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Review: Face Cleansing Will Never Be The Same Anymore With Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

When Clarisonic first came into the beauty world, everyone went crazy. For the first few years we here at Malaysia doesn’t have the luxury to purchase it off the store so many travel oversea for holiday and brought back. Back then I have no idea what was they hype all about. I mean it’s only for cleansing the face. I don’t get what’s the hoo haa about. To spend close to RM600 for a device to clean the face? Not for me. No way I’m going to spend that much on a hand-held device to wash my face. The best part is after reading all the redness and breakout from using Clarisonic, people still go continue to go crazy.

Ever since my skin allergy attack I have to be careful with what I use on my face. No doubt there has been quite a few cleansing device that is available in the market but there is one particular that I am interested with. I don’t just settle with any XXX brand device. I’m more intrigued with Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.

When I first heard about this Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, I went blank a while trying to think if Olay Malaysia launched it that I’m not aware of. Silly me. I then realized that this is not sold in any physical pharmacy store in Malaysia. In fact you can only get it from an online store, particularly from Supermodel’s Secrets Beauty Store that order the devices directly from USA. Most of their beauty products are imported from oversea 😀

Olay is the first skincare that I used when I was still in high school. Those days it is a famous and reliable brand and still is to date. You can never go wrong with Olay what more Olay Professional.

This intelligent face cleansing device is designed by a team of dermatologists along with Olay. The Advanced Cleansing System is as effective as a system sold by skin professionals for nearly USD200. The Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is professionally and clinically designed to cleanse 6 times better and also sets your skin up for supersonic anti-aging moisturization.

All you need to know info related to the Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is strategically written all over the box. It is available in 2 language so do read carefully one by one just so you don’t miss any info. I am not someone that like to read what’s on the box. Yea I’m the rebellious one. Normally I’ll use it first, then read if something went wrong lol! Please don’t follow my bad habit. Always read 😀

The back of the box which is the white part is more about the info on the device such as what it is, what benefit it can bring to your skin, how to operate the device and what are the item that is included in the box.

On the side is where you should read before using the device. This part is more of a usage instruction. As I said before I used the device before reading and I was somehow feeling weird that the cleanser didn’t foam up much. Then I realized I should also dampen the brush and not just face alone. See! That’s for being rebellious on not reading before using 😀

Here is what you should be getting in a box of Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.

(1) One 2-speed device
(2) One brush head
(3) One trial size Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser 20ml
(4) Two AA batteries

I’m actually happy to see the two AA battery that was included in the box. Normally I don’t get that in any product that I bought. So there is no fumbling looking for battery in the house 😀

Before operating the device, there is one tiny small preparation to do like inserting the two AA batteries into the device and plug in the brush head. You will know that the brush head is plugged in correctly by a sturdy “click” sound. The battery cover can be very hard to be removed. Just wiggle a bit and pull.

Operating the Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is quite simple actually. There is only 2 button on the device. Just two. The top button is the ON/OFF Button while the bottom one is the 2-Speed Control Button, where you control the brush spinning speed.

Each box set of Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System also comes with a trial size 20ml of Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser. This 20ml lasts quite long on me despite using a generous amount on numerous times 😀

Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser is designed to purify and renew skin to refreshed smoothness. It is basically scentless. It is an exfoliator as well as a cleanser at the same time. It contain tiny beads that is not harsh on the skin as the gel cleanser is more dominating than the scrub beads.

To use this efficiently and properly, just dampen your face, apply and massage onto the face. Remember to wet the brush head before using the Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System in order for the cleanser to work properly.

I love the 2-speed brush function. I must admit I’m always on the fast mode. Impatient me :P. When I do have more time to pamper my face, I will use the slow speed and massage slowly, taking my sweet time. Eventhough so, it is not recommended to over cleanse your face. It is stated to use it only for approximately 60 seconds but you know me…I always go beyond what was stated lol. So far so good.

Olay Slow_Brush_Movement
Slow Speed (This is suppose to be spinning, if it doesn’t try to refresh the page)
Olay Fast_Brush_Movement
Fast Speed (This is suppose to be spinning, if it doesn’t try to refresh the page)

As this would be my first ever face cleansing device and also my first time using it, I wasn’t used to the whole spinning brush on my face on day one. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I move around or should I hold still? I tried holding still but it is just so weird. Then I tried moving the device around my face and that’s it. I finally get it. Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is battery operated so it is safe to use in the shower.

I don’t use this Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System everyday. I would prefer to use it once every two days to let my skin rest and have enough time to rejuvenate in between each usage. I sounded as if the device is harsh but it is the most gentle I ever heard and tried. I always felt that my pores are dirty maybe because I have larger pore than everybody else. After a good few usage of Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, I actually felt my skin is more cleaner and it does help with the absorbant of the skincare I used as this clean 6-times better than normal hand washing.

I don’t normally show you my bare face especially during cleansing but just for you, just because I am more confident with my face now especially that I do love this Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System and how my skin benefited from using it…I’ve posted up a video below on how I use the device to cleanse my face. Just half face only ok? Heee! You can see that my complexion is much more clearer. I do believe it’s the combination use of Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System with my regular skincare products. Now I understand what’s the hype! The bestest part is Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is more affordable, gentle and doesn’t cause skin irritation or allergy.

Do note that you should avoid the eye area ya :D. After using Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, you need not to use scrub or double cleanse. This is basically the cleaser + scrub routine. I know some of you must be wondering what if you ran out of the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser. Simple. Just use your own cleanser. I’ve tried a few cleanser that I have in my bathroom and all work just as well :). Do also take note that the brush should be changed every 3-6 months depending how worn out your brush is.

Did you know that Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is highly recommended by Taiwan’s entertainment beauty channel TV 女人我最大 Nu Ren Wo Zui Da too?


Supermodel’s Secrets is a beauty e-store focused on offering beauty products that works, without burning a hole in your pocket. Your beauty is their priority, and the quality of their products weigh importantly in their product selection. They bring in only stuff that works, and not just anything for the sake of filling up their e-store front.

Online Store: http://www.supermodel2u.com
Blog: http://www.supermodels-secrets.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ilovesupermodel2u/
Price: RM149 RM99 ONLY!!
Brush Head Replacement: RM45 for 1pc / RM70 for 2pcs
Warranty: 30 days warranty upon purchase. 1-1 exchange if the brush is not working properly.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Thanks for your review, Fiona …knowing how honest you are about products and services, I trust your seal of approval for Supermodel’s Secrets. Will definitely look into what goodies they have. The Olay set looks amazing. I think I am in need of a good scrub down and it’s awfully kind of you to do a video demo. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Girl. Hope my face are not too boring LOL.
      I always like to scrub my face. Clarisonic is out of budget for me and I’ve been reading too many bad effect from using it. This one is tried, tested and proven to be kind to sensitive skin. Major plus point is the affordable price. Now everyone can own a face cleansing device 😀

  • i have been using Olay Professional Pro-X Cleansing System since March 2013 and it served me well! Really love how it helped me to better cleanse my face, and I didn’t experience any breakouts for using it (some people did get breakouts for using facial brushes,aite?) ^_^ yet to make a review post though, been busy with studies and procrastinating :p

    • I’m glad you like this as much as I do too! :D. Since March 2013 wow. Yes some experience breakout from facial brushes. This is also one of the reason why I don’t dare to spend on Clarisonic. This cleansing device can be quite addicting.

  • so the brush is very soft to the skin, i suppose? sound interesting! it is like we can save on the scrub/exfoliating products! 😀 hmm, may i know normally, how long should we change the brush? 3 months? half year once? between, Clarisonic is? another brand?

    ps: your face is great! your skin look young. takda sama dengan age! >_< haha xD

    • Yes, very soft. This works well with Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser as the texture and function is similar to the included Olay Professional Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser :). The brush is recommended to be replaced every 3-6 months but I suppose 6 months is alright unless your brush’s bristle is too worn out.

      Clarisonic or Clarisonic Mia is those that are sold in Sephora.

  • Thanks for reviewing this. I will definitely consider whether to buy this as Clarisonic is just out of my budget. Can the website be trusted because RM149 for the product is such a good deal?

    I have read a review of the this beauty tool from one reader on makeupalley that you can still double cleanse. What she does is that she first removes the makeup from her face with makeup remover. After that, she damps her face with cleanser and also damps the brush and she proceeds to use the brush on her face.

    • Hi Victoria. Yes, the website can be trusted as I’ve met and know the owner :). Should you encounter any issue, you can always talk to me ya.

      Oh the double cleanse I mean is to scrub with a facial scrub after using this. I always remove my makeup separately before using this.

      • Okie, thanks for the assurance. Oic. So you mean once you start using this tool, you do not need to use scrub anymore? Also, do you think using this tool could actually cause you to have more fine lines in the long term? Reason I am asking is that I saw a comment somewhere that says these type of beauty tools actually aggravates your skin in the long run and cause more facial lines.

        • I would prefer you not too overscrub dear. This will clean your face throughly so other facial scrub is not really needed since the cleanser already have scrub bits in it 🙂

          As for the tool to cause more fine lines in long term, I think we are safe as long as we don’t over-do it i.e. overscrub per use and per frequency. You can do it twice a week or even once a week depending on your preference. Because I put on makeup everyday, I use this tool once every 2 days. No doubt it can get really addicting so I try to cap each use between 1 – 2 mins. The brush is also very soft. You don’t really feel the harshness and the brush spinning that much.

  • Hrm.. Didn’t see your video ? both the links are for Nu Ren Wo Zui Da.. How often should the brush be changed ?

    • There’s a bug disturbing the video. I’ll re-upload tonight. The brush is recommended to change every 3-6 months.

  • What is the different between this and the Clarisonic? Will this also cause a breakout?

    • I haven’t tried Clarisonic as mentioned so I’m not in the best position to comment on the difference with both, except for the huge price gap.

  • Whoa! Really cheaper than Clarisonic!! Time to grab one!

    • 3-4 times cheaper Jocy ;). This promo is while stock lasts!


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