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Review: Hada Labo Hand Cream, Moisturize and Whiten Your Hands With Natural Essential Oil

Hada Labo has always been a skin care brand in my memory. Remember their “patting” lotion aka Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion? Then somewhere end of last year 2012, we have witnessed Hada Labo venturing into base makeup with the launch of Air BB Cream. This year, Hada Labo once again stepped out of the comfort zone and released two Hada Labo Hand Cream – Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream (Rose) and Whitening Hand Cream (Lavender).

Hada Labo Hand Cream1
I will start with individual review of both hand cream separately before comparing both hand cream at the bottom of the post :). First up. My mum’s favorite, which is also my favorite!

Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream – Rose (RM19.90 / 50ml)

The name said it all. This Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream is for those that are suffering from dryness on both hands. Did you know that your hand gave your age away if not properly taken care of? I have seen extremely beautiful girl with super dry, dark hands! I guess I have the reverse one LOL.

So. This hand cream contain Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Oat ß-Glucose that works by penetrating deep into the layers of the skin to infuse them with moisturization. Hyaluronic Acid is not only important for the face but dry hands too.

Hada Labo Hand Cream2
The tube itself is somehow soft and feeling fluffy to touch. The surface is matte which is great for a hand cream. It doesn’t come with a flip-cap but instead comes with a normal screw-cap. A bit troublesome so usually I’ll close back after dispensing, before spreading the hand cream with both palm.

Hada Labo Hand Cream4
What I like about this hand cream is the rose scent. I’m a huge hugeeeee fan of anything that bears the rosey scent. It is infused with Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol and also 3-kinds of Rose Essential Oil. What? Did I read wrongly? So much of rose ingredient? All that is actually essential to promote emotional balance, soothe and calm the skin as it will also prevent any skin irritation and at the same time relaxing.

The goodies doesn’t just end there. It also contain Vitamin E which is well-known for it’s effectiveness in anti-oxidant. Australian Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil for it’s moisturizing properties and it’s ability to restore smoothness back to the skin.

You don’t need a lot per use. See the dollop below? I use about that amount each use. I also smooth some from my palm to both of my elbow. I wouldn’t want to have smooth hands but dry and flaky elbow 😛

The smell is invigorating, just as I expected it to be, just the way I like it. It doesn’t have that artificial rose scent. Thanks to the Bulgarian Rose in it…it does smell like one expensive rosey hand cream. It does leave a layer of cream on top but not greasy at all. My hands are not super dry to begin with. I have a habit of washing my hands regularly. So applying hand cream after that is already a routine for me. I can still fiddle with my iPhone after applying this hand cream 😀

Hada Labo Hand Cream5
Here is the ingredient list for those that are interested.

Since I have two Hada Labo hand cream, I gave this to mum despite the fact that I personally would prefer to keep the rose one. But I always give mum the best that I can provide so she is now happily using this hand cream at night before sleep. I checked with her from time to time and she said she is loving the hand cream. Also because I think mum need moisturizing more than me since her hands are more drier and wrinkled than mine.

Hada Labo Hand Cream6


Whitening Hand Cream – Lavender (RM19.90 / 50ml)

Besides moisturizing our hands, keeping it youthful and fairer is also a part of the routine. Hada Labo recognized the need in a whitening hand cream so this hand cream is created for those that are in need of it. To be honest I never thought of having a fairer pair of hands before. It just never occur to me because so far all hand cream in the market has always been targeting on moisturizing.

Whitening Hand Cream is also infused with Super Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin which is a natural double whitening agent as well as Lavender Essential Oil all the way from Europe to restore skin fairness and smoothness as well as maintaining it. This hand cream also have the ability to calm, soften the skin and also relaxes the mind thanks to the Lavender Essential Oil.

Hada Labo Hand Cream7
The tube packaging is the same with above Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream. It comes in a white, matte, soft tube with flip-cap. Be careful with the unscrew and screwing back the cap in place because I have a few incident where my cap just flew off! Hehe 😀

Oh, I just need to mention this. The hand cream doesn’t just ooze out. The suction is quite good. I guess I know why now Hada Labo uses this type of soft tube 🙂

Hada Labo Hand Cream8
Besides the whitening properties and effect, Vitamin E and B5 is also included in the hand cream which is a great help in repairing dry skin.

From my experience, Whitening Hand Cream is more thicker, creamier and slightly more greasier than Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream. This is perfect for the elbow too. I have this tube right next to my bed. Applying this hand cream is usually my last beauty routine before dozing off. After taking care of my hands, I always smooth this hand cream onto both my elbow every night before going to sleep. If you happen to bump onto me, remember to ask me to show you my elbow. I have smooth even-toned elbow which I give credit to this Whitening Hand Cream.

Like I said, this version of hand cream is more creamier. It is more greasier than Deep Moisturizing but having said that, I can still fiddle with my phone after that…playing Jelly Splash with my hands full with hand cream. The hand cream is easily absorbed in so I’m not so worry about the texture.

The scent is quite pleasant. Some product that are infused with Lavender oil smells artificial but this one just doesn’t.

Hada Labo Hand Cream9
I know what’s on your mind. You must be wondering what’s the difference between both hand cream eh? Here is the dollop and swatch comparison.

There is no major difference. Just scent, texture and function that’s all.

Hada Labo Hand Cream10
Which hand cream would be your favorite? I like rose one but loving the lavender version as it gave me a smooth and fair elbow 😀

Hada Labo Hand Cream is available exclusively at Watsons.
Please visit their website for more info.
Facebook Page:
Price : RM19.90 for 50ml of both Deep Moisturizing and Whitening.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Ooh, interesting! And the price is reasonable too. I love rose scent myself but ever since I’ve gotten into Aveda products, I’m really into lavender scent too. 🙂

    • Yes, the price is quite attractive. I would choose this anytime and not C&E. C&E is just too strong scented and oily for me.
      Aveda’s lavender scent is even more heavenly haha 🙂

      • I really wanted to like Crabtree & Evelyn but I cannot stand most of their scents, especially the Garden Meadow. I did see the GWP set at Kinokuniya, probably if it had been any other scent but that, I would have bought it. But this Garden Meadow just smells like mosquito spray to me… 😮 I much prefer Loccitane, they smell much more natural. 🙂

        By the way, I found out about Aveda products through your site and some time ago I went for one of their hand massage thingies and they gave me a sample of their Hydrating Lotion. I was so surprised that they had skincare products as well but wow, it felt like the best moisturiser I’ve tried ever. It was very lightweight and non-oily and so hydrating. I am definitely buying the full size once I’ve finishes all the samples I’m using. Basically at the moment, I’m living off sample because I have way too many.

        Anyway, just last week, I went to Aveda again for another hand massage session at 1U and the assistant was super friendly and informative. The last time I went to the Pavilion outlet and I really have to commend Aveda for hiring (and training) good staff. I did ask the assistant if they had any sales or Christmas sets but she said that they rarely do. 🙁

        • That’s Somerset Meadow dear :D. I posted the Kinokuniya deal in Street Love Facebook page and many asked me if I bought it. I didn’t because I hated the scent. So strong until I get headache! Like you…if it’s other scent I’d probably bought it.
          I love Aveda! The whole ritual thing is so soothing. I’m happy to hear that you like Aveda too. Yes they do have skin care. I covered that briefly too 🙂
          Aveda is strict in hiring and training staff. They have a strict protocol to follow I suppose lol. I believe they don’t do Christmas set. Try getting the jumbo size if any as it’s way much more affordable and worthy 😉

  • Thanks for the review! I will certainly check this out 🙂

    • My pleasure 😀

  • Yay for rose-lovers! 😀 I like the rose one better too, haha~ would really have preferred a flip cap with this, but otherwise it’s great. I love the matte feeling of the tube. XD

    • The matte tube is so suitable for hand cream. Actually both is alright. Just scent preference 😉

  • ROSE! and 19.90! AM SO GONNA GET THIS!!!! WILL CHECK IT OUT IN THE MALL SOON! if i get to go out haha

    • Check it out first at Watsons 😀

      • ok! gotta find where is watson avail here. believe it or not, the last time i went to a mall was 6weeks ago when i first came!!!! urghhhhh

        • LOL. Don’t worry, Watsons are not hard to find 😉

  • i love this review. i’ve bought both of this hand cream 🙂 i want to ask , can i use both of them at the same time ? if yes , which one i need to use first ? and one more thing , when did u use this hand cream ? is it before sleep ? sorry for the soooo many questons ! i hope u’ll reply to me 😀 thanks !

    • Hello yaaya. Why would you want to use both eh? You can do so by either using both at the same time or one by one. No specific sequence because they are just hand cream. Hand cream usually can be used anytime. Just use as and when you feel like it.

      • it is bcoz my hand is quite dry and at the same time i want to whiten them 🙂 thanks for the reply ! xoxo

        • Oh okay. Try to apply frequently throughout the day 🙂

  • Hi, JB still selling?

    • Yes, it’s a permanent line 🙂


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