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A Purplish Affair with StriVectin & Street Love

Warning: Picture heavy and long post ahead.

I know, I know. This is a super late post :P. I said I’ll post up the pictures last week on what went down at my very first brand collaboration event but I decided to put it on hold after my friend over at StriVectin saw my post about it in Facebook. Initially I plan to post up the pictures that I have from my camera as I refuse to disturb them on pictures. After the Facebook post, she recall that I have yet to get my hands on the pictures from her camera. Here’s a big thank you to Allyshea!

I know it has been some time since the event so allow me to refresh your mind just a little bit.

After having an intimate get-together session with a few of my closest reader back in January 2013, I have always been wanting to do a larger scale gathering with the concept of chit chat, test some products, beauty talk and many more. It’s sort of bringing what we’ve been doing online to offline. I briefly talk about my idea to StriVectin a week after that and the idea was soon forgotten as I was getting busier with work. The idea was brought up a few months after that by StriVectin and I rejected it due to various reason. And, brought up again. Put aside all the complicated story, I came up with the planning but shit do happen. We have all the time but soon we ran out of time also due to various backend reasons and so the event is scaled down to a smaller group. At that time and moment, I’m happy with just 10. I choose 8 readers in the end as I was screening the entries strictly and thoroughly to avoid having freeloaders. I hope everyone understand why I did what I did. StriVectin is a luxury cosmeceutical skin care brand. This would be their first event and also their first collaboration event with a beauty blogger therefore we all wanted genuine, excited readers that are interested with exploring new skin care brand as well as to errr meet me 🙂 instead of coming just to get door gift.


Why StriVectin of all brands? Well… after reviewing the Strivectin-TL 360 Degrees Tightening Eye Serum, I have been hearing from most of you that (1) you have no idea this brand existed, (2) you know, read or heard about the brand before but intimidated to walk-in to the counter. This is ONE FABULOUS brand with products that really work so I thought it’s really a waste if people are too intimidated to walk-in to their counter and try out the products. I would want you, my readers to discover this wonderful brand and benefit from using it just like what I had. Now this bit explains why StriVectin 😀

I only help out with planning of the agenda of the event such as what to do first, next, the game and so on but I didn’t take part with the decoration and freshment :P. That part was all done by StriVectin team which I really need to applaud for the wonderful decoration and delicious food. I was suppose to go earlier to help out but that morning I was super anxious that I keep walking around my room as if I lost something lol. Please forgive this auntie ya 😀

As soon as I reached, I saw a huge purple board at the entrance. I remember that I was requested for my logo but at that time I just changed my logo and the one uploaded in the blog header is just a low-res version for trial. My designer (The Sauce Project) was so busy that I have yet to get the high-res version. And also I wasn’t happy with the word “love” so we have yet to finalize on the font. Therefore instead from having a huge Street Love logo, a smaller logo was put around the board together with StriVectin logo.

Before everyone arrive, I just have to get a photo of myself in front of the beautiful setup. You will hardly see picture like this in any event I attend but this is my event. Won’t complete if I didn’t post up any right? 😉

Soon, one by one selected readers arrived. Jenny is the first to arrive and she’s way early too. I sent her off for some shopping as the place is still being decorated. A few of us managed to pose for a photo together. StriVectin also provide a polaroid camera for us to take a memorabilia polaroid picture home. It was loads of fun with the polaroid camera 🙂

Left to right: Kamsiah, Gin, Angelina, Jennifer

I initiated the event with a short welcome speech. Earlier that day I told Rebeccah (Luxasia Trainer) that I’m freaking out about speaking in front of a group of people. Although I’m in the sales line and talking is not an issue to me however I get anxious and scared when it comes to public speaking or speaking in front of a number of people. Yes even in front of these ladies whom I know, technically :). It’s weird as I have no problem presenting a pitch to a group of client.
Haiyah, anxious until I missed out the Best Dressed contest part lol.

I better leave all the speaking to Rebeccah :D. Rebeccah is the trainer for Luxasia. If you attend any workshop conducted by Luxasia you will most probably seen or know Rebeccah. She is the go-to person when it comes to product knowledge. I am so glad to have her for the event product briefing as I will definitely not able to brief everyone on ALL StriVectin product range 🙂

In my welcome speech I told everyone to listen to the briefing with full attention. There will be a Q&A game at the second half of the event so what they are about to listen to will be really useful later on :). That is one of the reason why everyone pay full attention. But of course I was told after the event that they are curious to find out more about StriVectin and how effective the product is that will benefit them. That’s good to hear 🙂

The range of product for StriVectin is pretty simple but yet effective. I like that it’s not complicated and it’s straight to the point to specific target area and problem.


Thought you might want to see food picture a bit before we continue 😀

During Rebeccah’s briefing, all of us get to try the product on our hands. Not only we are listening but at the same time we get to touch, feel and smell the product as the briefing is happening. This helps the understand of the product better and more efficiently.

When it comes to the eye cream, Jenny can’t wait to see the instant lift that she immediately applied it on her eye area instead on the back of her hand 😀





I had planned for 2 game session for the readers. Puzzle game on the first half and Q&A on the second half.

I have a vision on which jigsaw puzzle that I wanted to get prior before. It would be a small children jigsaw puzzle because that size is more suitable for a quick game. Furthermore children version of puzzle would be easier for adult to complete. I have been searching in various mall, book store, shop but fail to get the one that I envisioned. Just when I was about to give up I brought my mum to an old but good neighborhood supermarket. I start searching at the children / stationery section and voilà! I found the same exact jigsaw puzzle. I nearly bought a bigger one, just to add some challenge to the game but in the end stick to what I envisioned 😀

When I brought this out on the table everyone laugh at my children jigsaw puzzle. Well, the look may be deceiving because soon everyone will find out it’s not as easy as they think 😉

There is 3 puzzle game with 3 different group of girls. The fastest that complete the puzzle will walk away with a StriVectin miniature!

First group to go – Pui Moon, Gin and Vinnilaa. These ladies are the polite and womenly group 🙂

First group started with a slow pace because obviously none of us have touch any jigsaw puzzle game for many years haha! Although the board background is printed with the puzzle picture as a guide, it is still pretty tough to complete. It doesn’t help when the puzzle is made from wood!

First round winner is Gin. She won a Strivectin-TL 360 Degrees Tightening Eye Serum miniature if I’m not mistaken. Do correct me if I’m wrong ya Gin. I can’t see properly from the picture 😛

Second group is – Jenny, Jennifer and Angelina. This group of ladies are consisting of empowering women. Well verse in the corporate line.

Look at Jenny concentrating 😀

The winner for round 2 is Angelina. Can’t see properly what she won. Let us know what you won when you saw this Angelina!

The last group to play the game is Lulu, Kamsiah and Vinnilaa. As there are only 8 attendees with a game for 9 people, the one that did not win get to redeem her victory and Vinnilaa jumped right onto the opportunity.

Everyone said that the person standing next to me always win so I switched the puzzle around. Kamsiah was standing next to me therefore I gave her some word of encouragement. If she win means it has nothing to do with the puzzle. It got to be the lucky place 😀

In this round I can see that Vinnilaa is super stress and anxious. It was really a tough competition. I was getting really excited myself too.


And the winner goes to Lulu! Look at how happy Lulu is when she finished the puzzle game 😀

Oppss. Once again I can’t see what Lulu had won. Please do update me when you read this ya Lulu.

I thought the game was quite fun and exciting. Never thought a small game like this is so challenging eh? ;). Some of us even take a closer look at the jigsaw puzzle game after it ended. Experimenting and discussing why is it so difficult to get 😀

After the first half game ended, everyone was invited for some yummy refreshment. There’s salty version and there’s sweet version. Not sure that’s how you describe food but to me it’s always a mix of salty and sweet varieties.



At the same time readers is also invited to get their skin analysis done.



We decided in the morning to change the Best Dressed contest just a little bit. Instead of uploading the picture in Instagram and get the most “like” to win, readers only need to upload their picture to Street Love Facebook page and then StriVectin Product Manager; Suet Funn and myself will choose the winner. Then we hit a bump. Since Facebook changed their mobile interface some time ago, we can no longer view “Recent Post By Others” from Facebook app. There is no way to see the pictures uploaded. I was trying for different ways to do it and also guiding some readers on how to upload their photo to the page.

That is why everyone whipped out their phone and start uploading pictures to my Facebook :). Don’t we all looked like tech junkie here? LOL!

After filling our hungry tummy with food, skin analysis, chit chatting, photo op, and uploading photo for Best Dressed contest…it was once again time for another game. The second half session game is Q&A. There is also 3 deluxe sizes to be won. Rebeccah did a little twist to the game by asking readers to come forward and tell everyone 2 main feature on StriVectin product that they can remember from earlier briefing. I thought this is way better than Q&A. Brilliant!

First to raise hand and came forward is Vinnilaa. I just love this girl’s sportsmanship spirit. Normally in any event you would expect a quiet group that doesn’t interact much but noooo, mine is one sporting, chirpy, friendly, talkative and noisy bunch of girls. I’m so happy and proud of having them in the event 🙂

Second to go is Jenny. Wow, she can really remember what she was briefed in the morning. In fact everyone does. I purposely put this game towards the end of the event just to test out everyone’s memory ability. Look at Jenny, so serious 😛

And the last deluxe size goes to Jennifer. Jennifer is a quiet one and I was surprised that she came forward with her “ka-ching” story that was told by Rebeccah earlier. The way she said it is quite funny but none the less it’s not made up story 🙂

Remember the Best Dressed contest? The theme of the event is purple as the focus range is StriVectin-SD. If you google for StriVectin-SD you will know that the color group or stripe on the product is purple. It is so hard to search for purple dress. I personally had problem looking for purple dress which is why you see me in a all bling up black dress :D. It is so heavy that it weight near to 1kg! And it’s quite uncomfortable too.

Jennifer was busy chatting with other readers that she have no idea her name was called up as the winner for Best Dressed. She won a FULL SIZE Strivectin-TL 360 Degrees Tightening Eye Serum worth RM268. The crown took me by surprise. I didn’t know StriVectin prepared a crown for me to crown to the Best Dressed Winner. I actually dropped the crown. Thank goodness it didn’t broke 😛

Obviously I’m having a problem with the crown as Jennifer is wayyyy taller than me lol!

Love this picture of us. Congratulation once again girl!


The door gift prepared by StriVectin is a generous one. Everyone was quite happy with it. As this is my first event I wanted to prepare a door gift of my own to my readers too. Just when I was scratching head on what to get as door gift, the kind folks at JuztShop offered to sponsor my door gift. Thank you so much for the generosity JuztShop 🙂

Most of us just linger around and chat after the event. The last group of girls continue their chat over lunch later on.

Eye care is the focus product of the event – StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate & Strivectin-TL 360 Degrees Tightening Eye Serum.

And of course lastly a group photo of everyone. Thank you so much to all for taking time on a beautiful Sunday to be at the event :D. It wouldn’t be as successful as it has been if it’s without your attendance!

Although the event is not meant to hard sell but I still proposed for a GWP mechanic just for the attendees. So for the first time ever, StriVectin is willing to have it just for the event. For your info…you will not get this type of GWP on normal days. It is only one time off thingy :). 2 deluxe size for the purchase of one full size product may sound too little but these deluxe sizes is a huge one.


There you go. This is basically what went down at the event. I am still bummed that most of my readers are not ready to come out, meet and mingle otherwise I could do a larger group. This event is really exclusive as StriVectin don’t do it frequent.

I will try to do more and more event in the nearest future but the attendees will still be strictly selected. Based on the explanation at the beginning of the post, I hope my readers will understand that I would prefer to have genuine attendees, not freeloaders that are just looking to get door gift or freebies. This will effect my reputation for future brand collaboration event. Just come for the fun and learning! That’s what event are suppose to be 😀

Before I end this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:-
– Luxasia Malaysia for all the support all these while.
– StriVectin team – Suet Funn, Allyshea, Rebeccah, Orson & Parkson KLCC BAs for the execution, planning, arrangement, help, door gift, yummylicious food, working on weekend and many more.
– Juztshop for sponsoring Street Love door gift to the readers.

It is certainly not easy to put up an event. There is a lot of things happening behind the scene that no one know. Let’s recuperate and do one next time 😉


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  • So much happening behind the scene in organizing an event. Good job on the successful collaboration event! I wish I am in KL so I can join the fun^^. You are right on door gift or not doesn’t matter. The most important is fun. Unfortunately no one think that way anymore in this society. Freebies come first sadly.

    • It is. I really salute those event company and marketing personnel cause they can came up with such a good planning and execute in such a short time and budget. I’m quite happy with the event turnout cause the attendees that I selected are carefully screen through :). I know I’m a bit strict but all this is reflected back if I’m not strict enough 😛

  • Thanks for promoting this eye serum and also it is indeed wonderful to have such events like these with your readers. Funny that I was just reading your review about the serum only yesterday. LOL. Will definitely check it out.

    Just wanted to ask, can the serum be used on the eyelids as well? I sometimes have dry eyelids where flakes/dry skin appear on it. I am currently using the sample of EL ANR serum (It does not do much for my dark circles but it does keep my eye area hydrated) at night on my eye area and I no longer have dry eyelids.

    • Oh haha. Sorry that it’s really lengthy. I combined both week result together instead of separating it otherwise reader might get lost with various blog post updates on the same product.

      To answer you…yes the serum can be used on eyelids as well. Normally I’ll just run through my ring fingers around the eye area. This gave the eye an instant lift as TL Eye Serum is for tightening and lifting. Till to date I still have 1/4 of the serum left. It’s really a huge tube. Worth the money. EL ANR Eye Serum provide hydration like you’ve experienced, with just a tiny bit improvement on fine lines but not visibly enough to notice. Certainly does nothing for dark circle.

  • Thanks so much dear for this awesome detailed post! Where’s the like button for me to click 1000 times lol? Reading through this post brings back the fond memories and fun times we had during that lovely day. Haha. I remember Rebeccah’s words about NIA 114 and the ka-Ching moment! “The NIA-114™ molecule is used in the Strivectin-SD products delivers niacin to the skin, helping …”. Lovely lovely moments! And my crowning glory of fame with the Glittery Fairy. Thanks so much dear. It was the best event I attended this year and still recall with a big grin on my face. Truly a wonderful Street Love experience.

    • It took me 1 day to edit the pictures and 2 days to write it LOL. One of the toughest blog post I ever written *phew*!. I kinda miss the event. So fun. Oh ya, now that you’ve remind me about NIA 114. I wasn’t listening as I was walking around but that ka-ching ka-ching stuff I remember, especially the one from you! OMG. You still remember what Rebeccah said eventhough it has been a few months already! Salute!

      Glad that you enjoyed the event. Hope you enjoy the eye serum. It will probably last you for a year lol!! Hope to see you more often soon 🙂

  • Finally!! Just want to say thanks for the invitation; I have learned a lot on StriVectin and also had fun time at the event…and wow…your dress weight almost 1kg? @.@

    • Yes finally :P. Sorry for the delay my dear. You are most welcome on the invitation! The dress is sewn with sequins on the whole of the dress. Not only it’s heavy, I would need to be careful not to scratch on it or bang onto anything. That’s like super tough since I always walk into something i.e. table 😛

      Hope to see you soon in future Street Love X brand collaboration event 🙂

      • Wow…looks like the dress need super high care, haha…and yeah, meet you at The Aveda event ^_^

        • I mean, see you at the Aveda event lol…(wrong choice of word :P)

          • LOL. See you tomorrow too. Nevermind the wrong choice of word. I do that so often 😛

        • Yeap, need to be super careful. That’s very hard for clumsy girl like me 😀

  • First of all. Big hug to fiona♥♥♥
    I enjoyed this long post very much hahaha. I always enjoy ur background stories heee..the fiona who gets anxious on the morning of event is super cute laaaa!!!!! I wanna see u walking up and down… anyway, cant see that u were nervous at all that day, u did a great job fiona! ^^

    Am so flattered that I am among the four closest ones~~~~♥♥♥
    *smiling wide*
    The whole thing was super fun.. I remembered I was actually very ganjiong doing the jigsaw puzzles hehehe… yeah u were right I won the 360 eye serum!!
    Works like a charm on puffy eyes days.. I recommended it to my aunt who has later bought it too hahaha… good product must be promoted! XD

    Ps: I think angeline won the neck cream if I remember correctly.. I might be wrong though

    • Ehem. I’m good in disguise :P. Yes I was super anxious even a week before that. It’s my first proper brand collaboration event. You can see that I’m nervous because I talk in a lump of words continuously. Actually 5 closest. Jenny was sent out for shopping LOL. I know right, the whole thing was really fun. I guess I think too much haha. Things just fall into places naturally. I was more anxious about a quiet group. I never expect you girls can mingle with each other so well despite not knowing each other. Most people will just clamp up 😛

      Yay for auntie! You should give her a deluxe bottle so that she can get 2 deluxe size :P. Not sure about Angelina prize. She seldom comment here 🙂

      • Ya lo i told her that but she went to buy without coming back again to get it frm me…haiz…
        I am planning to buy the purple eyecream when I start to work.. hehe.. coz I feel I need that the most! Too bad it was in sachets but I guess I cant be so greedy hahaha…

        I shall secretly see whether u speak in lumps next time nyahaha.. I find this side of u super cute lehhhh *evil gin*

        Oya.. about your super pretty but not very comfy bling bling dress hor..maybe u can wear a full thin dress inside. I dono how to describe but it is like the lingerie type..it makes uncomfortable dress way comfy than it is.

        I cant wait for the aveda program this sat!!!! Am super excited! It will be as fun as this one!!!

        • LOL Gin! The sachet is quite huge also and you have a few sachet right? That would last you for some time since you don’t need to apply too much. I hope I don’t need to say something tomorrow hehehe. That’s a huge crowd. Sure speaking in lumps one.

          The dress is not comfy cause the sequins is sewn until the inside. I can’t wear a inner dress inside cause it’s bare back ;).

          See you tomorrow!

          • Aiks I forgot about thr bareback!!! Haha I think that’s because u let ur hair down.. covered mostly d haha..

            Ya I wasn’t complaining la haha it is just that my fav product is in sachets mah.. the rest all tubes easier to handle and carry around.

            U will curl or and straighten ur hair tmr with us too right right!!! Cant wait to see how u do it!!! ^0^

          • Yea, old already cannot be too sexy LOL. When I was younger…I wear lesser fabric :P. Mum always wanted to faint cause I went out with very minimal clothing on 😛 😛
            Totally get you on sachet. I personally hate sachet too. I think no choice but to transfer to a jar :). But that also I’m lazy. I’m saving my StriVectin SD Eye Cream 🙂

            Tomorrow I’m not participating. Will be helping around. Isn’t it better don’t you think so? More interaction ma

          • Oya.. if u are nervous… think and tell urself that the audience are potatoes.
            It kinda works for me haha.
            But really, fiona u r good enough! Dont worry and be confident!! ♥ it would be a marvellous day again!

          • Normally when I do pitching to a group of people, the audience become transparent. Which is why I can speak better 😛
            Thanks for the encouragement! Have fun tomorrow!

  • This seems really fun! Wish I could have gone.

    • Yes, it’s full with fun 🙂

  • The workshop was very well organized with loads of fun! I was beaming with a big smile on that day even hours after the event 😀 Thank you Fiona!

    • Jenny is back! Yay! Good to see you here again 🙂
      It is loads of fun. I’m glad you had fun too. Happy that you are able to join in that day ;).

      • I miss all the Malaysian beauty workshops!! ( So tempted to attend the Talika workshop but I won’t be around, tears!! Not to mention, totally missing the Aveda’s one ) Really hope to catch up with you again soon 😀

        • 🙁 If you are here I would want to go Talika with you. Would be fun! Cheaper to go in a pair hehe.

          Hope to catch up soon too Jenny. Oh by the way, Nars is opening at Pavilion this November 😛

          • Wow great news!! I couldn’t even get the NARS Orgasm Blusher here because it is sold out lol

          • Ahhh the kinky blush. Wonder how’s the price range like for Malaysia. A lot of people are waiting for the launch.

          • It’s SGD58 here. Anything more than RM145 is a no-no.

          • Okay got it :). Anything more than RM145 should ask you to buy in Singapore and courier down 😀

          • lol no problem 😀

          • You take care ok? I miss all the eBay stuff 🙁

          • You take care too and lots of hugs!

          • *hugs*

  • Hi, Fiona! Great post and thanks for supporting StriVectin. This is such an amazing brand! Lulu won a Photo-White Brightening Serum deluxe mini, I think. Angeline won the TL Tightening Neck Cream deluxe mini.

    Wonderful meeting you a few weeks ago at Neutro… 🙂 Cu again!

    • Hi Celeste. Great meeting you the other day too! 😉 . Thanks for clearing up who won what. I’m disappointed that none of them actually replied to that simple question. But anyway, it doesn’t matter now 🙂 . StriVectin is a pretty interesting cosmeceutical brand. I’m glad I had my first blog party with the brand. Would totally do it again lol


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