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Beauty News: Kiehl’s x Eric Haze For It’s 5th Annual Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2013

Kiehl’s in collaboration with NYC artist – Eric Haze deliver holiday gifts as bright and as colorful as the season itself.

Kiehl's Haze Christmas Collection1
Following multiple success of previous worldwide holiday partnerships with artists such as Kaws, Jeff Koons and Kenny Scharf, this year in 2013 Kiehl’s proudly announces its 5th Annual Limited Edition Holiday Collection in collaboration with NYC-based artist Eric Haze. So who is Eric Haze? Well, “Haze” has been creating artistic imagery on a variety of mediums for over 30 years. He is best known for designs that span the art, graphic design and fashion arenas. “Haze” was first recognized for his contributions to the early 1980’s NYC graffiti art scene. His work is often deemed as iconic which proudly include various custom album artwork and logos for The Beastie Boys, L.L. Cool J and also MTV. His artistic contribution doesn’t just stop there. He also contributed his artistic idea in creating limited edition sneakers for Nike and New Balance. “Haze” own an established clothing line of street wear with a flagship store in Tokyo, Japan.

The Kiehl’s x Haze partnership will be the designer’s first time working on skincare packaging. This will leave one interesting mark on his astonishing resume 😀

Kiehl's Haze Christmas Collection5

The year 2013 for Kiehl’s is a big, bright and colorful. Kiehl’s wanted to bring holiday cheer to life by coming up with gift options that capture the magic of the season. New York City artist, Eric Haze has created these limited-edition artwork adorning Kiehl’s products, shopping bags and gift boxes.


Limited Edition Kiehl’s x Haze Ultra Facial Cream (RM 100 / 50ml)

Ultra Facial Cream is a light-textured daily hydrator that leaves skin comfortable and visibly well-balanced, particularly in harsh weather conditions. The product provides an all round 24-hour hydration with continuous water replenishment throughout the day therefore leaving skin supple, particularly in harsh weather conditions. Ultra Facial Cream also help in reducing moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air at the same time.

Kiehl's Haze Christmas Collection2


Limited Edition Kiehl’s x Haze Calendula Toner (RM 135 / 250 ml)

Calendula Toner is Kiehl’s bestseller product for almost 50 years. This interesting product is a gentle, alcohol-free toner that contain Calendula. Calendula is derived from the Marigold flower. The flowers are handpicked and placed in each and every bottle by hand. The nourishing panthenol and herbal extracts such as lavender, ivy, great burdock and allantonin will leave the facial skin feeling smooth, fresh and invigorated immediately after each use. Calendula Toner is recommended for users with normal to dry skin or normal to oily skin types. That’s all skin type.

Kiehl's Haze Christmas Collection3


NEW IN! (Updated on 6th November 2013)

Haze Limited Edition

Kiehl's Haze Limited Edition Calendula Toner
Kiehl’s Haze Limited Edition Calendula Toner
Kiehl's Haze Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream
Kiehl’s Haze Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream


Aromatic Blends Collection

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Collection 1
Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Collection 2
Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Collection 3


RM150 and Below

Kiehl's Body Softening Essentials
Kiehl’s Body Softening Essentials
Kiehl's Healthy Hair Essentials
Kiehl’s Healthy Hair Essentials
Kiehl's Men's Skin Essentials
Kiehl’s Men’s Skin Essentials


RM250 and Below

Kiehl's Acne Free Set
Kiehl’s Acne Free Set
Kiehl's Beautful Hair and Body Kit
Kiehl’s Beautful Hair and Body Kit
Kiehl's Energizing Men's Kit
Kiehl’s Energizing Men’s Kit
Kiehl's Hydration Set
Kiehl’s Hydration Set
Kiehl's Mummy & Baby Set
Kiehl’s Mummy & Baby Set
Kiehl's Shine Free Set
Kiehl’s Shine Free Set


RM380 and Below

Kiehl's Head to Toe Set
Kiehl’s Head to Toe Set
Kiehl's Skin Brightening Set
Kiehl’s Skin Brightening Set
Kiehl's Skin Recovery Set
Kiehl’s Skin Recovery Set
Kiehl's Skin Rescuer Set
Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Set
Kiehl's Ultimate Men Refueling Set
Kiehl’s Ultimate Men Refueling Set


Customize Your Own Gift Sets!

Besides the Limited Edition Kiehl’s x Haze Ultra Facial Cream and Calendula Toner, you have the option of customizing your very own gift sets! All gift collections will include custom gift-wrapping service with Limited Edition Kiehl’s x Haze gift boxes or envelopes and it is available at Kiehl’s freestanding stores worldwide and select specialty retailers.

Kiehl's Haze Christmas Collection4
Let the gifting season begins! For more info and update, do “Like” and visit Kiehl’s Malaysia Facebook page at


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