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Review: China Glaze #Hopeful – One Of The 12 Polishes from United For A Purpose Collection For 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness

Many months ago I was gifted with this beautiful creamy pink nail polish from China Glaze. It has been sitting in my drawer until recently I changed the shape of my nails and immediately took this out to use. I’ve been saving it for the nails as I knew it will be beautiful, and I was right 😀

Hopeful is the shade that I received. It is a part of a 12 polishes in the United For A Purpose Collection which is also a China Glaze’s 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness release. These 12 polishes namely Faith, Angels Breath, Hopeful, Pearls of Wisdom, Dare to be Bare, Heart of the Matter, Hello Gorgeous, United, Beauty Within, Live Love Laugh, Exquisite and Always a Lady. Most of them are pale shades of pink but there is also a few glittery ones and bold fuchsia.

Is it so easy to guess what is my liking cause May from China Glaze Malaysia knew which shade that I will like 😀


Hopeful appears more of a milky color with a hint of pink tint. Did you notice that I said a hint of pink tint? This means the milky color dominated the color payoff. You will still get the pink but just slightly.

I applied Seche Clear™ Crystal Clear Base Coat first to protect my nails from turning yellow and also to protect my nails from the nail polish. Then I apply a layer of Hopeful but the texture is uneven and it’s not opaque enough to cover all my nails. So I waited for it to dry and apply a 2nd layer of Hopeful. I managed to cover the unevenness just a bit but it wasn’t as smooth as I thought. To overcome this I apply a layer of Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat and voilà! Every unevenness, streaks, lumps are all smoothen out. Let’s not forget that my nails are shiny too 😀

I have seen other reviews on this and theirs appear more pinkish on their nails compared with mine. As you can see, mine appears more milky. I got to say…I kinda like it. I have always wanted to apply milky color on my nails. But milky shade doesn’t look nice on short nails. I can’t keep long nails as my nails is quite thin and brittle. I can now apply this after changing my nail shape 😀

China Glaze is available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama and Sasa One Utama, BSC, Cheras Leisure Mall, Mid Valley, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall, First World Plaza, City Square JB
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Disclaimer: Gift from a friend.


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  • for me, it look like pastel pink, look good on u

    • Everyone call it differently. I call it milky / creamy pink 😀

  • This is soo nice on u!!! I wanna to try out milky nails too! Is this limited edition? I tried white once.. too in-your-eyes for me although it looks great on other ppl.

    • In real it’s more pink haha. Nope this is not limited edition. You can still find it from China Glaze :D. All white is harder to pull off. You might end up looking like a ghost eh eh eh. But white is good for french nail-do. Just the tip.

      • My profession doesn’t allow me to do my nails unless I have holidays.. and no square nails too! The nail shape makes such a big difference on u! It is really nice.
        But will definitely check out this colour hihi

        • Why no square nails? Round pointy is too sharp for your profession too right? Unless you are required to cut off completely. I used to have short, small nails. Eversince I changed to square it is slightly bigger 😀

          • We have to cut everything off… thats why I can only play with my toenails haha

            The square one looks great on u! Keep it!

          • Ahhh that makes sense to cut everything off. I don’t apply nail polish on my nails often, except for toenails lol

  • i like square nails on girls 😀

    • Sharp pointy nails are in trend now haha


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