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One Fragrant MIVVA “Flower Power” August 2013 Edition Review

This has got to be the most heavily fragrant beauty box I ever received so far.

If you are a MIVVA subscriber, you will receive a sneak peek newsletter from the team. Although the sneak peek doesn’t reveal much but based on the theme “Flower Power” and the product in general that will be included, I already knew that I will like it. I tried asking for first hand news from the girls, and boy they sure can keep a secret. Mission failed :(. I got to hang on for a few more days for the box to arrive.

As expected, MIVVA never fail me. So far they are the most creative beauty box of all. I said so many times before that I like to see brand or product diversity in a beauty box and only MIVVA has done it. Some people tell me the brands they get is weird. Heck, that’s not weird. That is DIVERSITY. Who doesn’t like to receive “weird” stuff? I do. At least it’s something that is different from retail store don’t you think so?


Here is the diversity content for August 2013 edition. I love receiving sample in a set. At least it’s complete 😀



Dermedex Challenge Pack
(Biotox Cleanser 5g & Biotox Refining Cream 2 10g)

If you are a follower of my Instagram or Facebook page, you might remember this Dermedex Challenge Pack that I was sent a few months ago. Truth be told, I used it once and put it aside. Upon receiving the challenge pack from Dermedex itself, I went online and search for more info on the product. I found out that the product used to be sold in Singapore until Ministry of Health Singapore banned it after receiving a lot of complaint. With a hesitation, I use it anyway. The cleanser was in cream form that doesn’t foams up. It smells normal and fragrant. But the Refining Cream 2 is a different story. It has a very strong sourish herbal scent. Once applied on my face, it stings and the scent is unbearable. What I read online keep repeating in my mind so I wash the cream away immediately after just 10 minutes. I actually thought my face is burning! Dermedex sent me a follow up email and I feedback to them. I was told that the cream that was banned is Refining Cream, not Refining Cream 2.

I was a bit shock to see Dermedex in this box but knowing one of the founder of MIVVA is a chemist and she actually go through all the product ingredient list so I am even more assured that the product is safe to use. Because of MIVVA I took out my Dermedex and start using again. Maybe because I received a few compliment on my good skin lately that I’m having a bit of breakout on my left cheek. Hope Dermedex can help me 🙁

Achieve clearer and acne free skin within 3 days with Refining Cream Challenge Pack. Biotox Cleanser helps to unclog pores while moisturizing your skin while regular usage of the Refining Cream 2 will encourage your skin’s natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring youthful radiant.

Challenge Pack – RM30
Biotox Cleanser 50ml – RM120
Biotox Refining Cream 2 30ml – RM165



Full Size IGel Airé Refreshing Drops 10ml

I found out that I’ve been having teary eye because my eyes are dry. So eye drops is my best friend now. Regular use of eye drop helps with my teary eye problem. I just need to remember to use it before going to sleep.

I was kinda happy to see this eye drop in the box cause my current bottle is finishing soon. But then I found out that this is for contact lens user. I suppose since it suits contact lens user, it should also suits me right? 😀

For all contact lens wearer. Unique formulation for long lasting comfort & ocular surface management.

10ml – RM18.80 (WM), RM19.80 (EM)



Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo With Tsubaki Amino 40ml & Conditioner With Tsubaki Amino 40ml

This has got to be the most raved hair care brand that I ever seen even before it enter Malaysia market. Eventhough so, I have yet to pick up one to try. Oppss! So yes. This Tsubaki virgin will get to try Tsubaki now 😀

The high purity Tsubaki Oil EX + Penetrating repair ingredients which is also known as Tsubaki Amino intensively nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Tsubaki Amino penetrates deeply and repair damaged cell membrane complex, retain the moisture deep within, enhances elasticity and unlock hair natural shine and smoothness

220ml – RM16.90
550ml – RM33.90



Di Palomo Orange Blossom With Wild Honey & Olive Enriching Hand & Nail Cream 25ml

Is this the product with the most longest name or what? Phew. What a mouthful lol. If you remember…Di Palomo made it’s debut appearance in MIVVA’s debut box back in December 2012. I received a Wild Fig & Grape Enriching Hand & Nail Cream. This time I received a different version. Despite bearing the word “Orange Blossom” this doesn’t smell a bit like an orange. My nose detected a strong olive and possible honey scent too. I’m quite surprised that it gives me a velvety layer instead of oily or sticky. Definitely something to put on if you are on computer a lot 😀

An enriching and luxurious Hand and Nail Cream blended with olive oil, honey and orange blossom extract which are known for their soothing and nourishing properties. Also rich in Grapeseed Oil to leave your hands soft, smooth and nourished

75ml – RM59



Shills Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
(Dual Action Cleansing Gel 3ml, Hydrating Toner 3ml & Luxury Essence 3ml)

Rose is my favorite scent for everything. Something with rose ingredient in it always smells good. And hydrating too. I have seen Rose Essential launch earlier this year but of course, never get the chance to try it. All the deluxe sample bottle is soooo cute! Underneath the cap is a dropper head, just like eye drop. Brilliant design! I like that the sample comes in a set of 3, in a box as well so that we can try the range in a set instead of just one.

Soothe and calm your skin with this travel-friendly Damascus Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set to cover your basic skin care regime.

Cleansing Gel – RM79
Toner – RM59
Essence – RM99



F.cup Cookies (Vanilla & Chocolate)

Errr. I like cookie but not quite interested with this F.cup cookies. I understand that Vanilla is new flavour but it does taste bad lol! I took a bite and never dare to finish it. Really taste awful to me :P. This “cookie” is not exactly like normal cookie. It is a soft cookie that is almost like a cake, only drier. It does have a strong milk scent to it. Ignore me on this cause I am scent-sensitive type of person. It’s quite famous everywhere you know 😀

An innovative product from Japan, the F.cup brand offers natural breast enhancement solutions with essential amino acids. A hot selling product with over 4.5 million boxes in Japan. The concept of F.cup revolves around maximizing beauty with nature and changing to be more beautiful, while still providing tasty products. The brand ensures the safety development of the products thoroughly through close cooperation with manufacturers.

RM78.90 for a box of 14 sticks

Can I say WOW now? It’s a hit product. Want to try this cookie? Leave me a comment on why you want to try and I’ll give you the chocolate flavour cookie 😀

Last but not least a BONUS from MIVVA!

Village Garden Perfumed Drawer Sachet

I said at the beginning that this is the most fragrant beauty box I ever received. It is all thanks to this sachet. It is so strong that I can’t really take it. However this came at the right time too. Off it goes to the shoe cabinet 😉

There is 3 vouchers included in this month’s box. One from Worthy Book, one from TokyoNinki and another one from Dermedex, which I’ve put up in the Dermedex section 😀



What I Like

Every month without fail I get to try a handful products that I never get to try before. It is not weird brands mind you. It is just brands that we seldom see or will ever source for it. So far MIVVA has been doing a good job in bringing these products / brands to us. Honestly saying, if it’s not because it appear in beauty box I would have not purposely look and bought it. Keep up the awesome job!
I like the variety in this month’s box. I get skin care, hair care, hand care, eye care and bust care (hehe).
I see that everyone is getting the new box design, which I hope the quality will stop all the dented box issue. For me there is no issue at all. Black is a nice, elegant color although hard to photograph hehehe 😀
Oh and there’s always a bonus of something something from the team. A surprise indeed 🙂

What I Don’t Like

The perfumed drawer sachet is just too overwhelming. I left the sachet in my shoe cabinet before going to bed. Woke up this morning, open my room’s door and I already can smell the sachet. Now my whole living room is heavily perfumed. It’s a bonus and a small token from the girls so can’t complain :P. I’m gonna zip my mouth 😀


What can I say. I have been expressing my love for MIVVA so much that I’m out of things to say lol. If you want something that is not from your local pharmacy, something that offer a wide diversity of brands and products, a team of people that can think out of the box, generosity and very affordable beauty box…this is the one that you should be subscribing.

Hop over to and key in the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code: DiscoverMIVVA
Please use my referral link ya [].
Subscription Fee: 1-month = RM38 (RM10 shipping fee), 3-months + 190 points = RM114, 6-months + 570 points = RM228
Facebook Page:


Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (15)

  • do the f cup cookies work? they were highly raved online… haha. but i dont expect to hear that from u since u only took a bite?
    may i have the chocolate one please?? XD very curious how is it like

    as for dermedex hor, i suggest u not to use…

    • I think chocolate taste 1000x better than Vanilla :P. I don’t dare to try that otherwise wasted. Might as well give to those that are keen to try 😉

      What’s wrong with Dermedex dear? Is it really banned regardless Refining Cream or Refining Cream 2?

    • Gin, I’ll keep the cookie for you 🙂

  • Oh I’m a Tsubaki user (damage care range) haha It actually works quite well in retaining my bleached purple hair colour although it doesn’t specifically say its for coloured hair.

    • It’s Japanese products! They invent one thing and it works for others too LOL. I always love Japanese stuff :D. Never fail to impress me.

  • hahahaha. I do not dare to taste the F cup cookies too!!! I was quite hungry when I received the MIVVA box and saw the cookies. I planned to eat it but when I read about the brochure about the F cup cookies, then I suddenly have loss of appetite. I don’t really need a F cup. hahaha!
    I love everything in MIVVA box again! I don’t think its weird at all. it just give me more choices and other brand to try on.

    • Haha no worries cause this is just to try the taste. Only long and frequent consumption of Fcup cookies will make bust grow 😛
      It is definitely not weird. I love the product selection. Very different from other beauty box 😀

  • I’m loving this month’s MIVVA box! What a wide range of products in one box. 🙂 I love the Tsubaki and Di Paloma products, they smell amazing.The Shills set didn’t work well on my skin, made it even oilier and caused breakouts. 🙁

    Now I’m using the Dermedex. I’m really surpised by the effects. Usually when they have such big claims on the packaging, I don’t really believe it but this time it’s really true (at least for me). After one night, the pores on my nose are visibly much smaller. 😮 My skin is also less oily but I worry that long term usage will dry my skin out…

    I have to say, this box really sealed the deal and reminded me of what a true beauty box is. I don’t even mind that some products may not suit me. At least getting to try the samples to know is better than buying a full sized and letting it go to waste!

    • Yes! Wide range, brand and amount of products included in the box. I haven’t sniff Tsubaki yet. Got to finish some stuff in the bathroom rack before putting this in haha. I prefer the previous Di Palomo that I get. That smells nicer but both range is not oily and sticky.

      I still don’t dare to apply Dermedex all over my face. I only apply it on the breakout area, which is my left cheek. You are okay with the scent?? Perhaps you can use it on and off so that you skin will not be too dry. The smell of the cream is still a turn off for me. Eeewwww!

      You know what Ashley. What you said is exactly what I think of too. Beauty box is suppose to be this way. Malaysia is getting really out of hand. The products in this month’s box makes me even more happier than receiving full size! 😀

  • I love cookies but the thought of breast-enhancing cookies make me feel a bit ill. I don’t really want to think about breast sizes when I eat. I’m sorry, it’s just me 🙁
    Quite a mixed bag in this month’s Mivva. I’m divided on how I feel about it. The range is quite wide though.

    • Just treat it as normal cake will do :D. Unfortunately breast size doesn’t increase with 2 cookies hehe! Everyone have their own preference. Don’t need to be sorry.
      As for this month’s box…it depends on how you look at it. I suppose everyone have different expectation from it :D. There no right or wrong. Perhaps I can know what makes you feel divided so that I can feedback to the girls at MIVVA? 😉

      • It’s a really eclectic mix this month and the combo of rose sachets and food (albeit beauty food) is a little conflicting. Perhaps this month’s box wasn’t really me but I am kicking myself for missing their Beautymate samples last month but after reading your Behind the Scenes @ Mivva I have such an appreciation of the hard work that goes into bringing us these goodies at the nominal subscription price. These girls are really trying their best and I understand it’s really not easy to please everyone with every box.

        You’re right, subscribers need to be more adventurous and forgiving. Maybe we do need to go back and ask ourselves what a beauty box really is – and that is a chance to try samples that we may never think to take on ourselves rather than expect a box of designer goodies each month.

        • I can understand your concern on the combo of rose sachets and food. For me it was alright since the Fcup cookies is wrapped with wrapeprs :D. Last month is the toner right? I gave a bottle to mum while I keep a bottle for myself :). I think Mivva will be laying low for a bit with Beautymate as some girls are not into receiving a few times of Beautymate although it has been gapped for a bit.

  • Agreed that it’s the most heavily scented box todate (not including the month Wonderbox gave some perfume vial that leaked in my box). I like how they always come with a theme and that the products given are always for different usage. Am loving the IGEL Aire eye drops!

    • Awww your perfume vial leaked! Hope they replace one for you. I like the theme too. Most of the time they stuck with the theme in terms of products. Do you think non contact lens user can use this eye drop?


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