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I Said I Am Not A Blush Fiend But My Collection Said The Otherwise

Blush fiend is a term I learnt from other fellow international beauty bloggers recently. The term blush fiend simply means blush collector / adorer / lover / hoarder :D. I am certainly not someone that hoard blushes. I would say I am a finishing powder hoarder as I always stock up on finishing powder regardless compact, 2-way, loose or pearl. Just not blushes.

Well, that was then. Recently whenever I saw a new collection out, I always went for the blush instead. I find it hard for me to hit the pan of the powder nowadays as I have implemented liquid foundation into the base makeup routine therefore I use much lesser powder. So the only makeup item I could think of buying to fix my beauty craving is blush! It was unintentional. By the time I realized I had turned into a blush fiend, I ended up with these.

I am not a blush fiend but I guess my collection said the otherwise?


Blush Fiend1

Most of my blushes are new. About 90% of them. I try to only open up a new blush after I’m done with the current blush. The strategy here is to concentrate on one so that it finished up faster. I guess it’s not working because my current blush is just too dense that I can still see the flower print on top! *facepalm*. It’s only recently I swirl my brush more and harder so the print is fading slowly. I was desperate to use another blush. Okay, I am so going to break my own strategy lol.

These are new addition to the blush family. Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher that I bought just 2 weeks ago. The plan is to get one but I ended up with two. I tend to buy two of everything. It’s a bad retail habit, I know.

The one of the far left that has a beautiful flower print on is Aupres Dimensional Face Creator. I was given this from Aupres a few months ago before they launched it in August. It is a blush and contour palette. I haven’t really use this but I have swatched it for picture, which reminds me that a pending review is on the way 🙂

Blush Fiend2
My very first Lancome blush is the Lancome Blush Subtil Rose that I have been eyeing since it was launched. I bought a Lancome Beauty Box 2012 and the blush is included! I wanted it mainly for it’s rose print on top as well as the 4-shade blush. It was unique back then as not many blush in the market are produced that way. Mostly single color 🙂

The two cute round tube next to the Lancome is RMK Airy Matte Cheeks that I picked up from an online seller for a fraction of the retail price. I’m always a pink blush girl but it was so cheap that I needed to get minimum two. So I bought Airy Pink and Airy Coral. The coral is not a regret at all. It is absolutely gorgeous and not too orangey. So far I left the pink one untouched and only use the coral one once in a blue moon.

Blush Fiend3
As most of you know, I also acquired a few Anna Sui blushes during the recent Luxasia Warehouse Sales. I got these two from 2012 Christmas Set so there was no box. I do admit I only bought those set for the blushes. See how everything nowadays evolve around blushes.

I like the Anna Sui Cheek Color E 01 for it’s pretty butterfly print and the intense pink blush but I like the Anna Sui Cheek Color A 300 for it’s packaging. Somehow I am still not crazily into coral blush.

I was also given two Canmake blush during the Canmake 2013 Spring Look blogger event. The goodie bag was a generous one and I was excited when I saw these blushes in it. One of it is the iconic best seller Canmake Cream Cheek, which is a bright pink cream blush and Canmake Powder Cheeks, which is a shimmering coral powder blush. I like how brands gave two different blush. One in pink and the other one in coral. I have just started with Cream Cheek. I love it to bits. Now I understand why it is such a hit. It’s really good and give a natural pink flush on the cheeks. And yes…review is on the way too. I just took photos of it last week 🙂

Blush Fiend4
These are my babies! Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire was a limited edition Spring 2011 blush which I managed to snag one last year with the help of a good friend. You bet I haven’t use this yet. I also bought a Burberry Beauty Light Glow blush during my first Burberry Autumn/Winter 2013 Runway Look preview event. It was expensive no doubt but I’ve been itching to purchase Burberry makeup so why not :). In fact I have yet to touch any of the Burberry makeup item I bought oppss! I also managed to bought a Guerlain Terracotta Blush a few months ago and this is a liquid blush that gives a beautiful illuminating color on the cheek. A little goes a long way so this small bottle will probably last till my grandchild!

The one on the far top right is a gift from Kamsiah. It is a ZA Cheeks Groovy. The color is more subtle and although I have yet to use this, I am sure I will like it 🙂

Blush Fiend5
Ronasutra Cheek Colour Mineral Blusher is also a gift from Kamsiah. It is basically a loose mineral powder blush. I will get around this soon!

And last but not least, the blush that I’m currently using. It’s the Elianto Fionatto Blush. The color is absolutely natural on the cheek. It is quite hard to go wrong with this color. The pan is so dense that the flower print on top is still visible. Only recently I managed to swirl the print off a bit. But anyway with all the blush I have I don’t think so I can wait for this to hit the pan 😀

Blush Fiend6
There you have it. My blush collection so far. It’s not a lot I know but it is a lot to me especially if most of it is brand new. I think after I took these photos I have since added two new blush in the collection hehe. I can’t wait to use the Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher. I just need to photograph it first before using 🙂

Which is your blush favorite? Is there any blush that you are eyeing from my collection?


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  • i was into blushers at one part…but then my skin has bad breakout(not because of the blushers) so i shifted my attension to lippies… now i have so many lippies and i still itch to collect more… good thing is lippies tend to be cheaper but gosh how many lips i have?!
    i have 5blush right now. 2rmk,1 nars, 1 guerlain from a friend and 1 benetint(this counts? haha)~ surprisingly the guerlain dont work well… =(
    my current fav? that rmk i got from you!!!!!!!!!! i think i prefer not so shimmery blush

    • Makes sense to shift to lippie as you wouldn’t want to add chemical stuff on the face. There’s one time I was into lippie. It was after powder hehe. Now I’m at blushes. I like to look at it more than using it. Help!
      Oh ya. That RMK coral color blush! That one is more fine, moist in a way and matte :). But the texture itself doesn’t give a flat dimension. If it’s dry matte then it’s going to look flat and dull on the cheek. I should get RMK blush pan in pink 😛

      • powders, blush, eyeshadows are very addictive just to look at them, especially if the packaging or pattern is cute!!! NEED A LOT OF WILLPOWER TO NOT BRINGING THEM HOME!
        but i find that in reality i dont get to use them as much. i banned myself from purchasing eyeshadows… coz i barely wear them now..
        [seriously this breakout thing has completely changed my life. i was so into eyeshadows…but with the breakout i just cant do dramatic eyes with the bad skin… it will be so weird. seeing someone with pimples yet dramatic eyes.]
        yeah, that’s the power of rmk! matte but not flat! *love it to the max*

        anyway, i am at this stage of being obsessive with base makeup and lippes. having said that, my perfect base search ended with rmk so…………..i can only play with lippiesright now LOL
        i found this new joy in mixing different shades of lippies nyahahahaha

        • Very addictive indeed. I died on powder especially those with pretty packaging. I don’t mind stocking that because I used all the time. Now it’s more as setting powder 🙂
          If you are without base makeup, it’s better to skip eyeshadow as well. You are right…it’s weird hehe.

          I’m also obsessed with base makeup especially liquid foundation. I restrain myself from buying because it takes forever to finish 🙁

          Mixing lippie…hmmm. I’m lazy. Do you melt and depot your lippie? Easier to mix.

          • no i dont depot. i layer them. and it gives more fun that way coz if u swipe A lightly and add B, it is totally different if u swipe A heavy and add B.

            i like lipgloss too but my fav one is actually finishing! the guerlain one i bought from u. i love love love it. considering buying a full size but see how… >.< i definitely dont need it but i really like it!

            the only base makeup that still tempts me after i met rmk is guerlain… i tried once at counter like a year ago and it works like a dream…. aiks, at this moment while i am typing, i am itching to get it! *self slap*

            anyway, it is good that u buy and actually use them. problem with me is: i dont. *self slaps again*

          • Oh Guerlain base also applies like a dream. I’m currently trialling BB Booster :P. Base makeup last long too since you only use a pump for the whole face. I feel guilty if product are unfinished. I’m a bad beauty blogger. I’m too attached to what I’m currently using lol.

        • PLEASE REVIEW ON IT~!!!!! HOW IS IT LIKE?? haha… in terms of coverage, i know u have near perfect skin d but how it covers? the one i said i was very tempted to get is the guerlain lingerie de peau foundie. this beauty booster is from lingerie de peau too right? do u happen to know the differences?
          and btw… how much is this ah?

          haha that doesnt make u a bad blogger, u are a smart consumer!

          • I will review :). Soon. Lingerie de Peau foundie is the best seller of Guerlain. BB Booster is BB Cream. The difference is there – foundation vs BB cream 🙂
            Hehehehe I don’t have near to perfect skin. I wish I am. BB Booster is RM165. A bit pricey because it’s Guerlain!

          • the foundie is even more expensive??right? wow i didnt know it is the best seller!!!!!! but i remember it was really trully good!
            please review the bb soooonnnnnn~~~~~~~~~~~ i wanna see u in it!!!!!!!!!!!! *drool*

          • I can’t recall hehe. I’m more of a foundie person :). Will review soon. I have the pictures already but I’m not happy with the product pictures. I want to retake haha

  • Brighthen up my day by just looking at them

    • They are pretty aren’t they? :D. It won’t be anymore once I start using haha

  • liking this post so much ! ^_^ blusher packaging mostly nice hor ^_^ my itchy hand will go to open another new blusher even though I haven’t finish the current one>_< each of the pan can really last quite long, haha :DD

    • Thanks. I’m glad you like it too :). I have itchy hands too! I tried not to open too many. Just one pink and one coral will do hehehehehe. Blusher on me is faster to finish. I can never leave home without blusher.

      • I think you are right fiona dear! i must agree with you that blusher always make us look prettier lololol. but fiona dear, how about if i left home without any make up but just with skin care on my face? do you think will it be odd if I only apply blusher >_< ahahhha, lazy to apply foundation la xD

        • Why not? But it only works for pink. Pink will add that tiny bit of rosy cheek for you. Try 2-way foundation. Easy to apply 😉

  • Oh, I buy two or three of everything too! Makeup and clothes and pretty much everything. I just can’t bear not having back-ups of things I love.

    • I tried not to do the same for clothes except for cardigan :). Everything else would be double up minimum!

  • *wipes drool off keyboard* Whoa, that is a LOT of blushers! The Anna Sui ones are really pretty ^^ I haven’t touched the Canmake ones yet, but hand itchy now lololol
    I’ve not heard about or seen the RMK ones, but they sound interesting. Did they discontinue it? :O

    • *hands over tissue* I think my collection is consider the smaller portion of what other beauty blogger own :P. Anna Sui packaging is nice. If only the print on top last 🙂
      RMK blushes is well-known! Check them out at the counter. It’s not discontinued actually. They come out with some for every new collection 😉

  • Lovely collection! The packaging are just so pretty that I know I’d be “addicted” too, if i were to start… LOL
    But alas… i never knew how to use blusher properly, even after reading countless “step by step” materials on applying blusher…
    And with my tanned complexion, even if I put on a subtle blush, it doesn’t show and if I put on a darker shade, with my super lame and lousy make-up skills, I often end up looking lk those paper effigies at the joss paper shop. LOL!

    • Hahaha Carrie! Actually you don’t need darker shade of blusher. All you need is layer on more…as in apply more / swirl the brush on the cheek more :). The color will show up.

  • Long time reader but first time commenter coz your blush collection is just so overwhelmingly awesome. I’m a blush hoarder coz I think it’s a lovely touch to the face whether using light pink or coral or a deeper flush, whether its matte or shimmer… Aaahhhh. Have the same feeling as u too regarding hitting the pan… Feel so wasteful when I swipe and swipe. My weakness is the box o powder series from benefit!! 🙂

    • Hi LC! Thanks for commenting. It’s good to see silent reader here 😀
      To be honest I’ve been itching to collect Benefit’s Box O Powder series. But at the same time I’m afraid that once I start, I couldn’t stop! But it’s soooooo tempting. I’m also in the midst of collecting Guerlain Meteorites Perles. Faint… 😀

  • Hi Fiona. I love your blush collection 🙂 Like Aby, I am also lazy to apply foundation to work every morning. I apply loose powder and then apply blusher to ensure I look more alive. LOL. I will then apply lipstick. I am about to finish my MAC loose powder and I am thinking of either getting a similar one from MAC or to try Guerlain Meteorites. I understand that the Meteorites does nothing in terms of oil control but since my face is not that oily, was thinking of trying it out. What do you think?

    • Thanks Victoria ;). Loose powder is good enough as it does provide some veil on the face. Guerlain Meteorites is good enough if you are not oily skin or face is not that oily. I don’t really rely that for oil control 🙂 You will however get this glow that normal loose powder couldn’t provide. Have you tried it over the counter? Do get the BA to tried it on your face otherwise you won’t see anything hehe. Look for Irene at Isetan KLCC counter 😉

      • Thanks for the recommendation. Will surely try it out before I purchase it 🙂

        • My pleasure. Do let me know what’s the outcome and which meteorites you bought. Would be fun 😀


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