available in Malaysia. 🙁

    • I do agree there’s a limitation with the product range. I think it’s all in the pipeline to bring more products in 🙂

  • Interesting read!
    And good to know the ingredients are free fr colorants, parabens and fragrances 😀

    • Oh yesssss :D. If you are into smelling olive, this is the one to go to 😉

  • Wow, cool stuffs. I read about DHC cleansing oil when I was deciding which brand to get. It is touted one of the best selling cleansing in Japan if not wrong. Haha, I love the clear soap. Looks so clean and crystal like. Oh and you look so cute with the hairband with a bow! 🙂

    • It is still the best selling cleansing oil in Japan :D. The soap somehow appear pure to me. The hairband is purposely put on 😛

  • Hahahaha, you are just too cute and kawaii! Japanese advertising focus on the product and kawaii models too 😀 Glad to know the product worked well on you. Hehe, another winner!

    • Cute okay, not kawaii leh hahahaa. Too old for that 😛
      Japanese never go wrong eh? Don’t you think so?

  • Yes to always double cleanse even when cleanser says it removes makeup. Skipping the double cleanse will show on skin within a few weeks…

    Gonna check this out soon once I am done with my current makeup remover. kinda like the soap…reminds me of my glycerin soap bar days.

    • Exactly. There bound to be residue left behind. If I didn’t cleanse my face properly I can see blackheads popping out here and there within a few weeks 🙁
      The soap works superbly great with Deep Cleansing Oil. Watsons should bundle sell it 😀

  • The oil is pure but too concentrated and i dun like the strong olive scent! Also it does sting my eye a lil if i use cotton to clean my eyes… So i use a separate eye makeup remover using cotton then only i use my finger to apply the oil on my eyes to remove the excess water proof eye makeup… But i tried nature republic oil that wont sting.. Cant wait to buy the nature republic one as it also smell better and lighter(not so oily) but cleanse better than dhc..

    • Just use lesser pump Cindy :). I can still tolerate with the smell. Weirdly this oil doesn’t sting my eye. I didn’t use any cotton, just rub the oil lightly onto my lashes in the shower. I even open up my eyes to look for the stopper lol. Thank god it doesn’t sting 😛

  • I read that quite a few people broke out from using DHC Cleansing oil and I decided not to get this and asked my friend in Singapore to buy me Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil since it was getting a lot of raves on the internet. I love the oil from Fancl but it is expensive compared to DHC (RM82.50 after conversion for 120 ml). I also tried the Biore one but I had a few bumps on my forehead after using it as it could be due to the mineral oil in this cleansing oil.

    I do agree with you that double cleansing does make a difference to your skin. After reading how much Paris B from My Women Stuff raved about how her skin is looking better these days from using micellar water, I have asked my friend in Singapore to buy me the one from Bioderma for sensitive skin (since it is less drying). We women really are a fickle lot 🙂

    • Oh really? I didn’t encounter any breakout *touch wood*. Biore one is also good but I would prefer DHC.

      How is Bioderma working for you? Is it any better than cleansing oil?

      • I guess not all skin care products work the same on everyone but I after reading people breaking out from using certain cleansing oils put me off a bit. I am getting the Bioderma micellar water this weekend and will let you know once I started using it 🙂

        • Very true. If let’s say you and I have the same skin condition but what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Certain cleansing oil causes breakout also due to the mineral oil in it. You should give this DHC a go 😀

          Deal! Do update me on Bioderma once you’ve use it 😉


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