NEW from Guerlain Makeup – Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation, Les Voilettes Evanescent Powder & Brushes

Looking for a foundation that can give you a flawless and infaliable, dream complexion? Now you can with Guerlain’s new Tenue de Perfection, its first ultimate lasting perfection foundation that enhances the skin’s natural beauty.


Tenue de Perfection has met the challenge of withstanding the whirlwind of life. Imperceptible on application due to its incredibly fine and silky smooth texture, its powers are gradually revealed. First of all, the complexion becomes even, the skin texture refined and imperfections fade away. Then, you discover an utterly soft, velvety feel. As the hours go by, you become aware of its incredible hold. The complexion remains intact, the colour does not change, and the skin breathes and glows without losing its splendour. Allies in creating this ideal complexion, Les Voilettes – totally imperceptible loose or compact powder – offer even greater perfection by weightlessly setting and mattifying the complexion with breath-taking sensuality.

The secret of uniquely sensory & high-performance result

Three Volatile Oils

It evaporate one after the other. These three different volatilities create a flawless complexion in three stages. The unique formula forms a complexion-enhancing film over the skin.

First > Masterstroke: The first oil evaporates instantly under fingers. This is to ensure perfect wear and allow it to melt into the skin for immediate softness.

Second > Key Step: Second oil is to coat the skin more completely. It will evaporates just after assisting the foundation to glide evenly over the skin thus giving the skin a uniform coverage that is perfect.

Third > Highlight: Last final oil is then released to apply and fix the Timeproof complex that will ensure irreproachable correction as well as long lasting for the whole day.


Timeproof Complex

Ultimate Correction
Two soft-focus micro-powders work together to provide complementary properties. The first (in the form of flecks) envelops the contours of the skin, leaving the epidermis smooth and even. The second (spherical powder) glides into fine lines to reduce them and soften imperfections.

Ultimate wear
Two strategies are deployed for an infallible formula. The first plays the protective film card. Concentrated pigments and absorbent beads are coated in a polymer that preserves them and rolls evenly over the skin, setting the foundation hour after hour. The second comes to the rescue against shine and colour denaturation. Beads of silica capture excess sebum to keep the polymer film intact, while the spherical micro-powders act like a colour stabiliser, ensuring that it does not change or darken during the day.


Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation, 16-Hour Lasting Hold – RM176



Les Voilettes Compact Powder – RM164


The Brushes

Guerlain has also created three brushes for three iconic products to give a flawless complexion. Every detail has been meticulously studied from the choice of fibres to the size and cut of the bristles, in order to product a tool that will able to help make-up to blend precisely and ensure perfectly buildable coverage by optimising the texture.


Foundation Brush – RM139

With a cat’s tongue shape and bristles that are firm yet soft on the skin, this is the brush designed to professionally apply fluid foundation formulas such as tenue de perfection. The result? A fine, perfectly even, skin-perfecting film.

Recommended technique: Blend the fluid in horizontal movements from the centre of the face outwards.


Powder Brush – RM176

This plump and extremely supple blush makes it easier to apply loose and compact powders, such as Les Voilettes, for an ultra-sheer effect. The result? A light-as-air velvety finish that embraces the face in an incredibly even veil.

Recommended technique: Sweep over the face in light, broad vertical movements from the centre of the face outwards.


Blusher Brush – RM139

Dense and in the shape of a cat’s tongue, tapered in rounded lines to follow the curves of the cheekbones, it allows you to apply and seamlessly blend colour, without clumps or unnatural streaks. the result: cheekbones caressed with colour that seems to bloom from within.

Recommended technique: Take up the colour with the brush and then sweep it over the back of your hand to remove any excess product. smile and then sweep the colour from the apple of your cheek outwards towards the top of the ear.


Well, that’s it. Which one you are looking forward to?

Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation and All The Brushes will be available from September 2013 onwards at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Sogo.


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  • The foundation omggggg… I never see a foundattiin made w soo many technologies♥♥♥♥ sounds soo promising and perfect!
    But the price…
    Well good things come with the price hahaha.
    Are u gonna try this out? Hihi

    • So technical right? I suppose the expectation and the need to be different from the rest in the market is crucial nowadays.
      Oh yea, I’m going to try this at the counter soon. Now I’m in the BB/CC Cream chronology state lol


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