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Review: Kérastase Specifique Dermo-Calm Range, Soothe and Relax Your Sensitive & Stressed Scalp

I think I mentioned this before :D. My hair is considered the less problematic one and I don’t really have to spend time and pay a lot of attention to it. I do suffer occasional hair loss and dandruff due to stress but that comes and go. Then…my scalp took a 180 degree turn six months ago. Out of the sudden I suffer from sensitive scalp. My scalp became so dry that it flakes. Flaky scalp and dandruff is different. If you find white bits on your shoulder, that is flaky scalp not dandruff. Treating flaky scalp with hair care for dandruff doesn’t help but make things worse. Not only did I suffer from flaky scalp. My scalp is red, painful and veins are visible.

Before I knew the difference between flaky scalp with dandruff, I was treating my problem with hair care for dandruff. Not only it doesn’t cure my problem, it make things worse. I was in a red, painful scalp for a few months before I knew what went wrong. I visited my usual hair salon for a hair cut and my stylist told me that my scalp is actually sensitive and dry. She suggested that I use hair care for sensitive scalp, not anything else. I was introduced to Kérastase Dermo-Calm range.

According to Kérastase, hair beauty is determined within the scalp. That is why Kerastase created Dermo-Calm range for sensitive and stressed scalps.


Kérastase Specifique Bain Vital Dermo-Calm Hypoallergenic Hydra-Soothing Shampoo (RM78 / 250ml)

I am lucky to have a hair stylist that only recommend product that I need and that is suitable for my condition. She introduced me this range but did not ask me to buy everything in the range. Instead she told me I only need the shampoo to cure my problem. Her advice? “Use for one whole month with nothing else”.

This innovative shampoo is designed to soothe sensitive scalps. I guess you already know that :D. It provides the hair with a gentle yet effective cleanse. How it works is that it calm all the irritation and at the same time prevent itching. Sensitive scalp do have itchy scalp. Which is why the redness doesn’t goes off. Kérastase said that this shampoo is created to keep the hair moisturized, shiny and super soft, while feeling both refreshed and rejuvenated.

The bottle design is unique, which is the signature Kérastase design. When my stylist showed me this shampoo, I was happy because the color is already looking promising. The bottle might looked a bit small but in fact it is not. Each bottle contain 250ml, which is a lot as you don’t really need a lot each wash. It doesn’t comes with a pump so dispensing the right amount of shampoo is a bit tricky. There are times I accidentally poured out too much of shampoo so yeah, do pay attention when you are pouring the shampoo.

Not only the bottle is in ocean blue color, so does the shampoo itself. Below is roughly the amount of shampoo I used for each wash. What I do is I pour the shampoo on to my palm, lather with both palm and massage onto wet hair. This shampoo doesn’t lather much on palm. But when in contact with wet hair, it lather just like normal shampoo.

The smell is amazing. It doesn’t leave any oily residue behind and rinsed off very clean, leaving me with fresh and light-weight hair. It cleans well but doesn’t dry my scalp. As my sensitive scalp was quite bad, it took me nearly a month to calm the scalp down. Slowly, bit by bit I can see the redness is gone especially the redness all over the front of my head. The flaky scalp is also reduced bit by bit. When flaky scalp is reduced, itchy scalp is also reduced. Now I am about 80% cured. There is still a bit of flaky scalp to handle.

Here is the ingredient list for Kérastase Specifique Bain Vital Dermo-Calm Hypoallergenic Hydra-Soothing Shampoo.

I was overwhelmed when I was sent with two treatment product from Dermo-Calm range to try.


Kérastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Intense Scalp Soothing Serum (RM82 / 50ml)

I wasn’t advised to apply anything directly on to the scalp for one month so that I don’t stress my scalp any further. When my sensitive scalp was getting better, I can now use this. Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Intense Scalp Soothing Serum is designed to soothe the scalp and give the hair an unbeatablely soft texture that lasts. It is suitable to be used on sensitive scalps and although the range is for sensitive scalp, it is also suitable for all hair types. Kérastase said that this serum will help to relax the scalp and give the scalp some much needed TLC 🙂

The serum comes in a glass dropper bottle. Reason behind the dropper bottle is because you will need to apply the serum section by section directly onto the scalp. It is quite tricky to gauge the right amount to use because it wasn’t stated in the instruction. I guess you will need to use it regularly to get the preferred suitable amount for your liking and scalp suitability.

The serum is quite runny, unlike Kérastase Initialiste which is more solid. Intense Scalp Soothing Serum smells amazing too. After a few application I finally get the right amount for my scalp. I use 3/4 full dropper, dispensing onto my scalp by section from the front to the back of my scalp. Usually 3/4 dropper amount is sufficient for me. After that I used all 10 of my fingers and massage the serum into my scalp.

Intense Scalp Soothing Serum is so light that it doesn’t leave any oily residue on the scalp. I know some people might be worried that this will make the scalp oily the next day or weight the hair down but I experience none of those on my scalp. It practically dries down as if I didn’t apply anything.

Using this serum accelerate the speed recovery for my sensitive scalp. Sometimes I forget to use this serum and I ended up with itchy scalp the next morning. Which means it does help with soothing the scalp :D. Love this.

Here is the ingredient list for Kérastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Intense Scalp Soothing Serum.



Kérastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Soothing Calming Masque (RM136 / 200ml)

One thing about Kérastase is that they have a hair masque for each different range. This Sensidote Dermo-Calm Soothing Calming Masque is a wash off hair masque treatment to soothe the scalp leaving the scalp feeling soft, fresh and clean. But of course it’s main benefit is to relieve the scalp from irritation. This masque is an intensive treatment that gives scalp immediate effects. Kérastase said that the scalp will feel cool, soothed and fresh whilst the hair will have a boost of silky soft texture that lasts.

This hair masque comes in a huge tub. The masque itself is in a pale green color. There is no spatula or whatsoever. Basically you just dunk your fingers in and scoop the masque out each use :D. Always remember to dry your hands before doing so. You wouldn’t want to end up with a pool of water in the tub :D. The amount to use is depending on your hair length and preferred amount. As this is for the scalp so I apply the masque directly onto the scalp by massaging in before spreading all over the hair.

As you know, hair masque is more thicker than conditioner. Conditioner is only to be applied on the hair length without touching the scalp. Soothing Calming Masque is a hair masque in Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm range specifically for those that suffer from sensitive scalp, but otherwise it is also suitable for other hair type.

Whenever I apply a big chunk on the scalp, I ended up with oily scalp. After a few trial and error, I found the right way to use this. What I do is I scoop out a small amount and spread onto both palm. Using finger combing method, slowly bit by bit I comb the masque into my scalp. Then I scoop out a generous amount of masque and apply all over the remaining hair length. I find that this way works better for me. After rinsing my hair remain soft and smooth even up till the next day. Personally I would prefer this over conditioner as masque provide better treatment and moisture for my scalp and hair. It smells equally good too.

I use this masque at least 2 times a week. I would usually skip using conditioner whenever I’m using this masque. Like I said, I prefer the effect from masque than conditioner 😀

I have tried numerous hair care to treat my severe sensitive scalp and flaking issue but none works. I am glad that I turn to my stylist for recommendation and bought Kérastase to try. The brand really does live up to it’s reputation and product claim. At first I didn’t see any difference from the shampoo treatment so I thought it didn’t work for me. I realized that I will need to be patient and give it some time. Afterall my scalp sensitively is quite bad.

Have you tried anything from Kérastase before? I know there has been a few boxes that give out Kérastase in their box. It is definitely a good move to let more and more people try out their products 😀

Kérastase Specifique Dermo-Calm Range is available at all authorised salons nationwide.

(1) Kérastase Specifique Bain Vital Dermo-Calm Hypoallergenic Hydra-Soothing Shampoo – RM78 for 250ml
(2) Kérastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Intense Scalp Soothing Serum – RM82 for 50ml
(3) Kérastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Soothing Calming Masque – RM136 for 200ml

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Disclaimer: I bought Kérastase Specifique Bain Vital Dermo-Calm Hypoallergenic Hydra-Soothing Shampoo myself before the whole range was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I love Keratase hair products and I used the green range every time after I rebonded my hair. With careful usage, the shampoo and conditioner can last me a good 4 months. It protects rebonded hair and keeps it in lovely condition. I also used their leave-on serum which comes in the orange bottle. I think the bottle cost RM82 and last me 7-8 months.

    I have dandruff since I was young so although this blue range would be great, I think it is more for sensitive scalp since my scalp is neither red nor itchy. Thanks for the review though as I never realised they had this range 🙂

    • My stylist told me a bottle of shampoo can last 4 months and it can really last that long 😀
      This range is especially developed for those that have sensitive scalp, not for dandruff users though. If your vein and redness is showing, that means it’s sensitive scalp. If its just dandruff then you should be using dandruff care 😉

  • Oh…I did not know that dandruff and flaky scalp were totally 2 different. Then I know my problem now… I keep on using dandruff shampoo to treat my scalp but no avail. I should try the Kerastase Shampoo that you have recommended. Thanks Fiona for sharing.

    • Yes it’s two different thing. I only found out at Aveda workshop. I see “snow flakes” on my shoulder and I thought my dandruff problem has gone bad. Once I started to treat it properly, the flaking stopped :). Do give Kerastase shampoo a try. You only need very little for each wash so RM78 a bottle can goes a long way 😉

  • i have not try this yet 🙂

    • There’s too many range in Kerastase :D. I prefer this over the green one hehe

  • thanks for sharing this Fiona! I have those white flakes too whenever I scratched my head, all these while I thought it’s dandruff =_=” no wonder lah i have finished 3 bottles of dandruff shampoo but still, my itchy scalp doesnt get anywhere near well. a hairdresser once told me i have sensitive scalp but she didnt recommend any products to me, she asked me to come for treatments only at her salon.

    • Dandruff is yellowish :D. If you can’t seems to get rid of it after 3 bottles of dandruff shampoo, most probably it’s flaky scalp. Your hairdresser could be right dear. Try using nothing but shampoo for sensitive scalp. Treatment works fine but you can’t do it too often otherwise your wallet would be crying. So the best solution is still targeted shampoo 😀

  • Hi Fiona ! I like this review. I’ve been finding the right products but couldn’t =( none of them works. btw, would you suggest on just using the Kerastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm Masque first ? because I’ve bought sooooo many different shampoos I HAVE A LOT
    My hair is pretty soft BUT they’re so fine and keep thinning ! :'( so I’m thinking it could be scalp prob. oily scalp x(

    so yea, either I try on the shampoo first and purchase the masque later, or just buy the masque alone 🙁

  • Is that a typo or do you really use the masque 2 times a day? :O doing so would make your hair extremely dry!

    Also, if your hair itches when you forgot to apply the serum, it could also mean that the serum is just a quick-fix, and does not actually solve the problem. I think this is the case with me too. I’m currently looking for a more long-term solution to my itchy-for-no-reason scalp.

    • Oppss. It’s a typo. I meant 2 times a week. Contrary, it does not make my hair dry. It’s the opposite.

      Yes, it does not solve the problem if my scalp itches when I forgot the serum. That was because I have not used it for too long. On long run I believe it will be better. One bottle will not see much difference 🙂

  • Fiona I hope this works for me. I just bought it. I’ve tried so many shampoos and nothing works. When I do try something it breaks my hand out so I’m assuming I have sensitive scalp. I hope it works for me. Did it work for you?

    • Hi Jason aka Diana. I saw your emailssss and replied it with you replying back so I’m not quite sure what are you trying to get out of this by asking again and again. As I mentioned in my email, basically I’ve put down my review and thoughts on whether the product works for me in the blog post. I really do hope you do not missed it. But if you do… here you go. And what I’m pasting below is based on your curiosity on the shampoo.

      It cleans well but doesn’t dry my scalp. As my sensitive scalp was quite bad, it took me nearly a month to calm the scalp down. Slowly, bit by bit I can see the redness is gone especially the redness all over the front of my head. The flaky scalp is also reduced bit by bit. When flaky scalp is reduced, itchy scalp is also reduced. Now I am about 80% cured. There is still a bit of flaky scalp to handle.

      I really do hope you get your answer whether this works for me or not. But if it does not, please feel free to re-read my review again. It’s really easy to navigate around the review as I’ve separated my review product by product. Hardly can miss 😉

      Have a great weekend!

  • Hello! Can I know which hair dresser did you go to? Thank you!

    • Hi Mavis, I went to Miko Kajang but Kajang is no longer operational so you may visit other Miko 😀

      • Thank you so much for your speedy reply! Went to other salons and the price for the shampoo is more exp :(. I’ll try milo. Thanks again!

        • There might be a price increase now as the review was done a few years ago 😛 . You may go to Miko Bandar Puteri Puchong and look for Evon. She’s my hair stylist.


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